The Chicago Cubs - if you didn't live in Belize City in the early 1980's - you might not understand the weird connection that city residents feel to those loveable losers. You see, for city residents, when television first came in 1981, one of the only two channels on the air was locked in to Chicago's WGN around the clock - and that channel showed every Cubs game, all 162 of them. Now, this is pre-cable television, pre-internet, pre cell phone, pre colour TV in many cases - I mean, shucks, we only had one radio station!...if you can imagine all that.

So if you wanted to watch television from March to October there's a 50% chance you'd be watching the Cubs. That's how Belizeans developed an almost spiritual connection to the Cubbies; a connection, which, for many, continues to this day. And right about now, those Cub fans are in baseball heaven, because their team has made it to the World Series - major league baseball's crowning event. Now, what's the relevance of this right now? Well, the Cubs haven't won the World Series in 108 years, the longest championship drought in any major US sporting league. So, on Saturday night when they clinched the National League Championship series in style, it was like a religious experience for Cubs fans. Alex Courtenay sat in with a few of them to experience the thrill of victory, and share in the hope that, finally, this will be the year that the dreaded curse of the Cubs comes to an end:

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