Except for a small blurb on this newscast months ago, it went unannounced when American Airlines switched over its Belize-Miami service to its smaller subsidiary American Eagle. That means smaller jets but three daily flights instead of two. But for the Belize Post Office, it means big trouble. It seems that American Eagle can't carry out the daily international airmail, because it doesn't have the same arrangement with US Customs that American Airlines did. And so international air mail and express mail which used to go out every day on American Airlines can now only go out twice weekly on Amerijet Cargo service. It's a major slowdown - especially for the express mail service. And it caught our attention this week because airmail hadn't gone out for at least six days, from October 25th to 31st, until it finally went out yesterday. This was confirmed to us by acting Postmaster General James Gabourel who said he is trying to work out an alternate arrangement with Grupo TACA at least for the Express Mail Service. He says that the problem has been affecting the Post Office for two weeks, and that since October 21st., they've only sent out mail five times, when normally they would be sending six days a week. Gabourel says he hopes something can be worked out with one of the other carriers before Christmas.

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