We started the Front Street project today. The Mayor provided the town's backhoe for the initial leveling of the street. Both he and Mel Spain (Deputy Mayor) and some council members stopped by to review what we were doing, and offered some good suggestions.

I am very pleased with the first day's progress, and any of you are welcome to stop by tomorrow to help, or just look around.

We expect the project to take about 3 days, with the final touches (planting and re-leveling) to take place over the next couple of weeks.

TODAY (Wednesday)

Here are a few pictures of the progress on Front Street. Please keep in mind that it is not finished, and the plants have not been done yet. The Town Board has been very supportive, and I will review the progress with Patty Arceo tomorrow.

Tom Vidrine

Closing the beach entrance and Drainage:

This is the street work in progress.