The Benque terminal has been closed down. While it certainly won't stop buses from coming in nor commuters from getting the bus, it will cause a major inconvenience with buses now having to park on the side of the road to off load and onload passengers. Also, the commuters will now have to stand in the sun and rain waiting for the bus. Now according to the terminal operator Thomas Shaw, all this could have been avoided if the bus companies would have paid their $3.00 a day fee to use the terminal. Shaw told us he took up operations at the terminal in March of this year. But it has been a lot of drama getting the bus companies to pay up. Shaw says one bus company owes him about $3,000. So he gave up and closed down the terminal on Friday the 7th. Shaw says he did the best he could for the comfort of the commuters and even tried to accommodate the bus companies by only charging $2.00 per day. But nothing worked so he says it is now up to the Mayor to address this terminal issue.

Channel 7