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#496282 - 10/01/14 06:11 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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What’s Happening in Local Sports?

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday on a Tuesday.

Pressing engagements made Monday’s appearance impossible and we extend our heartfelt apologies to all our supporters and fans. Now, to the business at hand. The CSK Invitational Anniversary Karate Championships took center stage inside the BES Auditorium featuring 2 Belizean teams from the Cayo Dsitrict, the Kazoki, Karate Dojo, a team from Guatemala and one from El Salvador to make it an important international event as the Cayo Shotokan Karate Club celebrated its 24th anniversary. Of the 60 athletes, Siyah Casey of the CSKL Belmopan with the red belt was the first to catch our eye in the finals of the 12/13 years female category against a game teammate, Drewyan Harrison to win gold. Guatemalan Hansel Samayoa in the blue corner beat his fellow compatriot, Nelson Can in the 14 to 15 male finals.

Caesar Dyck of San Ignacio got the judges nod in a tightly contested faceoff in the finals against Belmopan’s Basil Brown. Rafael Quinterio of Kazoki Shotokan Karate Dojo with the blue belt got the win over teammate Christian Harrison in the 12 to 18 class at 67 kilograms. Rene Flores of El Salvador edged out Deveroux Carillo of Belmopan in the 13 to 18 male class at 67 kilograms. Nevertheless, it was the Cayo Shotokan Karate Club of Belmopan to emerge with the most medals grabbing 11 gold, 12 silver and 16 bronze for a grand total of 39. CSKC of San Ignacio was 2nd with 6 goals 4 silvers and 2 bronze which adds up to 12. Guatemala picked up 3 gold 3 silver and a bronze for 7; El Salvador was next with 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze for 7 and Kazoki Shotokan karate Dojo picked 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze.

Turning to the football scene, Saturday match up in the Cayo 1st Division Season matched up Westrac of Spanish Lookout and IRKA of Benque Viejo hosted at San Ignacio. Elvin Lario of Westrac comes up with this loose ball only to fire this right foot that strays wide of goal. It’s more Spanish Lookout when Elmer Herrera gets this good look at goal but is foiled by goalkeeper Henry Garcia. Nevertheless the 1st goal comes off this IRKA spot kick that rebounds off the keeper to Salim Alfaro for the 1-zip lead. Westrac immediately looks for the equalizer but this left foot offering bounces off the crossbar. Some 2 minutes later, Fredy Herrera launches this right foot in traffic that ties the ballgame at 1 apiece. So we’ve got a new ballgame.

A few minutes later, Christian Mena takes down Elvin Larios inside the box. He is promptly chased off the field and the referee rules penalty. Elmer Herrera steps up and he gives Westrac the 2-1 lead. So we go to 2nd half and immediately into the restart IRKA goes offensive with this center that allows Elvin Larios to heed at goal, it’s swatted out by the keeper and eventually reaches Elvin larios who ties the ballgame at 2 apiece. Folks this is a big time save by the Westrac keeper when Elmer Herrera looks for his 2nd goal of the match with this power strike. Nevertheless, here comes the game winner and it’s this set piece launched by Fredy Herrera and it beats Henry Garcia and yes, Fredy you deserve a free shine. Westrac goes on to post the 3-2 big Win over IRKA of Benque Viejo.

Finally, in cycling news, here’s the start to Sunday’s race from Leslie’s Imports that heads to the Boom Village Junction and would swing back to finish 40 miles later. And it’s Mark Gentle of FT Williams standing in the winner’s circle with top honors in the A Class. James Frampton of Santino’s takes the 2nd place win and he received the medal for Wilbert Jones of Benny’s who finished 3rd. Barney Brown of Scotia Bank places 4th and Jack Sutherland of Digicell 4G rounds out the top 5. In the B Class, it’s Chris Coye of Stationery House/Medina’’s with the big win. Dean Boyce of FT Williams is 2nd and Ryan Willoughby of Stationery House/Medina’s rounds out the top 3. In the C Class, it was Manuel Esquiliano of Truckers grabbing top honors. Denys Barrow pulled up 2nd and that’s nig while Valentino Sosa of Truckers rounds out the top 3.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#496506 - 10/07/14 06:05 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sports Monday with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The 24th Women’s National Softball Championship reigned supreme insdie Roger’s Stadium yesterday. 7 teams had started the campaign but in money time, it was the Belize Bank Bull Dogs and Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy battling for the 2014 crown. We go to the top of the 2nd inning with Ashley Lucas facing Myralee Ho while Shadalee Ho looks to score from 3rd. Myralee hits to 1st base but is thrown out but Shadalee nevertheless scores the 1st run of the ballgame to give Grace Kennedy the 1-zip lead. In Grace Kennedy’s turn at bat, Marsha Will smashes Leandra Guy to left field with Nicole Arnold at 3rd base; the ball is caught but we have a 1-1 game at the completion. When Ashley Lucas stikes out, Sharine Reyes in the top of the 3rd, she retires to the side without a runner reaching 1st base. In the bottom of the 3rd wit hthe bases loaded, Ashley Lucas pinches this ball to the Grace Kennedy shortstop who mishandles the ball and Marsha Will makes it a 2-1 Bulldogs lead with the only run of the inning. Meanwhile, Ashley Lucas breezes through the 5th inning; Myralee Ho easy out. Shadalee Ho suffers the same fate against the right hander and this blast from Samatha Orellano is snared by a diving Lisa Jones for the 3rd out to preserve the 3-1 lead.

In the bottom of the 6th, Belize Bank Bulldogs break the game wide open. Lisa Jones double brings Sharette Vernon home all the way from 2nd. Ashley Lucas benefits from this errant throw to 1st base as Lisa Jones makes it a 5-1 Bulldog lead. Up steps the left hander, Nicole Arnold, whose hit to the outfield brings home Ashley Lucas. Pinch runner Miss Hilton replaces Nicole Arnold at 2nd. Miss Lucas then punches this ball to right field; the throw to 1st is errand and Hilton comes in to make it a 7-1 score. In the top of the 7th, Grace Kennedy would muster 2 runs, but the Belize Bank Bulldogs go on to post the 7-3 victory to claim 2014 Women’s National Softball Championship and we say congratulations. Belize Bank pitcher, Ashley Lucas, emerged with MVP honors and tie for most wins with Leandra Guy of Roaring Creek who got the most strikeouts. Lisa Jones took home the Best Batter Average of .638 and Shadalee Ho had the most runs batted-in with 20.

Turning to the football scene, we head to the Norman Broaster Stadium for Saturday’s shootout between Adventures FC and Quintas in the Cayo 1st Division Competition. Some half an hour in, Joel Guzman deals to Nigel Carbajal who finds the far corner against goalkeeper, George Cocom and Adventures FC goes up 1-zip. 10 minutes later, Gareth Bermudez dances his way past the Adventures keeper who takes him down inside the box and the referee rightly rules penalty, plus the keeper is ejected. Cyril Simmons steps and makes it look easy as he ties the ballgame at 1 apiece. So we go to the 2nd half and Quintas look to take the lead as Byron Gonzalez looks to center across the goal when Adventures keeper punches it out to Gareth Bermudez whose header should have been better. At the other end, Joel Guzman finds Dennis Pinelo who powers this right foot over the crossbar. On this press, Quintas look for the Win when Gilbert Carillo unleashes this potent right foot that only goes to prove that sometimes the horizontal bar is a goalkeeper’s best friend as the game concludes in a 1-1 draw.

In international football news, the format for the 2018 World Cup Qualifier should be set in March and June 2015. The UNCAF draw will be staged at Miami on February 5th and our national team should begin preparing today.

In cycling news, yesterday’s weekend warriors race travelled for 50 miles from Leslie’s Imports to the Northern Highway and turned at the Boom Road junction as it heads to Hattieville. And here’s that turn featuring a three-man lead enjoying only about a 5 seconds advantage. At the Hattieville junction, the 3-man lead of Shelton Graham, Daniel Cano and Kent Gabourel remain on the pace with the chase bunch still in the hunt. We fast forward to the finish line and it is Kent “Bob” Gabourel of Benny’s Megabytes grabbing the Win uncontested in 02:16:50. Shelton Graham rolls in on a solo flight for 2nd. Daniel Cano of Digicell 4G is 3rd and then Warren Coye of Santino’s and Glen Mehia of FT Williams round out the top 5 in that order respectively.

In the B Class, 40 miler, Salvador Alvarado of FT Williams emerged with top honors; Santino Castillo pulled up 2nd and Mike Phillios of Santino’s round out the top 3. In the C Class, the win went to Ingmar Perera of Stationery House/Medina’s; Camile Solis finished 2nd and Glen Sheppard of Big Blade, 3rd.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#496809 - 10/15/14 06:12 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Weekend Sporting Events with James Adderley

Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. The Cayo first division football competition is heating up so we took on Saturday’s big time matchup inside the Norman Broaster Stadium as Westrac took on Hillview. It’s easy in the ballgame when Hillview goes to the set piece and this header by Noel Hyde certainly needs a secondary touch by Hugo Wilson to open the scoreboard. At the other end of the Norman Broaster, Omar Villalta’s left foot is menacing but fails to dip in time as it screams over the crossbar. Noel Hyde then gets a shot at redemption only to squander a golden opportunity with a high riser. Simon Bateman beats 2 in heavy traffic to launch an uncontested left foot that can accurately be described as disappointing and at half neither team has done enough to deserve a goal. So we got second half and this corner kick launched by Douglas Menjivar is mishandled by the goalkeeper, unfortunately the scoring opportunity finds the goal for Hillview. Hillview nevertheless remains the protagonist and this right foot slice by number twelve almost gets the job done. And yes Noel Hyde should have gotten a yellow card for this foul on the keeper. It’s getting late when Wetrac’s Elvin Larios launches this left foot sinker that forces Albert Welcome to come up with a necessary save. In the end this ballgame screeches to a scoreless stalemate as both teams share a point each from this ballgame.

Turning to women’s President Cup 2014 Sundays match-up between Smart Millennium of Belize City and DFC Gentle Touch played at the Norman Broaster Stadium descended into an ugly incident that led to its untimely demise. However, first things first. Some twenty minutes into the affair Shanell Gentle spits Alicia Avila off her line and powers this beauty over the head for the 1 0- zip lead. Five minutes later Elthene Gentle powers this left foot past goalkeeper Avila for the 2 – zip score. On this press Debbe Halliday hooks up with Kimberly Perez who makes it a 3 – nil lead for Gentle Touch. Folks it all Gentle Touch and if you don’t believe Shanelle Gentle has power – well her first attempt at the shot takes down Shaneika Franklin and her second launch make it a 4 – nil ballgame. So she celebrates. In the second half action Cynthia Salazar fires, the ball reached Abbi Halliday and it’s a 5 – zip Gentle Touch lead. The Gentle Touch rampage continues when Julie Ponce raises this ball top Cynthia Salazar whop scores for the 6 – zip lead. We are into the wining moments of this ballgame when quite unexpectedly violence breaks out. It starts on the left side between these two players and then it turned into a free for all despite the intervention of the referee and the presence of the police. The game was called with two minutes remaining, 4 r3ed cards were issued and subsequent report of their unfortunate incident in the Women President’s Cup 2014.

In Cycling news Jim Scott of Santino’s took the Saturdays Weekend Warrior 40 mile race that ran from TIDE Compound to Big Falls Maya Ruin in 1 hour 52 minutes and 10 seconds. Clarence Tesecum of FT Williams finished 2nd and Santino Castillo 3rd. In the B Class, which rode from TIDE Compound to Mafredi Village for thirty-two miles Santino Castillo took top honors in 1 hour 46 minutes and 24 seconds, his teammate Shelton Graham finished 2nd and Jim Scott made it a Santino’s sweep with 3rd place. In the twenty-six mile C Class Lawrence Craig if Truckers Posse won that race in 1 hour 25 minutes and 57 seconds, Glen Sheppard of Big Blade took 2nd and Dennis McKoy of Truckers Posse finishes 3rd.

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#497078 - 10/21/14 05:22 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Premier League of Belize kick-off on Sports Monday

Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The 2014 PLB Belikin Cup kicked off over the weekend, but was only able to stage 3 of the 4 scheduled matches due to inclement weather. We caught up with the monster showdown between the Belize Defense Force and FC Belize inside the People’s Stadium yesterday and it turned out to be a monster show. It’s FC Belize looking to open the scoreboard off this set piece launched by Augustino Mendez that forces the B.D.F. to scramble on defense. FC Belize continues to push forward and Oliver Hendricks should have done better with this open look at goal. The B.D.F. responds with this acrobatic launch from Harrison Rasher, but it failed to hit the target.

Again, FC Belize attacks off the corner kick and again it’s a good one from Augustino Mendez and again FC can’t come up with the breakthrough. Now folks, you make the call…the B.D.F.’s Jessie Smith has possession, here comes Floyd Jones with the challenge inside the box. Jones protest the referee’s penalty call much too vehemently and escapes with a yellow card. Vallan Symms beats goalkeeper, German Grajales to the near corner as the B.D.F. takes a 1-zip lead at the 30th minute. The B.D.F. looks for more when Shane Flores attacks off the left side, but Grajales comes up with a necessary touch. Andrew Allen then fires this left foot at goal, the tip by Grajales could have given Osmar Duran his goal, but he does not come up with the connection. Just before intermission, Andrew Allen deals to Shane Flores whose right foot punch beats Grajales for the 2-zip B.D.F. lead at the half. 5 minutes after, the action resumes. Oliver Hendricks provides nicely for Christopher Hendricks who manages to hit the near upright. At the 65th minute, Ricky Richlets comes up with this illegal challenge inside the box and the referee rules penalty. Oliver Hendricks gets the call and Fermin Gamboa is beaten as FC pulls on e back for the 2-1 score. The B.D.F. would hold on to the 2-1 big win.

In other action around the league, Verdes FC doubled San Ignacio 4 to 2, Wagiya picked up a road win by blanking Paradise Freedom Fighters 2-zip while Saturday’s match between Belmopan Bandits and Police United was rained out. this match is now rescheduled for Wednesday, October 22nd inside the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. Looking ahead to Week II, Saturday, 7:30 p.m., Placencia Assassin plays host to Police United at the Michael Ashcroft; 3:30 on Saturday, FC Belize faces Verdes at Louisiana Field. On Sunday, Wagiya will get a visit from Belmopan Bandits and Paradise Freedom Fighters will host the B.D.F. Both matches kick off at 3:30 p.m.

Turning to the softball scene, we caught up with the clash between Caribbean Queen of Carmelita and Orange Walk Jada’s inside the People’s Stadium on Satuday. We’re in the top of the 2nd when Kira Palacio comes up with runners at 2nd and 3rd. She pops up on the infield, but the attempt to out the runner at 2nd base allows the 1st run as Jada’s take a 1-zip lead. In the 3rd, OWJada’s come up big. Anna Gillette makes it a triple with this swing against #47…don’t blame us. The Jada’s pitcher’s name was not on the list. Linda Conorquie brings her home and reaches 1st base on the decision to try for the out at home plate.

Folks Conorquie then comes up with this in the park homerun for 2 more runs as Caribbean Queens take a 3-1 lead in the bottom of the 3rd. in the top of the 4th, Kira Palacio smashes this double to centerfield bringing home Claudette Lawrence and Kimberly Williams to tie the score at 4 apiece. In the bottom of the 5th, Yvette Flowers comes up with 2 on and benefits on the error at shortstop to bring the runner home from 2nd. Janice Conorquie comes up in the 6th with this hit that brings Linda Conorquie home. Janel Conorquie unleashes this monster hit to bring home Janice Conorquie and Elizabeth Ico. Unfortunately, Janel would hurt herself on the way to third and would not continue. Nevertheless, Carmelita Caribbean Queen goes on to post the 9-6 win over Orange Walk Jada’s to take game 1 in this best of 3 Championship Series. In the CSSSA Volleyball, Friday’s results saw Wesley College beat Sadie Vernon in 2 straight 25-5, 25-10; Belize High School defeated ACC 25-11, 25-3…that’s in female play. On the male side, Belize High School got the win over Wesley College 25-18, 25-20.

Finally in cycling news, here is Wilbert Jones winning the Weekend Warriors 40 mile A-Class race staged yesterday…pulling out of the crowd to win in 1 hours 58 minutes 24 seconds. Barney Brown of Scotia Bank outsprints the pack to take 2nd place with Jack Sutherland. Warren Coye and James Frampton rounding out the top 5 in that order. Jim Scott of Santino’s won the B-Class ride and we say good show Jim. Ryan Willoughby of Stationery House/Medina’s edged out Santino Castillo for 2nd place; Salvador Alvarado took 4th and Coye 5th. Ingmar Perera took the C-Classwith Sheffield Eck 2nd—both of Stationery House/Medina’s—and Lawrence Craig of Truckers took 3rd place.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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