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#510099 - 12/22/15 04:53 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Football News in Sports Monday

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The pressure filled home and away series for the 2015 PLB Tournament title kicked off inside the Norman Broaster  Stadium Sunday as Verdes FC hosted Police United. The police get going early with this nice work of penetration by Byron Chavez whose left foot launch locks the finish to beat Yusef Guerra in the Verdes Goal. It’s more police when this strike by Devon Makin is deflected pass the keeper, the Verdes captain Rodney Pacheco clears.  The ball only reaches as far as Harrison Kafu Roaches who fires the left foot and goalkeeper Guerra owes Pacheco who saves him in consecutive fashion. Some 22 minutes in Verdes finally gets some offense when Gilroy Thurton fires this left foot from point blank range only to come up with an embarrassing miss. Gilroy Thurton looks for redemption and this time it’s a power low cruise missile from inside the penalty box only to be denied by a magnificent save from Jamie Brooks. Folks Brooks shows determination to make his former team rue the day they traded him because this potent strike from Yoras Silva is made to look like a routine save by the former Verdes keeper.

In the meantime we’re 7 minutes into the 2nd half when Danny Jimenez’s mean service into the danger zone finds his brother Orlando Jimenez and the left foot strike gives the law a 1 – zip lead. Orlando had certainly risen up his level in the playoffs scoring his 3rd goal in 2 critical outings. The police continues in the ascending when Danny Jimenez cranks up this monster blast off the set piece that crashes against the crossbar and would have beaten the flying Guerra. Hey Carlton Thomas when you take flight in the danger zone please open your parachute and we’re flying happy you hit the successful landing. Folks we don’t know what Devon Makin was thinking on this defensive effort against Ricardo Jimenez because there’s no doubt this one is an easy penalty call. Everyone wants to take the penalty so Captain Rodney Pacheco makes the decision for Deon McCauley. Folks Belize’s best striker blows the nig moment. Maybe he was distracted by the movement of Jamie brooks who comes with the biggest save of the ballgame. In the final moment of the ballgame Gilroy Thurton get this chance to tie the score, he misses the target. Police holds on to the 1 – zip big W.

Game 2 of the series comes up this Sunday at 3:30 PM at the FFB Stadium.  Police in the role of host needs just a draw to return to the pinnacle. Of course Verdes is not out yet. Why? Because it’s never over till it’s over.

Meanwhile Belize’s Woodrow West goalkeeper for El Progress Honduras, won the National Honduran title Saturday night at home after going to penalty kicks. El Progresso drew 3 – 3 in fame 1 and game 2 as you see went to a 1 – 1 tie. In the ensuing penalty kicks West conceded only 1 goal as his team rallied to a 4 – 1 score on penalty kicks and we say congratulations to Mr. Woodrow West and El Progresso.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#510228 - 12/29/15 05:19 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Police United wins PLB Championship

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and here’s our closing show for the year 2015.

It was 2 days after Christmas and football was at its peak. The best 2 teams in the PLB Tournament were set to meet. Fans would come from far and near…Verdes FC and Police United to greet. Expectations would run high and for the 2015 Championship title, both clubs would try. Well, we’ve got yesterday’s showdown inside the F.F.B. Stadium as 2 entered; 1 would leave with all the glory.  The Police comes in showing a 1-zip lead in the 2-game series having edged Verdes FC by that score inside the Norman Broaster in game 1. So it’s Verdes FC off to the fast start as Gilroy Thurton should have opened the scoreboard. At the other end, Devon Makin’s center forces this defensive header that finds Carlton Thomas who fails to find the target.

In the meantime, Danny Jimenez’s long distance screamer displays the velocity but not the accuracy. The Police continues to search to extend its precarious lead with this offering from Darien Myers that it swatted out of danger by Yusef Guerra in the Verdes goal and at the half, we’ve got a scoreless ballgame. Early into 2nd half action, Harrison “Kafu” Roches picks out Trevor Lennon with this nice curler; he beats the keeper to the ball, but El Capitan Rodney Pacheco digs it out with his head. Lennon thinks the ball has crossed the goal line, but the call stands. Hey referee Culroy Thurton takes down Devon Makin near the sideline and he proves lucky on 2 accounts. Makin is restrained and the color of the card is yellow. It’s getting late and the Police keeper Jamie Brooks sacrifices his body in the struggle for possession with Ricardo Jimenez. Carlton Thomas then gets this chance to open the scoreboard late in 2nd half play; the left foot push is handled by Yusef Guerra.

This set piece launch fives Deon McCauley a chance at the volley, but it’s right at Jamie Brooks. The Police gets another chance to add insurance to their title hopes only to see Darien Myers unleash a high riser just inside the 18. In the meantime, the dance into the danger zone by Kafu Roches is brilliant, but devalued by the finish. It’s Deon McCauley now trying to get Verdes going when he’s whacked by Amin August Junior. This corner kick by Verdes demonstrates the tension going down to long whistle as the attempt from Nahjib Guerra crashes into the stomach of his former teammate, goalkeeper Brooks. The footage shows it’s a no look and save Hollywood all rolled into one. And with the long whistle, Police United claims the 2015 PLB title with its one goal difference. We say congratulations. So let the fireworks begin.

Yes, the law rules again. they’re number one in the land. Checking in on the awards ceremony, Jamie Brooks of Police United took home the Best Goalkeeper award. Deon McCauley’s 9 goals gave him the Golden Boots. Darien Myers of Police was voted best young player. Dalton Eiley of Placencia Assassins won the Best Defender Award. Denmark Casey emerged with the Best Midfielder Trophy. Big up to Louis Torres of Placencia Assassins who walked away with MVP Honors and Hilberto Muschamp of Police United was deemed to be the Best Coach of the Year. And now it’s Berger time, Trevor Lennon of the Police is the big man of the playoffs. He is the MVP. Yo Big Mister Man.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#510380 - 01/05/16 05:37 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sports Monday: Smart’s New Year Cycling Race

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

Folks we start off with the 6th annual Smart New Year’s Day Race as presented by the Weekend Warriors Cycling Club. It’s a race that left the Orange Walk Town Council for the finish at the M&M Engineering Office around mile 2 on the Phillip Goldson Highway to cover a distance of 55 miles. As we set chase on the race we find the fallen figure of the Mexican rider from Chetumal, Omar Guera, at mile 37 still trying to recover from a fall that would take him out of the race, having suffered a fractured collar. It’s Isaiah Willacy of FT Williams with a breakaway pack of some 14 riders to claim the premie at Crooked Tree. At Mile 24, Gilroy Robinson steps out to launch a solo flight. He would gain a 46-second lead. And here’s a look at the pelathon as they mount a chase.

The pelathon would prevail and this is where they reeled in Robinson around mile 13. It’s getting close to money time so George Abraham of BelCal breaks out of the pack. Here’s Abraham on the Haulover Bridge descent and for certain he knows there’s a hungry pack on his trail. However, George Abraham rides like a man possessed and does not back off until he crosses the finish line in an unchallenged fashion to grab the big win in a time of 2 hours 15 minutes 56 seconds. Dwight Tillett of BelCal breaks out of the pack and holds on for 2nd place in 2 hours 16 minutes 9 seconds. Robert Mariano of Digicell 4G sprints in for 3rd place while David Yearwood and Fitzgerald Palas Joseph both of Lampaz finish 4th and 5th respectively. At the B Class level, Clarence Tesecum of FT Williams takes top honors; Ryan Willoughby of Smart grabs 2nd place while Kevin Hope of FT Williams rounds out the top 3.

Now here’s the finish for the C Class that ran for 49 miles. Edward of Stationery House/Medina’s Jewelry zips out of the crowd for 1st place in 2:26:59; Alejandro Morales of Caribbean Tires is forced into 2nd place. Ivan Tesecum of Digicell 4G hangs on for 3rd place. Flores of Sugar City United pulls up 4th while Hewald Humes of Digicell 4G rounds out the top 5.

Turning to the football scene, we caught up with Saturday’s CYDP action as King’s Park and Hattieville United inside the MCC Grounds. Folks we’re 6 minutes into the ballgame when Latrell Middleton beats Glenford King in the Hattieville goal to give King’s Park the 1-zip lead. 10 minutes later, this pass from midfield finds Latrell Middleton who strikes for his 2nd goal. Hattieville looks to get on the scoreboard when Marcus Lewis finds Brandon Rogers whose header bounces over the crossbar. Latrell looks for his 3rd when he fires this left but goalkeeper King makes the stop. At the other end, Carlton Rogers attempt is straight to the Hattieville keeper and at the half; it’s a 2-zip King’s Park lead. Albert Arnold makes the ballgame interesting when he drops this ball from outside the 18 perfectly into the net to get Hattieville on to the scoreboard.

When Latrell Middleton finds Shemar Thompson with this center, the head is good as King’s Park goes up 3 to 1. Mark of King’s Park then makes it a 4-1 with this right foot push into the far corner. Latrell Liddleton gets his 3rd goal on this left foot offering from point blank range for the 5-1 score. King’s Park strikers goes on to post the 6-1 victory when Glenford King fails to handle this shot; the rebound reaches Tyrone Armstrong and he delivers.

In other action around the league: Lake I Rising and Ebony Lake settled for a 1-1 tie; Exodus United avoided New Revolution with the default and Ebony Lake FC handled Mahogany heights in a 4-1 finish.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#510575 - 01/12/16 05:13 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Weekend Sporting Highlights with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

We take you to Burrell Boom where the faithful who make the La Ruta Maya have congregated on the bank of the Belize River in preparation for the 2016 Belikin La Ruta Canoe Race that has become a favorite with the Belizean public on the Baron Bliss Holiday. Most of the big guns are in the hunt such as the Belize Bank Bulldogs outfitted with a new canoe. The perennial champions finished a disappointing 4th last year. NICH, last year’s 3rd place finisher has come out to test the water. So is Westrac and Koop Sheet Metal who have become competitive. A total of 18 crafts are in Saturday’s start and familiar sign of teamwork, power and precision is always a spectacle to behold as the race to Manatee Lodge gets underway.

6 minutes into the race, the 1st station prize is seized by Westrac featuring Jerry Rhaburn, Jerry Conte and Hener Cruz beating out Chris Guydis in Guydis Canoe while Belize Bank paddles past in 3rd. Westrac remains in command when the event passes Lord’s bank as they grab 2 premies in a row. However, they’re nowhere in sight for the sprint to the finish at Manatee Lodge. The battle for the win is between Belize Bank and NICH…but it’s the bankm featuring Armin Lopez, Efrain Cruz and Alex Cruz in the winners’ circle with a time of 1:19:34. NICH settles for 2nd a second off the pace. Guydis Canoe occupied by Wilberto Daniels, Kenrick Daniels and Chris Guydis pulls up 3rd. The Westrac team would wind up in 4th place after the fast start. Powerhouse in the Intramural Class, Wateva Boys would again prevail for top honors in 1:21. Print Belize takes the Pleasure Class Challenge; Dobie Foundation wins the Mixed Class while the Belize Bank made it to the top of the female class to compliment the men’s win. Folk’s things are already heating up for the 2016 La Ruta Maya.

In football news, we caught up with the CYDP playoffs on Saturday at the MCC with King’s Park Strikers and Kraal Road seeking a berth. Kraal Road seeks to strike early when Charles Canton deals to Kenan Gillett whose attempt inches outside the sticks. Late in 1st half plat, the King’s Park keeper mishandles a routine ball; the rebound drops for Keeron Young who capitalizes to give Kraal Road the 1-zip lead. Folks it gets worse for King’s Park when this corner kick is headed by the defense for the dreaded auto goal to give Kraal Road a 2-nil cushion. Just before the half expires, last week’s King’s Park hero, Latrell Middleton, raises this ball over Kraal Road’s keeper who had come off his line only to see the ball bounce off the corner of the crossbar.

After intermission, Charles Canto gets this open look at goal to increase the Kraal Road lead, but he misses the target. Jason Young then sets table perfectly for Charles Canto and again he fails to deliver. King’s Park gets a last chance to move the scoreboard when Latrell Middleton unleashes this creamer off the set piece that inches out the crossbar. Kraal Road goes on to post the 2-zip big Win and move into the semi-finals as King’s Park exits. In other actions: Uprising Strikers moved on with a 6-1 bashing of Survivors United; Kelly Street also moves on with a 4-1 win over West Lake United and Tut Bay makes the semi-finals with a 3-1 big win over Ebony Lake.

On the basketball scene, the NEBL semi-pro season opened this Friday night inside Sugar City as Orange Walk Running Rebels plays host to the defending champion, San Pedro Tigersharks. On Saturday at San Ignacio, Independence travels to Western Ballaz; Belize City’s No Limit will host Dangriga Warriors at Bird’s Isle and Belmopan Taigaz will be at home inside the UB Gymnasium against Belize City Hurricanes.

Finally folks, Sports Monday mourns the passing of Joseph Carr; a legitimate superstar in long-distance running here in the Jewel and has won every event that has been staged in this category by the Belize Amateur Athletic Association. As a veteran, Joseph won the New Year’s 5K and was looking forward to compete at the highest level again. Sleep on Joe.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#510830 - 01/19/16 05:02 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sports Monday: NEBL Season Kick Off

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The NEBL basketball season got off to a roaring start over the weekend and we caught up with the Belmopan Bandits hosting Smart Belize Hurricanes inside the U.B. Gymnasium Saturday night. For the home team, the start couldn’t have been better—Nick Brown finds Kurt Burgess in the paint and the acrobatic shot falls for him. Burgess makes it a 3pt operation. Tonight he would put a 2 doubles of 10 pts 10 rebounds—the only player with a double digit on the rebounds and would establish the game high. Jarrel Velasquez then spots up for 3, hitting nothing but cords. It’s Velasquez again; this time with the finger roll against Darwin Leslie, pacing his team to a 15-zip run. This gets Darwin Leslie’s attention so he penetrates through heavy traffic for 2 of his 12 game points.

Into the 2nd quarter, Farron Louriano pulls out this monster slam for 2 of his 12 game points. Jarrel Velasquez responds in kind with this one-hand offering. We’re tied at 28 apiece when Jacob Leslie lands this long distance three as Smart Belize Hurricanes grab the lead. The man, Jacob comes right back and lands another triple—he would lead all scorers with the game high 29 pts, hitting 8 for 8 at the 3 point area and would register 71% from the field. At the half, the Hurricanes lead 37 to 30. We’re in the 3rd when Brian White muscle up down low and would finish with 12 pts and 8 rebounds as the Hurricanes lead 47 to 40. But here comes the bandits—Kyle Pascascio wants 3, Kyle Pascascio gets 3 of his game total 11. Kurt Burgess spots up for 3 and he gets it. At the end of 3, Belmopan Bandits boasts a 1 pt lead. Jacob Leslie comes out in the 4th and hits another 3 to en route his total of 8. Hey 1005 from long distance ain’t easy people. Belmopan comes back with 3 the hard way. Geovannie Leslie with the hook, gets fouled and would convert to finish with 11 pts.

Tied at 69 apiece in the 4th, Jacob Leslie launches another 3 to give the Hurricanes the lead. Brian White then comes up with a triple rebound and a tougher put back to push the Hurricanes lead to 5. Stephen Williams gets an important deuce for the Bandits with the tip in. but Smart Belize City Hurricanes goes on to post the 75 – 71 big win and we must say they look much improved. In other actions, Cayo Western Ballaz blew out newcomer, Independence Thunderbolts 105 to 52. Belize City No Limit opened at Bird’s Isle with an 80 to 73 victory over Dangriga Warriors. Looking ahead, Friday night finds Cayo Western Ballaz in action against Smart Belize Hurricanes. The defending champions will take on OW’s Running Rebels at Sugar City Friday night and then come out Saturday night to host the Belmopan Bandits, while the Running Rebels travel to Dangriga Warriors on Saturday night.

Turning to the football scene, the CYDP semi-finals saw a monster show at the MCC Grounds yesterday as Uprising Stars battled Kelly Street for a berth to the championship round. Francisco Briceño of Stars provides an early test for Stanley Reneau in the Kelly Street goal with this set piece launch, but Mister Reneau is on top of his game today. Speaking of Mister Reneau, this punch by Jermaine Foster brings him a severe test which he passes with flying colors. In fact, when Francisco Briceño unleashes this spot kick, Reneau remains in danger. However, there’s no let up by Uprising Stars as Harold Thompson skillfully eliminates the Kelly Street defense to fire this left foot at goal and again Stanley Jordan Reneau answers the ball. At the other end, Kelly Street gets an opportunity to open the scoreboard with this blast from Tyronne Muschamp only to see a big time save from the Uprising keeper. At the half, it’s a scoreless ballgame. We’re some 10 minutes into 2nd half when Francisco Briceño outruns Kelly Street defense and this time Stanley Reneau is beaten by the left foot shot as Uprising Stars takes a 1-nil lead.

Things get worse for Kelly Street when this tackle by Oscar usher who receives a 2nd yellow card and now is ejected from the ballgame. The numerical parity was established when #8 of Uprising whose number was not on the roster committed this infraction that led to an automatic send off. Kelly Street is in the ascending when Steven Baizar drops this ball into the goal—the Uprising Keeper really mishandles the situation and we have a 1-1 tie. This forces overtime play and 4 minutes later, Francisco Briceño lets loose this corner kick that finds the head of Harold Thompson and it’s the game winner. Uprising Stars post the 2-1 win and are into the championship series. The Stars will face off against Kraal Road who dispatched Tut Bay in a 4-1 blast in the bottom half of yesterday’s double header. Championship match is set for Sunday at 1 p.m. inside the MCC Grounds for the 2016 CYDP title.

In other football news, the PLB Closing Season kicks off this Saturday inside the F.F.B. Stadium with Belmopan Bandits hosting the Police and at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium, Wagiya will take aim at Placencia Assasins. On Sunday, it’s Verdes FC and B.D.F. at the Norman Broaster Stadium.

Finally folks, here is Kent Gabourel of Kulture Megabytes winning yesterday’s Damien Gough’s Birthday Race that traveled from the Maskall Junction to the M&M Engineering office on the Phillip Goldson Highway which ran for 42 miles. Gabourel won it in 1 hour 40 minutes 6 seconds. In the race for 2nd place, Dave Yearwood of Lampaz prevailed, forcing Ray Cattouse of C-Ray into 3rd. Warren Coye of Santino’s is 4th while Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph of Lampaz round out the top 5. In the B Class, Damien Gough of Sugar City United took top honors with Manuel Esquiliano of Truckers 2nd and Jose McKoy of Caribbean Tires 3rd. at the C Class, it was Ingemar Perera of Stationery House, Santi Castillo of Santino’s and Hewald Humes of Digicell finishing 1, 2, 3 in that order.

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#511056 - 01/26/16 05:16 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Basketball, Football and Cycling Stats with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The PLB closing season kicked off over the weekend with only 1 of the matches scheduled being staged. We are optimistic here at the Sports Desk so we cling to the belief that a bad beginning makes a good ending. The Verdes/B.D.F. match up was scrapped and so was the Wagiya/Placencia showdown. Only Saturday night’s game between Belmopan Bandits and Opening Season Champ, Police FC got off as scheduled inside the F.F.B. Stadium. Andres Makin gets the Police offensive going early as he tests newly installed goalkeeper and national team mainstay Shane Orio who was well placed in goal. Welcome back Mister Orio. At the other end, Amilton Filko tries to hook up with Jeremy James who is denied by the timely intervention of the Police keeper, Jamie Brooks. It’s the Bandits with the pressure when Filko finds Marlo Mesa inside the box, Trevor Lennan comes in with the reckless challenge on Mesa which produces a penalty kick for Belmopan.

Elroy “Mister International” Smith gets the call and the right foot gives Belmopan a 1-zip lead some 24 minutes into the action. on this feed from Filko, Jerome James turn around bomb rises over the crossbar in the failed attempt to make it 2-nil. Just before the half expires, the cruel left foot from Orlando Jimenez of the Police really presents a powerful test for Shane Orio who passes with flying colors. Folks this crushing header by Marlon Mesa brings out the best from goalkeeper, Jamie Brooks who comes up with the initial save and then Darien Myers cleans up in a must do situation. It’s getting late so Danny Jimenez takes matters into his own hands. He takes Humberto Requeña to school and then unleashes this canon that paralyses Shane Orio for the 1-1 tie. Both teams seemed satisfied with the draw. Looking ahead, no date has been given for the 2 back matches from week 1. Week 2 finds Placencia Assassins hosting Verdes FC Saturday night at the Michael Ashcroft while on Sunday, Wagiya travels to the Norman Braoster Stadium for a date with the Police while B.D.F. and Belmopan Bandits match is tentatively set for the MCC Grounds.

Turning to the red hot CYDP Football Championship match, the MCC found itself with a crowd. It was filled but it’s the most we’ve seen in a long time. It’s Uprising Stars in the green jersey taking on the pre-game favorite, Kraal Road in the white jersey. However, it’s the Stars with the early glitter when Francisco Briceño launches this left foot that forces goalkeeper Elvis Hercules to come up with a necessary double save. Kraal Road gets something going when Delwin Jones crushes this ball at goal only to see it rise over the crossbar. We go to 2nd half play and this defensive error by the Kraal Road defense gives Jermaine Foster an open look at goal from point blank range, but is robbed by Elvis Hercules who certainly didn’t know a whole lot about it. Off this set piece, Charles Canto gets to launch this superb header that Elden Linarez gets a hand on—Delwin Jones kicks it out of his hand into the net. The referee waves it off which attracts a lot of legitimate questions. Folks, this match would be decided in overtime play. Keron Young’s blast from long distance is punched out by Elvis Hercules; the ball falls to Jermaine Foster and the left foot is perfect. Uprising Stars grabs the CYDP title in the 1-nil victory and we say congrats. On the undercard, Kelly Street took 3rd place by jerking the defending champs, Tut Bay in a 4-3 finish.

In basketball news, the BES Stadium here in Belize City couldn’t accommodate the crowd that jammed the venue as the Smart Belize Hurricanes hosted the NEBL sub-champions, Cayo Western Ballaz. Brian White would bring his game for the Hurricanes striking for 2 of his 21 game points. He would be the only player into double digits in rebounds with the game high 18 and would post the highest efficiency rating with 37. Jacob Leslie who hit 8 of 8 from 3 point range in his last outing strikes for 3 here; Leslie would get 4 of 12 from beyond the arc in this one, but would total 20 pts. Darwin Leslie then spots up 3 and nails it. Darwin would add 18 pts to the Hurricanes total. The Hurricanes show a 1 pt led at the end of the first quarter. We’re in the 2nd when Winston Pratt finds Brandon Flowers who gives the Ballaz 2 pts and would total 18 in the ballgame. Jamal Harris then penetrates for 2 of his 10 as the Cayo Western Ballaz takes the lead.

Here’s good news for the Ballaz, Winston Pratt has gotten his swagger back and to prove it, he strikes for 3, would sink 4 of 9 three’s but would put up the game high with 29 pts. At the half, it’s Cayo Ballaz with the 1 pt lead and you know we’ve got a ballgame. We’re in the 4th quarter and the Hurricanes are up by 4 so Winston Pratt cuts the lead to 2. Pratt would have to sit out key moments of the 4th with cramps. The Hurricanes take advantage; Brian White gives glass for 2. Smart Belize Hurricanes post the 96 to 87 big win, opening the season with 2 straight. The Ballaz fall to 1 & 1. In other matches around the league; the defending champion San Pedro Tigersharks needed the home court advantage to edge the Belmopan Bandits 61 to 60 in a close shave, taking its record to 2 & 0. Belize City Limit also boasts a 2 & 0 record after burning Independence Thunderbolts in 74-73 squeaker. Looking to the weekend, San Pedro travels to Cayo on Friday night. Belize City No Limit is expected to face OW Running Rebels also on Friday and on Saturday, the Smart Belize Hurricanes will host Independence Thunderbolts, while Dangriga Warriors travel to Belmopan.

Turning to the cycling scene, we caught footballer Vallan Symms winning the 25 laps for class A & B riders as presented by Weekend Warriors in what they call Jack’s Barber Shop Races that ran through downtown Belize City yesterday. Symms of Megabytes gets off his bike to power home for top honors, forcing Digicell 4G’s Robert Mariano inot 2nd. Teammate Preston Martinez finished 3rd; Kent Gabourel of Kulture Megabytes is 4th while Daniel Cano of Santino’s round out the top 5. In the C Class event, Santino Castillo of Santino’s grabbed the big win with Enrique Morales of Caribbean Tires 2nd and Alejandro Morales also of Caribbean Tires finished 3rd.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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Sporting Highlights with James Adderley

Good evening I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.

The MCC Grounds was the scene yesterday where the PLB presented the showdown between the Belize Defence Force making the home stand against the Belmopan Bandits. The Bandits gets the 1st good look at goal. Elroy Smith floats this set piece into the danger zone; Eugene Martinez tries to find the far corner only to see the ball inch its way outside the upright. It’s more Bandits when Martinez fires this left foot to open the scoreboard but Tevin Gamboa come up with a flying save. Shane Flores tries to acquire the lead for the B.D.F. with this long distance offering – the ball misses wide off the target. We’re scoreless at the half. Fresh off the bench this loose ball drops for James Flores and he truly botches the opportunity with this emphatic strike-out. In the meantime the Bandits continue to push forward. Khalid Velasquez sets ups Kevin Johnson for the shot and it’s an intervention by Vallan Sims that saves the day. Elroy Smith then tests Tevin Gamboa’s skills with this set piece launch and the B.D.F. keeper comes up with a huge save. The Belmopan team continues pressing so Norman Anderson gives Tevin Gamboa some work which he is up to. The truth is folks neither team deserved all 3 points in this one nor the scoreless draw emphasizes that narrative.

Turning to the basketball scene, the journey to Orange Walk Friday night’s NEBL brought another no-show by the Running Rebels who were to host Belize City No Limit. The OW team is scheduled to face Independence Thunderbolts at Independence on Saturday and they should see action against the Dangriga Warriors at the Ecumenical College. For a 3rd week, the OW team has been unable to make the scene so we’ll just have to wait and see. Here in Belize City, inside the BES Gym saw the red hot Smart Belize Hurricanes play host to the newcomer, Independence Thunderbolts and it proved to be a blowout from start to finish. The first and only tie in the ballgame comes at 6:54 in the 1st quarter when Jason Daly of Independence sinks these 2 free-throws to know the ballgame at 6 apiece with 6:54 to go. A couple records were posted in this one. It’s the 1st time all 5 starters struck for double digit points. Jacob Leslie steals and gets 2 of his 15 pts. Farron Louriano would lead all scorers with 34 pts and made it a 2 double with 11 rebounds. Last year’s MVP had the highest efficiency ranking with a 37.

Looking ahead, the 3 ballgames we are certain of this weekend finds Dangriga Warriors hosting Cayo Western Ballaz Friday night and here in Belize City, the Belmopan Bandits will look for its 1st season win against Belize City No Limit this Friday at Bird’s Isle. Cayo Western Ballaz and No Limit will class inside the Sacred Heart College Auditorium on Saturday night. San Pedro Tigersharks will host Smart Belize Hurricanes also on Saturday. All 4 teams will see back to back action.

Turning to the track scene, the 5K-5AM running club joined forces with Nutrition for Health and City Run to present the first 3-1 mile event on Friday. Jaheed Smith and Preston Bucknor both posted the same time of 30 mins 47 secs. Bucknor took the U-16 category with Naima Chikade 2nd; Jaheed Smith took the male open class and had to fight off Darwin Elijio who posted a time of 30:48. Shane Reneau settled for 3rd in 32:22. On the female side, Laura Soberanis got top honors in 33 minutes flat and Nicole Solana recorded 34 mins 56 secs for 2nd place.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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Basketball, Football and Cycling in Sports Monday

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sport Monday.

It was a full schedule of PLB football over the weekend and we caught up with yesterday’s match-up between the Belize Defense Force and the Placencia Assassins inside the MCC Grounds. The visiting Placencia team threatens to open the scoreboard some 5 minutes in this set piece launch from Dellon Torres that rises over the crossbar. The B.D.F. responds when Osmar Duran fights off the defense only to unleash a high riser. When Leon Cadle drops this into the box, Tevin Gamboa has to come off his line to snatch the ball out of danger. The Assassins continue to press when Gilbert Swaso powers this ball at goal; he wasn’t too far off from opening the scoreboard. At the other end, Shane Flores gets the chance to put the B.D.F. in front, but his aim at the far corner of the goal being defended by Elias Pelayo, is errant. We’re scoreless at the half.

Folks we’re just 2 minutes into the restart when this set piece triggered by Osmar Duran ricochets off Collin Westby in the middle of the Placencia wall; Harrison Tasher beats everybody to the ball and heads it past Pelayo for the 1-zip B.D.F. lead. Alexander Peters looks to tie the score for Placencia only to see Tevin Gamboa come up with a huge save. Some 5 minutes later, Shane Flores sets up Harrison Tasher with the perfect pass; Tasher needed two touches, but he does come up with his 2nd goal of the ballgame as the B.D.F. leads 2-nil. The B.D.F. looks for more and Shane Flores gets this one on one situation with goalkeeper Elias Pelayo and he should have done better. Ashley Torres tries to put Placencia on his back and mounts this individual effort at goal when he is taken down by Vallan Symms—the referee rules penalty. Dalton Eiley steps up and sends Tevin Gamboa the wrong way as the Assassins pull one back for the 2-1 score.

However, the B.D.F. closes the show when Harrison Tasher deals to Leon Cadle who hits the far upright for the 3-1 big win. Other results from the week show that Belmopan Bandits blanked Wagiya 3-zip and Police scorched Verdes FC in a 3-2 ballgame. Thus Police United leads with 7 pts from 3 outings; the Bandits show 5 pts from a win and 2 draws; the B.D.F. sports 4 pts from 1 win, 1 loss and 1 draw. Verdes has 3 pts from a win and a loss; Placencia Assassins has 3 pts from a win and a loss and Wagiya FC is winless in 3 outings. The back match between Verdes and the Assassins is set for Wednesday night at Placencia. Looking to the weekend, Belmopan battles Verdes at the F.F.B. Stadium and Wagiya will host the B.D.F.  And on Sunday at the Norman Broaster Stadium, Police United goes to work against Placencia.

Checking in on the latest scores from the Central Division Secondary Schools Football Tournament, on Thursday, in team play, SCA edged Wesley 1-zip while in the male nightcap, Wesley doubled Ladyville Tech 2 to 1. On Friday, Gwen Liz girls needed overtime to defeat Ladyville Tech 2-1 on penalty kicks. In male play, ACC edged St. John’s College 2-nil.

In basketball news, Friday night’s NEBL ticket at Bird’s Isle fell victim to the rain brought down by Mister North. The court was soaked by the incessant drizzle and here you can see why. Michael Michael Babels of No Limit is in control of the ball when he does the slip and slide. He could have been hurt so the referee halted the proceedings with the Belmopan Bandits leading 37 to 25 pts. This game will resume over the weekend. In other action, Dangriga Warriors trounced Western Ballaz 56 to 44 Friday night. On Saturday, Orange Walk Running Rebels finally made their debut beating Independence 75 to 66; Cayo Ballaz rebound from a 2-game losing streak, stopping No Limit 80 to 59. The Belize City Hurricanes scorched the defending champion San Pedro 89 to 88 and on Sunday, the Dangriga Warriors pounced on Orange Walk with a 60-41 score.

Looking to the weekend…On Thursday night, Belmopan bandits will host Independence Thunderbolts. On Friday, it’s a battle of Belize City teams as No Limit plays host to the Smart Hurricanes. San Pedro travels to Dangriga Warriors. On Saturday, Cayo Western Ballaz travel to Orange Walk, Independence sails to San Pedro and at Bird’s Isle, Smart Hurricanes get a visit from the Dangriga Warriors.

In cycling news, Weekend Warriors presented its time trails yesterday on the Boom Circuit. Kent Gabourel of Kulture Tours posted the best time in Class A with a 25 minutes 45 seconds in the 11.5 mile ride. Daniel Cano of Santino’s took 2nd place in 25:52. Warren Coyi also of Santino’s finished 3rd in 26:55. At Class B, Clarence Tesecum proved to be the big man in 28:49. Ryan Willoughby of Smart pedaled in for 3nd with a time of 30:03. John Burns of Digicell 4G posted a time of 30:05 for 3rd place. Ingemar Perera of Stationery House took top honors in Class C with his time of 32:44. David Madrid of Truckers’ 33:42 was good enough for 2nd place, while Sevenus Flores of Sugar City United got into the top 3 with his time of 33:55.

Jah over all I’m James Adderley.

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