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#508250 - 10/14/15 06:12 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sports Tuesday with Sportscaster James Adderley.

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. Quiet as it has been kept, the Premier League of Belize has been undergoing growing pains as evidenced by the disjointed schedule of the 2015 season. We caught up with the General Secretary of the Football Federation of Belize, Mister Michael Blease.

Michael Blease, Secretary General, F.F.B.

“The PLB Tournament, we got information from the league that they are suspending their tournament for three weeks, for review and tournament amendment. But we have sent directives to the PLB that the tournament revelation is already enforced and we don’t see no reason for the League to have suspended their tournament. From our advantage point is the Verdes management requesting to use all the players that have played in the Champions League which was not approved for our domestic league. Our domestic league states five international players or foreign players and from those five, three can be fielded at any time. And the federation has that enforced. We cannot change that as a club would like during the tournament and so our directive back to the league is that the tournament will continue as of tomorrow with the back-match of week five, which B.D.F. and Belmopan Bandits was postponed due to the MCC Grounds not being playable.”

Folks, we hope this is not a band-aid on a festering wound. So the PLB season resumes tomorrow, Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. at the F.F.B. Stadium with the B.D.F. marching against the Belmopan Bandits. 2 matches are scheduled for Saturday. Belmopan Bandits will host Police United at the F.F.B. Stadium and Placencia Assassins will get a visit from Verdes FC inside the Michael Ashcroft Stadium. On Sunday, the tournament returns to the F.F.B. Stadium at 3 p.m. when Wagiya takes on the B.D.F.

Checking in on the Orange Walk Mundialito, Vibes Alive took on Centaur’s Minion and again its Katie Jones as this punch at goal is mishandled by the Centaur’s goalkeeper for the 1-zip lead. Carlos Canelo then sticks with this play to make it a 2-nil score. Katie Jones kicks her 2nd of the ballgame with this shot from atop the 18th. In the opening minutes of the 2nd half, Katie Hones strikes again for her 3rd with this good looking individual effort. Centaur Minion’s pull back off this long distance dial from Dennis Steves. On this play, David Bobadilla beats his man, deals to Nassil Cocom, who misplays. The ball reaches Katie Jones….she nets her 4th goal of the match to give Vibes Alive a 5-1 big win. In the night cap, between Yougn School and Blackwater Stars, Belarmino Esquivel gives Yougn School a 1-zip lead with this execution from the penalty spot. Menalio Novelo gets his turn at the penalty spot and the left foot finds the target for the 2-nil lead. A few minutes later, Belarmino Esquivel pounces on this loose ball for his 2nd goal of the match. Young School goes on to record the 3-zip big win.

Now here are the results from the weekend play in the CYDP tournament. Los Lagos edged King’s Park Strickers in a 5-4 struggle. Kraal Road ran over Ebony Lake 6 to 2; Lake I Rising Stars blanked Hattieville United 5-zip while Exodus United of La Democracia and Mahogany Heights FC settled for a scoreless draw. On the basketball side, BECOL play over the weekend saw U-21 games. Black Hawks burn Alpha Warriors 47 to 44 and BCV Stallions ran past Snipers 80 to 67. In U-23 play, Mic Roe Light and Rescue pummeled Santiago Juan Warriors 85 to 26. In over 35 action, undefeated Yabra continue to roll with a 59 to 28 rout of Invaders and Panthers scorched Light & Peace Offshore Solutions 55 to 54.

The 1st paddle and pedal competition was staged yesterday featuring an 18 mile canoe race from Henderson Bank to Manatee Lookout and then transitioned to bicycles for the return to the finish line at Henderson Bank. Only 3 teams showed up for the event and at the Boom Bridge, we find Guydis Canoes featuring Chris Guydis and Euken Arnold in the lead, with Adrian Williams and Sergio Lopez of Wateva Boys holding on to 2nd, while Felix Rhaburn and Wilberto Daniels kept the pace in 3rd place. Guydis Canoes held on to the lead at the completion of the paddle stage despite a botched transition. Making chase is Wateva Boys and they would execute the transition as ordained by the rules. It was Euken Arnold of Guydis Canoes heading home on bike in this lead. But the teammates would have to complete the 10 mile ride. And here is Chris Guydis making his move. Sergio Lopez and Adrian Williams looking to chase. At the Boom Cutoff, the 4 riders continue to maintain a steady pace led by Chris Guydis. We fast forward to the finish at Henderson Bank but Guydis takes a wrong turn and has to wait for his teammate. Euken Arnold joins his partner at the finish, but the team is penalized for Chris Guydis’ errant turn and relegated to 2nd place. Felix Rhaburn of Ride or Die makes up lost time on the bike but has to wait for Wilberto Daniels. This allows Adrian Williams and Sergio Lopez to roll in together for 2nd place, which is translated into 1st place. Wateva Boys win; Ride or Die settled for 3rd.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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James Adderley and the Weekend Sporting Highlights

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

Verdes FC ventures again on to the international stage as it travels to Estadio Maracama de Panama concluding its appearance in the 2015 CONCACAF champions play. Game time is 4 p.m. at Panama and it is most unlikely Verdes will move on. While a win gives them 7 pts to tie with Queretaro of Mexico, the Mexican team has scored 11 goals while conceding 3 for a record of 2 wins 1 draw and a loss to San Francisco of Panama. The Panamanian team can only achieve 6 pts from a win against Verdes on the 22nd and from 3 matches, they conceded 4 goals and scored 3 for a 1 and 2 record going in. No matter how you cut it, Verdes in 3 outings have won 1 drawn 1 and lost 1 but have conceded 9 goals while scoring 2 which puts their advancement to the 2nd round of the CONCACAF Champions League somewhat out of reach. However, Verdes has proved itself very potent at home and has not experienced a loss. Also Verdes FC is the 1st Belizean club to arrive into the 2nd round of this prestigious tournament, finishing 2nd in their group which hand them another milestone. Go Verdes history is before you.

Meanwhile, all PLB matches from Week 6 were postponed due to the torrential rains that has ravaged the nation. Matches should resume Wednesday night with Belmopan Bandits battling B.D.F. at the F.F.B.—that is if the rain subsides. Verdes FC should then play Placencia Assassins on Saturday at the Michael Ashcroft, but it is very unlikely Verdes will return in time for this scheduled match. Still, the Belmopan Bandits are detailed to face the Police at the F.F.B. comes Saturday and on Sunday, the B.D.F. marches against Wagiya at the F.F.B. stadium.

Turning to the Orange Walk Mundialito finals, Kate Jones led Vibes Alive into the winner takes all against Belarmino Esquivel and Young School and these youngsters would have to brave the inclement weather and a soggy pitch. David Bobadilla gets the opportunity to give Vibes Alive the opening goal with this run only to be thwarted by the better run from Calvin Reid. However, Menalio Novelo comes up with this beauty off this long distance set pieve that crashes into the far corner of the net for the 1-zip Yougn School. lead. Kate Jones tried to reply with this offering that veers outside the target. Belarmino esquivel is a born talent people—he steals this ball and dances through traffic but bites off a bit more than he could chew. Again, kate Jones looks for the equalizer off the set and this time she is denied by goalkeeper, Jaevan Smith. We’re in the 2nd half play when Luis Castellanos fires at goal to double the lead, but the keeper comes up with the stop. Menalio Novelo shows off his shot again and again; it’s a big time save from Rudolph Ramclam. Kate Jones still in the hunt for equalizer is denied by Jaevan Smith. Yougn Schools go on to grab the Mundiality title with 1-zip big win and we say congratulations. In the Awards Ceremony, Belarmino Esquivel of Young School emerged with MVP honors. Kate Jones of Vibes Alive takes hom the most goals scored with 8 and the best goalkeeper award went to Justin Cardinas of Blackwater Stars. Congrats to all.

In dominos news, Special effects featuring Wayne Wiltshire, Edmund Guy, David Fernandez and Erwin Woodye defeated Eagles to take top honors in the Mike’s One-Day 8 ball tournament staged at Mike’s Cue Lounge at Belmopan.

Finally in volleyball news, Gwen Liz High School and Nazarene faced each other in Belize District Tournament play on Saturday at Bird’s Isle. Gwen Liz took the 1st set in a 25-21 score. Unfortunately in the 2nd set with Gwen liz leading 11 to 3, a ferocious downpour fell on the venue, forcing the cancellation of further play. The match has been rescheduled but at press time, we were unable to ascertain same.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#508617 - 10/27/15 06:12 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Bodybuilding Champions…James Adderley with Sports News

Good evening. I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

Verdes FC has proven that unless Belizean football travels, we will remain unable to compete at the international level. Last Thursday’s 8-nil defeat to San Francisco FC at Panama mirrors that of their loss to Blanco Gallos at Queretaro Mexico. Here at home, Verdes FC conceded only 1 goal beating San Francisco 2 to 1 and holding Queretaro to a scoreless draw. However, away from the Jewel, they were scoreless and conceded 16 goals in CONCACAF Champion play. Nevertheless, they made history by achieving the first win for Belize at this level. Obviously without investing in travel over football will remain uncompetitive in the big arena. Now let’s head to the PLB Season which is running at full speed again.

Yesterday, inside the F.F.B. stadium, Belize Defense Force hosted Wagiya FC of Dangriga and it proved to be a blowout. 7 minutes in, James Flores takes advantage of poor defensive play by Allen Brooks of Wagiya to set table perfect for James Flores whose header lays the Griga’s keeper, Williams Johnson post for the 1-zip lead. Wagiya looks to reply when Ernest Flores finds Ean Lewis who should have done better with this look. At the 38th minute, Shane Flores mounts this individual off the right side and finished to give the B.D.F. a 2-zip lead. The B.D.F. looks for a 3rd when Shane Flores has this physical clash with goalkeeper Johnson; play continues, Flores can’t capitalize because of tough defense from Kyle Valerio—Orlando Trapp gets a shot at an open goal that veers outside the sticks. However, at the 45th minute, pounces on this nice pass from the defensive area to make it a 3-nil B.D.F. lead with his 2nd goal of the match. The military strikes again this time courtesy of Michael Myvette who beats Johnson as he comes off his line for the 4 zip score. Desperate to get Wagiya on the scoreboard, #15, we must say there’s no such number on the roster, fires a good looking shot that forces a good save from the B.D.F. keeper, Tevin Gamboa. The rout is concluded when James Flores comes up with the hat trick as the B.D.F. marches all over Wagiya with a 5-zip flurry. In other matches completed on Saturday, Belmopan Bandits bombed Police FC with a 4-1 blast. The Placencia/Verdes match was postponed and will be played on November 18th. Looking to week 7, on Saturday Wagiya battled the bandits at Independence –that’s at 7:30 p.m.  Verdes will host the B.D.F. on Sunday 4 p.m. at the Norman Broaster Stadium and Police will play Placencia inside the F.F.B. at 3:30 p.m.

In other football news, Belmopan’s 1st Divisional Tournament play yesterday saw Camalote Warriors double Roaring Creek United 2 to 1 and Duck Run outlasted Las Flores in 5-3 struggle. On the 1st November, Duck Run again faces Las Flores and a win puts them into the finals. Likewise, Camalote Warriors could arrive at the Championship series with another win over Roaring Creek.

Turning to the Belize Bodybuilding Championships staged at the Princess Hotel…we begin with the Novice Class and indeed it’s a display of male muscularity. Okay who is the baddest from among the 3? The judges say Abu Sesay is 3rd—maybe next year guy. Perry Castillo is judged to be 2nd in the gang of 3 while excitably; Majica Haynes with his chiseled body and incessant bursts of energy takes the top spot. We will say the champion is, shall we say, over enthusiastic. In the men’s physique class, Dilfio Arnaldo Toledo settles for 3rd. Andrew Shen took 2nd place and Auriel Lewis emerged the prime time showman in this category. In the welterweight category, Calbert Castillo takes 3rd place; David Requeña did enough work to earn 2nd and in the winner’s circle is Edgar Carballo. On stage he leaves no doubt out it. Michael Buckley places 3rd in the middleweight class. Deon Ortiz has to settle for 2nd place despite his awesome mass because Clayton Greenidge is the big man in the class.

The female athlete’s showdown was a feat for the eyes in the world of muscularity and it must have been incredibly difficult for the judges. Gina Lovell is relegated to 3rd place in this heated competition. Annlyn Apolonio steps up to 2nd place and the new belle of the ball is newcomer Margarita Stastaya. In the lightweight class, Deon Banner steps up to 3rd, Clayton Greenidge grabs 2nd place and Rigoberto Vellos again dominates as champion. 3rd place in the light heavyweight class goes to Deon Banner, 3nd place goes to a disappointed Rigoberto Vellos and the winner is Oyinkro Akpodobor and his win over Rigoberto Vellos simply cannot be disguised. Meanwhile, the battle for the prestigious Mister Belize title is intense. Edgar Carballo completes his routine and winds up in 3rd place. Oyinkro Akpobodor exudes confidence and his catlike moves are impressive; his symmetry is exquisite, but he has to settle for 2nd place. Why? Because he is edged out on points by the chiseled mass of Rigoberto Vellos. And of course, this podium picture speaks a thousand words. Congratulations to the Belize Body Building and Fitness Federation and congratulations to the overall champ, Rigoberto Vellos.

Finally in cycling news, the Weekend Warriors headed to the hills on Sunday for a 40 mile ride from Rockville junction to Busman Arnold hill on the George Price Highway and we find a huge field of A&B riders at the start. At St. Matthews, Kent Bob Gabourel and Preston Martinez has extricated themselves from the pelathon. Through roaring Creek, the duo maintain their dominance and the finish seems destined to be a 20-man duel. And indeed it’s a head on struggle won by Preston Martinez of Kulture Tours Megabytes who edges out his teammate, Kent Gabourel. Isaiah Willacy of the B class ruding for FT Williams rolls in for 3rd place. A class rider, Warren Coye of Santino’s rolls in for 4th place while Digicell 4G teammates Robert Mariano and Jack Sutherland pull in 5th and 6th respectively. To complete the B class, Mark Reid of Santino’s took 2nd and Ryan Willoughby 3rd. the C Class 30 mile ride was captured by Elden Staine Jam Hyde. Edward Blank of Stationery House/Medina’s took 2nd and Alfonso Morales of Caribbean Tires was 3rd in the class.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#508805 - 11/04/15 05:30 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Weekend Sports Warp up with James Adderley

Good evening I am James Adderley and this sports Monday.

Verdes FC returned to its PBL schedule yesterday inside the Norman Broaster Stadium looking to re-establish its national dominance after a rather disappointing exit from CONCACAF Championship League play. The Belize Defense Force was the obstacle to be faced, a team looking for a resurgence in the semi-pro league. Orlando Trapp of the B.D.F. comes up with the first real scoring threat when he launches this left foot that veers outside the post of the foal defended by Yusaf Guerra. Thirty Two minutes in the B.D.F. still in the ascending when Paul Nunez slices to James Hoare who gives the team a 1 – nil lead with a right foot push into the far corner. Ricardo Jimenez looks for the equalizer by mounting this individual effort but fails to hit the intended target. At the other end goalkeeper Guerra has to abandon his line to deny Shane Flores who attacks the goal with a burst of speed. Six minutes after intermission David McCauley launches this spot kick at goal that rebounds off the wall to Gilroy Thurton who might have been in an offside position but he hits the back of the net. Goalkeeper Tevin Gamboa leads the howl of protest but the call stands say Referee Christopher Reed. San Mendez looks to give Verdes the lead with this large distance dial that isn’t too far off. Shane Chucky Flores gets assist when he finds Paul Nunez whose header breaks the tie for the 2 – 1 B.D.F. lead. Folks Harrison Tasher comes up with a wicked bender off this set piece but Guerra comes up with a tough save. Verdes almost get the equalizer when Shamir Pacheco picks out Deon McCauley forces Tevin Gamboa to come up with a spectacular save. The last gasp effort fails as the Belize Defense Force grabs a big win.

Checking the CYDP football tournament Westlake United and Kings Park Strikers settles for a 2 – 2 stalemate, Lake I Rising Stars and Majestic Alley rallied to a 1 – 1 tie and Exodus United sunk Survivors 3 – 1.

The BECOL Basketball play Saturday night in U-23 actions MicRoe Light and Peace got past Spartans 55 – 42. Belmopan crushed Invaders 45 – 31 in over 35 play while on the senior schedule Assassins need double overturns to edge Light and Peace 86 – 28 on a whopping 41 points from Winston Pratt and 16 points from Kurt Burgess.

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Volley and Football Results in Sports Monday

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The PLB tournament an into another road block in a football season that can only be described as tumultuous and again Verdes FC finds itself in the eye of the hurricane. It’s a Saturday night inside the F.F.B. Stadium and both teams are dressed and rearing to begin the party. But here comes trouble—the match commissioner, Marlon Tillett of the F.F.B. is flanked by management figures of the Belmopan Bandits and we pick out Joseph Budna of the Bandits and Ian Haylock of Verdes FC as the on the spot decision makers. When they walk away, the decision is made—no match today says Commissioner Tillett and the pitch is abandoned. We got an inkling of the matter from Verdes Coach, Marvin Ottley and it sounds like a standoff to us people and try as we did, we could not get the PLB viewpoint.

Meanwhile, in the other matches which were concluded, Placencia Assassins torched Belize Defense Force 3 to 2 and the Police really crushed Wagiya FC in a 7-zip blast. Looking to Week 9; this Saturday, Placencia Assassins will host the Belmopan Bandits and on Sunday, Verdes FC faces Wagiya inside the Norman Broaster and the B.D.F. will battle Police United at the F.F.B. stadium.

Now let’s check in with the Orange Walk 9-aside competition as we join the 2 semi-final matches. In the opener, it’s Guinea Grass Chelsea and Chan Pine Ridge looking for a berth to the finals. Noriely Terry looks to give Guinea Grass the lead off the set piece only to see the goalkeeper, Brittney Miguel, make the stop. At the other end, Angie Cocom displays her skills and fires this right foot at Shani Betancourt who takes care of business. Gisel Baeza then beats Cristina Cartagena who lets go this left foot at goal that is tapped out by Miguel. We’re in second half play when Noriely Tery centers to Gisel Baeza who smacks it home—the goal holds up to regulation and Guinea Grass is into the finals.

In the other matchup, Yo Creeek Gladiators took on Atlantic Bank and Karen Garcia turns on this ball in a bid to give Yo Creek the lead but misses the target. Garcia then deals to Maira Acosta whose right away punch bounces off the near post of the goal defended by the Bank’s Lourdes Torres. Miss Torres then gets tested by Tamara Baptist but she passes the test. It’s Karen Garcia again in the mix this time her shot at goal hits the hand of a defensive player, Eloisa Moreno –the referee rules penalty. Garcia steps up and Yo Creek Gladiators take a 1-nil lead with the conversion. Early in 2nd half, Karen Garcia shows no mercy as she powers this ball pass Lourdes Torres. Yo Creek Gladiators post the 2-zip victory and will not meet Guinea Grass Chelsea this Sunday, November 15th.

Finally, we checked in on the national secondary schools association national volleyball tournament which concluded over the weekend inside Punta Gorda. St. Catherine Academy captured a 16th national championship after getting past Belmopan Comprehensive in the finals: 25-17, 25-17, 23-25 and 25-18. Stann Creek Ecumenical grabbed 3rd place by beating Muffles College. On the male side, Toledo Community College, who had won 10 years in a row until San Pedro High took the last 2, needed 5 sets but got past Muffles College 20-25, 27-25, 11-25, 25-23 and 15-8 in the crucial game 5. St. John’s College was eliminated by TCC in the semi-finals but bounced back to beat Sacred Heart College for 3rd place. Kevanna Flores of St. Catherine walked away with female MVP honors while Nathaniel Castillo of Toledo Community College emerged as her male counterpart. Kudos to both.

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#509211 - 11/17/15 05:35 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sporting Highlights with James Adderley

Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The weekend of sports was a washout as the torrential rains continued over the weekend across the nation. PLB football was cancelled, the Cayo first division season also fell victim, female football championship at Orange Walk was also rained out and the BECOL Basketball Championship also decided to dodge the down pour. However the association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize known as ATLIB; they managed to stage its Basketball Championship inside the friendly confines of the Sacred Heart Auditorium in San Ignacio on Saturday and we thank William Ysaguirre who provided us with footage of the male finals between Galen eagles and Sacred Heart Junior College Scorpions. In the opening quarter Gustavo Pech hooks up with Jeffery Castillo who nails the three for Sacred Heart, he would finish with 7 points. But its Galen eagles who lead 11 to 3 at the end of the 1st quarter. In the 2nd quarter its Jamie Carbajal working his way through traffic for three of his six Scorpion points.

At the other end Jarrel Velasquez penetrates into the paint and goes glass for two of his game high fourteen points as Galen eagles continues to pull away. The replay comes for Albert Ariola who steps for Sacred Heart. Galen nevertheless leads 17 to 9 at the half. Galen Eagles would extend the leads in the 3rd as Jarrel Velasquez hits again. Edgar Mitchell launches the one hander and would put up eleven pints or Galen. It’s a 34 to 24 Galen lead at the end of three. Jarrel Velaquez continues to torture Sacred Hearty in the fourth going glass for 2 more. Galen University would outscore Sacred Heart Junior College 17 to 9 in the fourth quarter to grab the big W in a 51 to 33 final score and we say congrats to the 2015 ATLIB male Champions. We also say kudos to the ATLIB female champs from the University of Belize Jaguars who edged Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College 26 to 21 to grab the 2015 female title. In the meantime Jarrel Velasquez emerged with the MVP honors in the ATLIB male tournament. No MVP was issued on the female side. In other basketball scenes, the BECOL Basketball tournaments resumes Friday at San Ignacio with Belmopan Shock battling Cayo Interstellars in the female opener, Yabra takes on Eagles in the over 35 competition while seniors play finds Falcon Ballers in action against Benque Power.

Checking the football scene the PLB tournament resumes this Wednesday, November 18 at 7:30 PM inside the Michael Ashcroft Stadium as Placencia Assassins play host to Verdes FC. This will be week 9 scheduled will be re-staged Saturday 7:30 PM at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium Placencia will be at the Norman Broaster against Wagiya FC and the BDF will see action against Police United at 3:30 PM. The venue is tentatively set for the MCC Grounds but the rains could change that.

In Billiards news, the Mikes 8 Ball Tournament in Belmopan concluded its first round on Sunday at Mikes Cur Club as Shattaz shot down Palma Strikers 3 – zip, Shooters hit Eagles by that same score, special effects edged Las Flores 2 to 1 and Twin Stars blanked Set-up 3 – nil. Thus the next round finds Shattaz with 16 points, BRC Shooters with 15 points, whilst Special Effects and :as Flores are both with 12 points complete the 4 that will make it to the big dance on Sunday November 22 at Mike’s Club.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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Football, Basketball, Cycling and Table Tennis on Sports Monday

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

We open tonight’s show with the showdown in Central Secondary Schools Sporting Association Male Basketball play featuring the 2 powerhouses from inside Belize City—Wesley College and St. John’s College, two perennial rivals. Kyron Samuels gets Wesley College going early attacking the run to go glass and he would lead Wesley College with 12 pts. Kirkland Lambey then winds his way through traffic for 2 of his 9 game points. Elden Gladden spins away from Welton Bowen—the bank is open—Gladden puts up 6 for the game. At the end of the first, Wesley has ran to a 16-4 lead. In the second, SJC try to stir themselves; Gregory Felix grabs the rebound off the miss by Jason Phillips—the put back is good—Felix would strike for 6 game points. Did Samuels call bank on this jumper? Well the bank was open. Elden Gladden spots from beyond the arc—the triple lands. At the half, Wesley College would boast its biggest lead of the ballgame in a 35 to 13 score. In the 3rd, Llewellyn Gentle tries to put SJC on his back and here he picks up 2 of his game high 13 pts. On the next press, Gregory Felix finds Jason Phillips who sinks 2 of his 8 game points. This time down court, Welton Bowen dishes to Kenton Young and he gets 2 of his 6. Bowen comes back and this time, he penetrates to finish with a good looking floater. He would put up 6 pts. SJC had its best quarter with 18 pts, but at the end of 3, the scoreboard shows Wesley College with a 52 to 31 lead. SJC would outscore Wesley College 15 to 10 in the 4th quarter, but it proved to be a case of too little too late as Wesley College goes on to post the 62 to 46 big win.

However, Wesley College was denied the sweep as St. Catherine Academy dominated the Wesley girls in a 31 to 9 final score. Kristy Terry who hits both these free throws scored 5 of Wesley’s nine pts. Indie Dixon was the game high scorer knocking this jumper for 11 big time points in the win.

Turning to the table tennis scene, the 2015 B.N.E. Junior National Championships staged yesterday at the BES Auditorium saw Taye Parkinson roll past Latrell Solis for 18 and under title while Jaylen Nicholson wrested 3rd place away from Joshua Gegg. At 15 and under, Amiri Hoare beat Latrell Solis for that title and Terry Su prevailed over Jaylen Nicholson. Taye Parkinson took the 12 and under title away from Samron Pott with Terry Su edging Aiden Arnold for 3rd place. Latrell Solis and Joshua Gegg to take the doubles category title while Taye Parkinson and Luis Bardalez settled for 2nd and Eric Li and Sergio Glory finished 3rd.

In the volleyball scene, the National Female U-18 turned on the pressure in the finals to roll past the defending champion, Protect Our Manatee to grab the national title. After outlasting Protect Our Manatee 25-21, 22-25, 15-10; they had to play a winner take it all match having lost in the first round to Stars A. In that showdown, the U-18 team vanquished the opposition 25 to 21 to emerge as national champion and we say kudos. On the male side, Jaguars of Belize City repeated as champion against Challengers of Orange Walk coming out of the losers column to beat Challengers 25-21, 22-25, 15-10 and then in the must win match 25-21. We say good show to Belize City’s Jaguars.

In football news, the female 9-a-side championship was finally decided yesterday at Chan Pine Ridge in Orange Walk when Yo Creek Gladiators entered the area against Guinea Grass Chelsea. We’re late in 1st half action when Miriam Villamil works her way through the Guinea Grass defense to find Vanessa Mai who turns to the left to fire a grass head burner that finds its way into the back of the net. Yo Creek lead 1-nil. Off this defensive miscue by Ruby Mai, Maricela Pott gets the perfect opportunity to level the score only to be denied by the Yo Creek keeper, Rocio Bobadilla. Noriely Terry gets the chance to get Guinea Grass unto the scoreboard with this header but again Bobadilla handles the business. We go to 2nd half play and its Karen Garcia looking to ice the game for Yo Creek; she beats one to fire at goal. It brings a stretch from Shany Betancourt as the ball inches outside the sticks. Nevertheless, the 1-zip score holds up as Yo Creek Gladiators conquer the OW female 9-a-side title.

In the battle for 3rd place, Atlantic Bank got this goal from Eloisa Moreno to take a 1-nil lead over Chan Pine Ridge. When Delmi Cornejo centers into the box, Arvella Torres concedes the auto goal to make it a 2-zip lead for the bank. Chan Pine Ridge only goal comes off this set piece triggered by Frenelli Barrilla which finds the head of Arvella Torres who makes amends for the auto goal. The score remains 2 to 1 at long whistle and Atlantic Bank takes 3rd. Best goalkeeper in the league was taken by Shany Betancourt of Guinea Grass; Karen Garcia of Yo Creek took home MVP honors and Gisel Baeza of Guinea Grass had the most goals scored.

Meanwhile, play in the PLB Tournament over the weekend saw Placencia Assassins and Belmopan Bandits rally to a 1-1 tie at Independence while Verdes FC blanked a struggling Wagiya 5-zip. Looking ahead, 2 back matches and a completion of week 10 schedule this weekend will bring regular season play to its natural conclusion. On Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., Verdes FC faces Belmopan Bandits at the F.F.B. and Police will battled the B.D.F. at the Norman Broaster Stadium. Week 10 gets off on Saturday at Independence with Placencia facing Wagiya while at the F.F.B., Belmopan Bandits will battle the B.D.F.  On Sunday, Verdes FC and Police face off inside the Norman Broaster to complete regular season play. Going in, Police United and Placencia Assassins are tied at 15 pts apiece and are assured of making the 4 team playoffs. The Bandits show 14 and Verdes 12 respectively. The Bandits need a draw for surety while Verdes FC could well need another win. The B.D.F. with 8 pts has 2 matches that could give them 14 pts. At 4 pts, Wagiya FC is out of the playoff picture.

In cycling news, we take you to the start of the Weekend Warriors 58 mile RV Ramos Classic that runs from Dangriga to the Placencia Junction and back to Dangriga. 6 miles into the Placencia Road, Mark Reid, Douglas Lamb and Preston Martinez have jumped to a 25 second lead. By the time the race reaches Maya Center Village, we find the main pelathon still chasing the lead three. On the way back, Vallan Symms attempts a solo flight, but simply cannot shake off the chasing pelathon. We’re now inside Dangriga and this finish is a cyclist’s nightmare. While accelerating, Warren Coye’s wheel slips and he crashes to the asphalt. His Santino teammate, Kareem Flowers crashes into him and takes a fall. Robert Mariano of Digicell 4G avoids the crash and rolls in for 1st place. Dean Belisle of BelCal pulls up in 2nd; dave Yearwood of Lampaz holds on to 3rd place while Kurt Sutherland rounds out the top 4. To the right of your screen, you see one cyclist riding over Kareem Flowers on the ground and he joins the fall Flowers. We understand Kareem Flowers suffered a shattered collar bone in 3 or 4 places, while Warren Coye wound up with a broken shoulder. We received confirmation from Santi Castillo, Owner of Santino’s Cycling Club. In the C-Class, Chris Berry of Truckers took top honors. Eustace Ireland of Lampaz 2nd and Lawrence Craig of Truckers rounds out the top 3. Steven Castaneda, Ridzen Flowers and Tevan Salazar finished 1, 2, 3 in that order in another category.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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