"A shadow cabinet" - the term might sound like some kind of political intrigue akin to the G7 - but it's not. A shadow cabinet is a standard feature of the British Parliament - and other Commonwealth countries - where opposition representatives, are assigned to mark, or shadow Minister of government in the ruling party. They usually act as spokespersons on subjects of public interest within specific ministries - offering an alternative or critical view to what the government is doing in those ministries. Dean Barrow was the first to name a shadow cabinet in 2003, and now the John Briceno led opposition has done the same. The PUP's National Party Council met on Saturday to approve Briceno's proposals for 14 members of the National assembly to act as Shadow Ministers.

So here's the list: John Briceño is the shadow minister Finance and Governance, Cordel Hyde is the shadow minister for Natural Resources, Petroleum and Poverty Alleviation, Jose Mai takes Agriculture and Fisheries, while Julius Espat is in shadowing National Development; Economic Development and Investments.

Attorney Kareem Musa is the shadow for the Attorney General, Public Utilities and Elections and Boundaries, while Rodwell Ferguson shadows the Ministry of Works.

Former BDF soldier Florencio Marin shadows the Defence Ministry, Civil Aviation and Transport, while Oscar Requeña shadows Tourism and Immigration.

Mike Espat will shadow Public Service, Local Government and NEMO, while LAndy Habet shadows Health and Labor.

And, just like it was 1979 all over again, Said Musa shadows Education and Social Transformation.

Senator Eamon Courtenay shadows Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, while former PACT Director Senator Valerie Woods shadows Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Environment, and Senator Paul Thompson shadows Broadcasting, Youth, Sports and Culture.

Notably, the man who would have been Prime Minister, four term representative Francis Fonseca isn't assigned any shadow ministry. Briceno told us that Fonseca has promised to assist all Parliamentarians.

In an email Briceno stressed that the shadow assignments are in no way reflective of a future PUP Cabinet.

Channel 7