The San Pedro Police Department is advising residents to be on high alert, as there is an increase in stolen golf carts on the island. The first of these incidents include the remains of a four-seat golf cart that was found abandoned off a dirt road in Southern Ambergris Caye on Wednesday, September 7th. The vehicle was stripped and left without a roof, wheels and most of the parts from its engine. As a result the police have launched an investigation, with the aim to put a stop to these robberies.

The stripped golf cart was reportedly spotted by workers heading towards the Marina Area. According to them, they first noticed the roof of the vehicle in the bushes, then upon making closer checks, they saw the dismantled golf cart about 20 feet from where the roof was. The San Pedro Police Department were immediately notified of the findings, and an investigation was launched. A closer inspection revealed that the culprits cut through the stainless steel lock of the golf cart and drove it to the isolated area. Since the discovery, the owners have been notified, but no culprit has been detained.

Around the same time, another golf cart belonging to Ultimate Golf Cart Rentals went missing. The management at Ultimate Cart Rental advices their customers to always lock the carts and not to leave them unattended in public parking lots, especially during night hours. The company reported that in past incidents, they have had windshields and batteries stolen from their carts.

The San Pedro Police Department is seeking the community’s assistance in the identification of the persons behind these robberies. If anyone has any information that will serve to halt these crimes they are urged to contact the station at 206-2022.

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