It's confirmed, the BNTU will strike on Monday. The Union held a press conference this afternoon after their Council of Management met earlier today. There were reports circulating that the teachers would strike for a week others were even saying a month. Well the BNTU clarified that it will only be a one day strike…for now!! BNTU's National President Luke Palacio gave the announcement while National Secretary Endevora Jergenson reiterated their main demands.

Luke Palacio, BNTU National President
"So on Monday we call on all our teachers throughout this country not to go to school. We have said to our membership throughout this country and contrary to what the other side is saying we have massive support for the actions we are taking. We are saying to our teachers stay tuned to the media, we will be giving you updates accordingly."

"So for today we are only getting an update on what you are doing on Monday?"

Luke Palacio, BNTU National President
"Very good. You had a good teacher."

Endevora Jergenson, National Secretary - BNTU
"We have 2 huge demands and you've heard it all and the 2 big demands are BNTU demands good governance. Hence the call for the signing for the UNCAC (United Nations against Corruption) we need to eliminate corruption. We've been fighting this for years and years and it is wrong. It is wrong is 2005 and it is still wrong. So we need to correct it. So please join us in this demand for good governance that the BNTU has call. With good governance, we also call for the 13th senator. It is our Prime Minister who signed and asked and requested and lobbied for the 13th senator. Now he tells us he cannot fulfil it, because a 13th senator will paralyze his government. What is he?"


Endevora Jergenson, National Secretary - BNTU
"We need to demand good governance. So join the BNTU in this call for good governance. BNTU also demands respect for the workers. We as teachers are workers of this nation. We educate, we sweep classrooms, we wash windows, we wash children's' hair, we feed them. So we are indeed the workers of this nation and we ask all our fellow workers to join us; our farmers, our cane cutters - everyone to join us in this caused - OSH. Shame that our people are suffering because there is no safety and health bill. So that needs to be reintroduced."

Luke Palacio, BNTU National President
"We want to make it absolutely clear, the doors are not closed. The BNTU never closes doors. The BNTU maintain open doors, because that is what teachers do and so if and when the powers that be decide that they really want to come and talk and that they mean business. But they are not going to intimidate and try to get us to succumb to their wishes based on the tactics they've always used, then I guess we will continue along this path."

Palacio said the union will be keeping the public informed of any further strike action after Monday. As you heard, they didn't want to lay all their cards out in one play. We will keep following the teachers union.

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