Don't make plans for your kids' Christmas vacation just yet because those kids might spend some of those holidays making up for lost time in the classroom! The Ministry of Education announced this evening that it will be meeting with Managing Authorities of schools to discuss plans for making up, quote, "a significant portion of instructional time lost as a result of the recent strike." The release adds, quote, "Teachers will be compensated for time made up."

Now, the Minister says it is doing this because of the stalemate with the Teachers Union - since they cannot agree on a format for a meeting to discuss lost days, and lost pay.

The Ministry notes that the Education Rules stipulates that Pre, primary and secondary schools shall have no less than 180 school days in a school year.

Now, at this point it's hard to tell what this means for teachers November paycheck - because the ministry has previously indicated that it is not prepared to compensate teachers for the 11 schooldays lost to strike action. It has urged the Teachers Union to use its strike fund - which the union has rejected.

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