A Real Inspiration

On Monday we told you about the 2017 Belikin Calendar launch. Well, today the Inspiration Center launched its calendar and agenda, so you have a choice: you can pick up the copy with lovely ladies modeling, or you can grab the calender featuring the drawings of 12 kids with diverse abilities, or better yet, just pick up a copy of both! The Inspiration Center's Calendar  launch was held today at their office on the Western Highway. Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow told us how important this initiative is to these kids and to the center.

Kim Simplis Barrow - Special Envoy for Women and Children
"Every year we bring out this inspiration calendar and it is really a way to showcase the talent of our children with disabilities especially those who are receiving services at the inspiration center so over the summer as part of their summer activities they get to draw and paint and then we put it all together with McNab design, we put together this amazing, beautiful calendar and it is so great for them because it's a motivation for them to want to do more and participate in all the activities we try to do here at the Inspiration Center."

Courtney Weatherburne
"I know you all mentioned in the invitation that apart from featuring these art pieces and celebrating them, the money you all receive from the purchase helps the center itself."

Kim Simplis Barrow - Special Envoy for Women and Children
"So every year we also have the agenda that is produced by McNab and part of the proceeds goes to the inspiration center directly of course that, money is used to keep the inspiration center going, to add more programs if it is necessary

Tanya McNab - Creative Director, McNab Publishing Ltd.
"It is always an honour and a pleasure to support any of these types of initiatives, Mrs. Barrow came to us 8 years ago and we said well why not, we have nothing to lose, we will try and put all the resources we can on it and that is how it started and 2 years later we had another idea which was to sell agendas to generate funds because the calendar does not generate much funds because the calendar is more a project for the children and to highlight the children and through the sale of the agendas we are able to make donations."

"So we are happy to give $20,000 this morning and we hope next year to give more, the numbers go up and down, last year was more, this year was lower, maybe next year will be better but like I said I like to look at it not just as a donation but as no matter how small, we are making a difference."

The calendar is $40 and the agenda is $50. If you would like a copy you can call the Inspiration office at 223 1942. The center is treating 1,000 kids with diverse abilities. They have reached their capacity and are looking at expanding next year.

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