And that's not all from the government today, another press release says that the Government has agreed on a date to sign the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

That was one of the 8 demands from the Teachers which initially justified this strike, and so Cabinet "agreed today to accept the recommendation of the Government/ Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry Working Group… to sign the UNCAC on December 9, 2016, which is the International Day Against Corruption."

Now it's a sharp change from the position PM Barrow took just 6 weeks ago on August 25th when he outlined all the exhaustive and expensive measures that will have to be implemented if he signs. For context, here is that short clip from that interview.

FILE: August 25, 2016
Rt., Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

"If we sign that UN anti-corruption convention, it's not just a matter of signing you know. You then have to set up another entity which we can ill afford. You have to staff that entity. You have to give them resources. We are concentrating on strengthening in particular the FIU and you know what the body that we would have to set up, that you are oblige to set up once you sign the convention would do? Exactly what the FIU is doing. So we are going to be duplicating efforts. We are going to be saddling ourselves with expenses and you know what, when we looked at it, I was all prepared to sign that thing at the start of 2016 and we had the solicitor general's office gave an opinion and that's when it was pointed out 'look you can't just sign.' There are all these obligations that follow upon signing."

Well as you heard, PM Barrow will now have to find a way to work around all those requirements and regulations because he has committed to signing the UNCAC on December 9th. The release ends by saying " By that date, the joint GOB/BCCI Working Group fully expects to have determined the scope of the necessary measures, including legislative and administrative measures, to ensure the proper implementation of Belize's obligations under the Convention after signing."

Are the teachers at all placated by Government's announcements today? Well, that's what we asked the President, and he told us that the Government is not telling the whole story. Palacio told us that the Chamber believes that if the Government wanted to, they could sign on to the convention today:

Luke Palacio, National President - BNTU
"They are trying to mislead. We met with the chamber of commerce, the group, at least one of the bodies involve in this group that is looking at this convention to determine our readiness. The Chamber of Commerce told us they do not need 3 months for the signing of this convention. December 9th is 3 months away from here. So who us playing a game? We are saying you can sign that convention, ratify it later and that is what we stand by."

Daniel Ortiz, 7News
"Sir, what will it take to end industrial actions? Will you all require them to sign unto each of these proposals instead of just making a verbal commitment?"

Luke Palacio, National President - BNTU
"No, we are not saying that we want them to sign on to all 8, but there are some that we believe they can sign on to and if they do so, we are prepared to continue the dialogue. We have said it over and over, we are open for discussion with the government. But you cannot, the government cannot continue to be intransigent and expect that the Belizean people will be satisfied. That is not what we are about."

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