Belize~Fri. May, 14, 2004 ~ Sunrise

Upon hearing a loud whoosh sweep through the unit, I am jarred awake just as the front door is closed. It is early morning and there is rain with some thunder and lightening thrown in. The wind is really blowing hard and the mister is up checking it out. It canít possibly be any worse than what Oklahoma has so I attempt to sleep. Due to the sunburn I have a difficult time returning to sleep. Realizing the sky is lightening, the camera is grabbed, clothes are thrown on and I make a quick dash for the dock. Itís early enough the dock lights are still on. Itís not long before Mr. Eg is enjoying the show.

After the light show it is definitely time for coffee. A pot is brewed and Dennis rambles off with a cup of java for Miguel. He is the night watchman and ready for coffee by the time we get up. It has become a routine for him to join us on the porch each morning and we share stories and life experiences. Our first morning on the island he kindly informed Dennis that one should not retire for the evening and leave the windows open. As happens everywhere, there is some crime and better safe than sorry.

There is a story behind the dogís name. When he was a few weeks old, Miguel found him in poor condition Ė flea and tick infested Ė and nursed him back to health. Survivor is so loyal that he takes food from no one but Miguel. He is very spoiled but so well trained that he never enters the porch without being invited by his master. Miguel carries little treats in his pocket for Survivor. We eventually learn he treats each of three grandchildren to twenty-five cents Belize each day during their lunch break from school. As they receive the money their faces light up and Miguelís becomes equally bright. It is obvious there is much love between them.