And as Belize enters into new markets and attracts new tourists, it needs to continue to develop its attractions. One of the new, key attractions is the Norwegian Cruise Line's Harvest Caye Cruise Port in Southern Belize. Heredia told us that ships will soon drop anchor at Harvest Caye...

Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. - Minister of Tourism
"That one supposed to have its first ship docking in Harvest Caye on the 17th of November. That is three weeks from now, and again, what they have done with that island, transforming that island from an abandoned island to looking like a paradise now. It was 95% when I saw it, and incredible. And it is a different type of product that they have in Belize that they have in all the other ports. It's a combination of little cabanas, a little over the overnight blended with the cruise, and again, that was a 100 million investment over there, and then if you're aware also, just a few days, I don't know if you were a part of the media, the Leonardo DiCaprio project which was given the greenlight to go ahead with their over the water structure with minimal sizes, but because there were people grumbling about that and Leonardo being a sponsor of the environment, they decided to scrap the over the water cabanas and concentrate on the land, but that project I can tell anyone, I can challenge any that within three years, that will be an envy not only for Belizeans and our neighbors, but for the entire world, that will be the greenest of the greenest resorts because it's in development together with restoration. There is not another project that I have seen in Belize, as the Minister responsible that has those ingredients together."

Another mega development, Leonardo DiCaprio's Blackadore Caye project passed the EIA stage last week and is on track to begin development sometime next year.

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