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#506401 - 08/04/15 06:22 AM Re: James Adderley's weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sports Monday with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The national senior male football team continued its preparatory work for the 3rd round World Cup Qualifying series with Canada by making another foray north to tackle the OW Selection yesterday inside the Louisiana Football Field. Andres Makin gets the fireworks going when he crushes this looseball that inches outside the far corner of the OW goal. When Everal Trapp finds Deon McCauley inside the danger zone, the super striker beats one, beats two, but then gets stripped by the double team could have been playing down to the completion. The press continues when Andres Makin picks out Jarret Davis—Davis deals to Gabriel Perez whose right away launch is mishandled by the OW keeper. So McCauley pounces; Andrew Allen makes him pay…McCauley nevertheless scores the opener and would continue.

A few minutes later, Jarret Davis gets this chance to double the lead, but is denied by the keeper. Talk about perfection—the service from Everal Trapp is perfect—the right foot volley from Deon McCauley is perfect. Okay the net is not able to contain the force, but it counts anyway as the national team takes a 2-zip lead into intermission. In the opening minutes of the 2nd half, it’s more McCauley. The set up man is Denmark Casey who dances through traffic to pick out McCauley and this poison slices gives him the triple as the A-team leads 3-zip. Complacency is always the enemy guys. Question is where is the defense that allows receiving this ball uncontested to heed it past Glenford Chimilio for to put OW on the scoreboard.

Team Belize immediately regains the 3-zip lead when Jordi Polanco mounts this individual effort that he finishes with a nice right push into the far corner as the national team goes up 4-1. Folks we will say our team has a chance to get past Canada in the away game on September 4th. The Canadian team is better trained, better financed and features a number of high paid professionals. However, their showing on the international scene has been somewhat dismal and at this point they do look vulnerable. Belize must bring out its best game and they must be able to overcome the inevitable double and triple team that will seek to shut down Deon McCauley. Thirdly, the forwards who will benefit off this defensive scheme must come up with goals. It won’t be as easy as that, but it can be done. Win, lose or draw, I’m a Belizean and I know you are too. Go deh Jaguars.

In other football news, the national U-23 selection put a 3-zip hurt on the Orange Walk selection yesterday.

Turning to the basketball scene, we caught up with Saturday’s Interoffice show down between Digicell and BWS Pressure at Bird’s Isle. Lennox Cayetano gets Digicell going in the opening quarter as he battles down low to go glass for 2 of his ten game points. Cayetano posted the only 2 doubles with an impressive 19 boards. Raheem Staine spots up for the triple and lands it. raheem would strike for the game high of 20 pts, but was stymied by 12 turnovers. At the end of the 1st, Digicell leads 13 to 7. Folks, Digicell would never look back. Lupito Acosta top of the key swishes nothing, but cords and would put up 12 pts. Ashley Hemsley played big for BWS Pressure hitting the finger role for 2 of his 9 pts to go along with 8 boards. In heavy traffic, Akeem Trapp gets the putback to fall. His team high 13 pts would give a measure of respect to BWS Pressure as Digicell posts the 53 – 41 big win.

In other scores Saturday night, Heritage bank ran away from Infotel in the 4th to post the 70 to 57 victory and Belikin bombed Generals in a 57 to 35 final score.

We also caught up with the Puppy Leslie U-18 Basketball Championship at Bird’s Isle as Hoop Dreams and Light and peace fought for the 2015 title. It’s Kevan Evans of Hoops Dreams with the putback for 2 of his 11 game pts—the team high. Jordan Usher then changes pace to land this bucket for 2 of his 9 pts. However, here comes Light and Peace Shaquan Valerio who sticks with this play to stick the putback and would record a 2 doubles of 16 pts 15 rebounds. Holdane Swazo lands this 3 and would strike for the game high 13 pts. In the meantime, this dunk is legit as Kevan Evans raises up to slam the putback home. Down the road folks, it was just too much Light and Peace. Holdane Swazo comes up with this acrobatic shot as Light and Peace begin to pull away.

Down low, Valerio deals to Godfrey Arnold who goes glass and would tally a 2 doubles of 12 pts 10 rebounds. Arnold comes back and gets the easy 2. Light and Peace grabs the title in a 58 to 49 final score and we say congratulations. At the U-14 level, Belize bank Bulldogs grabbed the championship with a 62 to 59 decision over Light and peace. In the meantime, we say congratulations to Godfrey Arnold who emerged with MVP honors at the U-18 level. And we leave you with the image of the victorious U-18 champions, Light and Peace, with competition presenter, Darwin Puppy Leslie in the middle. Good Show guys.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#506593 - 08/11/15 06:02 AM Re: James Adderley's weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Weekend Sporting Highlights with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The jockey for position going into the Interoffice Basketball League Championships continued Friday night with Belikin and BWS Pressure facing off in a ballgame that could put Belikin into the #1 slot on Saturday night’s ticket. It’s the beer setting the pace early as Kadeem Olivera dishes to his Captain Darren Neal who glasses 2 of his 9 game points; he believes he’s fouled, but he ain’t the referee. BWS answers as Wordsworth Lucas links up with Luis Barcelona who would give his team 16 pts and it’s a 3 pt lead for the Water Company at the end of the 1st. in the 2nd, Michael Staine grabs the beard and launches the quarterback pass to Kadeem Olivera who smashes it home with emphasis. Olivera is the go to man for Belikin tonight and again, he delivers the dunk. He would lead all platers with 28 pts.

However at the end of the 3rd quarter, it’s BWS with the 44 to 38 lead. Olivera leads the Belikin charge in the 4th and with this shot his team is down by 1. In a ballgame of shifting momentums, Luis Barcelona restores the lead for BWS. Nevertheless, when Michael Staine gets rid of the defense for the easy 2, it looks like Belikin has sealed the win. Staine would total 8 pts. Tied at 54 apiece, Akeem Trapp who would strike for the game high gets the chance to give BWS Pressure the win from the free throw line—he misses both, so we’re off to overtime. This triple by Leroy Forbes applies pressure by BWS. Forbes comes away with 9 pts in this one. Folks, credit Ashley Hemsley with this big time steal—he deals to Leroy Forbes and it’s a big bucket for the Pressure, who go on to take the ballgame in a 67 to 63 big W.

Both teams would nevertheless move on to the playoffs which gets off on the 14th of August at the island. In other results from the weekend, Belikin suffered 2 losses going to wire, falling to Central Bank in a 78 to 75 decision Saturday night. Belize bank Bulldogs got trounced by Atlantic Bank 61 to 51. Central Bank also tumbled after getting trashed by Infotel 55 to 43 and Heritage Bank knocked off BWS Pressure 59 to 57. The opening round of the playoffs find Heritage facing Belikin, while the Belize Bank Bulldogs will battle BWS Pressure on the 14th of August. Meanwhile on the 15th, it’s Central Health in action against Digicell 4G and Central bank will take aim at Atlantic Bank.

In football news, we caught up with money time in the Cayo District Female Competition with Rising Stars taking aim at Real West Strikers. Shantel Robinson takes aim at Yanira Duarte in the opening minutes only to see the left foot strike inch outside the sticks. It’s Shantel Robinson again on the attack and this time she beats Duarte. Leonella Chuch gets the last touch, but the ball had already crossed the line. Rising Starts take the 1-nil lead at the 8th minute. When this pass filters through to Renai Augustine and she puts it away to give the stars a 2-zip lead. Real West Strikers looks to get on the scoreboard in 2nd half play. Natasha Tillett with the perfect pass to Vicky Ponce who fails to convert but does get the attention of goalkeeper, Jasmine Armstrong.

Late in 2nd half action, the breakthrough for the Strikers comes thanks to this individual effort from Vicky Ponce who outruns the defense to push the ball past a diving Jasmine Armstrong for the 2-1 score. That’s all she wrote as Rising Stars FC takes the title and we say congratulations. Guess what, the Stars were so confident going in that they had already printed their championship shirts. Naomi Gamboa of Rising Stars walked away with MVP honors. Midfielder award went to Julie Ponce of Real Strikers. Most goal for regular season was taken by Kimberly Perez of the Lucky Strikers and Shamaya Calez of Rising Stars received the most goal scored in the playoffs.

In other football news, play in 9 a side football at Caye Caulker saw Lizard Juice double Rainbow 2 to 1; Caye Caulker Boys bombed Tsunami 5-zip, while CC United and Danger Boys battled to a 1-nil stalemate.

On the softball scene, action in the Belize Rural Softball Tournament – UB Jaguars pounced on winless Country Rose in a 17-6rout. Lord’s Bank Sunrise melted Easy Does It 16 to 9 and Double Head Cabbage blanked Willows Bank 12-zip.

Finally in cycling news, Raymond Singh won the 6 to 8 years race in the C-Ray Youth Summer Races staged yesterday on Princess Margaret Drive, beating out Devin Major who took 2nd and Kofi Smith took 3rd. At the 9 to 12 age group, Derrick brown took top honor. Daejon Miles took second and Keon Staine 3rd. The 13 to 15 bracket brought a hotly contested 6-man sprint taken by Nashan Ysaguirre edging out Shawn Codd and Shaquirre Tillett. In the 16 to 18 years class, Nashen Ysaguirre, on the outside, sprints in for top honors beating out Kaydine Pinelo and Shaquirre Tillett.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#506749 - 08/18/15 06:14 AM Re: James Adderley's weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Football and Cycling Over the Weekend

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

Verdes FC begins its sojourn into the 2015 CONCACAF Champions Tournament tomorrow, Tuesday, with a home stand against the Mexican professional team, Gallos Blancos de Queretero inside the F.F.B. Stadium at 8 p.m. Verdes is grouped with Queretero and San Francisco in a 3-team race for a spot inside the 8 team quarter finals. Head coach, Marvin ottley was pretty upbeat about Tuesday’s match against the Mexican visitor. National Team player, Deon McCauley looks forward to a good performance by Verdes. But here’s what we know about Queretero. They defeated the Panama’s San Francisco at home in the series opener 2 to nothing and they utilized a 4-5-1 formation. Here’s a peak at that August 4th outing…Emmanuel Villa climbs the ladder to give Gallos Blancos the 1-nil lead at the 60th minute. And thenVictor Milke pounces on this loose ball inside the box for the 2-zip victory. Besides these 2, Verdes will have to mark midfielder, Danilinko, the left winger Camilo Sanvesse, #10 Sinha and William – both play in the middle. This Saturday, Belmopan Bandits will be at the F.F.B. Stadium facing Wagiya while at the Michael Ashcroft, Placencia will host FC Belize—both at 7:30 p.m. On Sunday, the B.D.F. takes to the MCC against Verdes at 3:30 p.m.

In other football news, play in the PLB 2015/16 Season got off over the weekend. On Saturday, Verdes was held to a 1-1 stalemate by Placencia at the Norman Broaster and at the Michael Ashcroft, Wagiya opened by bombing the B.D.F. in a 5-1 blast. Meanwhile, the match between Police and the Belmopan Bandits has been pushed forward to Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. inside the F.F.B. Stadium. We also took in yesterday’s Cayo 1st Division clash between Universal hardware and Lower Dover FC. Some 20 minutes in, Jared Rudon sinks this ball behind Allen Molina in the Lower Dover goal to give Universal Hardware the 1-zip lead. Folks, we’re at the 50th minute when this set piece finds Alejandro Aguirre and his header doubles the Universal lead.

Collin Burgess tries to pull one back for Lower Dover off this set piece only to see the launch inch over the crossbar. Meanwhile, give Noel Hyde the assist when he heads this ball to Melvin Calderon who buries it into the net to get Lower Dover on to the scoreboard. Emerson Orellano restores the 2 goal lead at the 65th minute for Universal when he outruns the defense; there’s nothing Allen Molina can do. It’s a 3-1 score. Make it 4 to 1 when Orellano finds Gregorio Lima who makes the tap in look easy. Noel Hyde gets on to the scoreboard with this individual effort but it wasn’t enough as Universal Hardware FC takes the 4-2 big Win. In the other feature over the weekend, Heartz FC doused Flame FC in a 5-4 squeaker. Looking to Friday, Bullet Tree aims at Westrac while on Saturday, Quintas FC takes on Penarol and Astros will battle Olympus.

Checking the C-Ray Youth Summer Races: Jayden Tillett won the 3 to 5 years race beating out Khamani Morrison and Jadah Muschamp. Raymond Singh continues to shine in the 6 to 8 years class winning again. Damine Myles is 2nd wile Devin Major finishes 3rd. at the 9 to 12 category, Derrick Brown wins in uncontested fashion, while Kenyon Stanford rolls in for 2nd and Jahmai Scott pulls up in 3rd place. In the 13 to 15 years race, Gian Lino and Sherwin Requeña both posted the same time, but Lino gets the nod. Joshua Fuller settles for 3rd place. now here’s the start for the 12 laps featuring 16 to 18 year old riders and it’s quite an impressive field. It’s a 5-man sprint for the big W and Kaydine Pinelo is the clear winner and he leaves no doubt. Stephen Cabral is 2nd and Sherwin Requeña is 3rd. Dylan Belisle won the 3 man mountain bike/beach cruiser race. Erion Brown took 2nd and Christian Smith pulled up 3rd.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#506896 - 08/25/15 06:17 AM Re: James Adderley's weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Weekend Sporting Highlights With James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

Fresh off the scoreless draw against Gallos Blanco of Queretero, Verdes FC got back to tending its business in the PLB Season, facing the Belize Defense Force inside the MCC Grounds yesterday. It would have been a magical start in the opening minutes when Delroy Andrews deals to San Leobardo Mendez whose attempt to score falls short, but watch Darrel Lambey streak in and can you believe he fails to open the scoreboard from pointblank range. The B.D.F. fires back with this long distance low cruise missile from Nunez that just inches past the far post of Yusef Guerra’s goal.

Verdes continues its search for goal off this nice set piece delivery by Jesus Petino to Delroy Andrews whose header is only denied by a magnificent save from B.D.F. keeper Tevin Gamboa. It’s more of the green machine when Deon McCauley sets up Darrel Lambey and again the finish is lacking. Folks we’re 9 minutes into 2nd half when Jesus Petino centers into the danger zone, the B.D.F. fails to clear properly so the deadly Deon McCauley jumps on it to give Verdes the 1-zip lead. Verdes then looks to double the lead with this right foot offering from Yoras Silva who is denied by Tevin Gamboa. Delroy Andrews leads Deon McCauley for this attempt at goal, but again Gamboa turns the threat away. The B.D.F. tries to level the score off this set piece, but the launch from John King fails to dip in time.

It’s getting late, so drums reach out to the B.D.F. with some urgency. The drums night have been saying—hey guys, you have to capitalize on the opportunities that present themselves but it falls on deaf ears on this occasion. Of course it is never over till it’s over. At the 82nd minute, John King steps up to this set piece almost on the touch line and finds Orlando Trapp whose half volley forces the 1-1 tie. Verdes FC has now stalemated in its last 3 outings including the scoreless Champion League draw with Queretero. On the 17th of September, Verdes will be hosted at Mexico and then 22nd they’ll be inside the F.F.B. stadium against San Francisco of Panama with the away game set for 22nd October at Panama.

In other results from around the league, Wagiya got shot up by a 2-1 loss to the bandits at Belmopan while the Placencia Assassins clash with FC Belize failed to materialize as FC Belize did not meet the league’s requirements to participate which means it is a 6 team competition. On Saturday, at 7:30 p.m., inside the Michael Ashcroft, Wagiya take aim at Police. At San Ignacio, Verdes will host Belmopan Bandits on Sunday in a 4 p.m. start while also on Sunday, it’s a 3 p.m. start for the B.D.F. – Placencia Assassin match inside the MCC Grounds. Now here’s a reminder that the national male football selection kicks off round 3 play in the World Cup Qualifiers at the BMO Field in Toronto against the their Canadian counterparts on September 4th. The home match is scheduled for September 8th.

Turning to the basketball scene, the BDBA firms Tournament play offs is into full swing. Friday night at the Bird’s Isle, Belize Bank Bulldogs took on Central Health in a bid to make the finals. Roscoe Rhys finds Rupert Brown outside the arc who swishes in the triple and would tie for the Bulldogs team high with 22 pts. At the other end, Neil Nicholson knows what to do with the pill as he penetrates into the heart of the Bank’s defense with the answer. No doubt, Neil Nicholson can deliver big points as he beats everybody to the glass for 2 more –he would finish with the game high 33 pts going 12 for 19 from the field, 6 for 10 from the 3-pt area and 3 for 5 from the free throw line which earned him the highest efficiency rating of 31. Still at the end of the 1st quarter, the Bulldogs lead Central Health 17 to 12.

The Bulldogs lead balloon in the 2nd…Tarique Gabb finds Brian White who gets 2 and would tie for the team high with 22 pts and would lead all players with 8 rebounds for an efficiency rating of 30. Tarique Gabb beats Central Health down court for the easy 2 and would finish with 11. Health works this 3-man play with to perfection. Travis Bernardez to Steven Wade and Lonnie Trapp finishes. Nevertheless, the Bulldogs has extended the lead to 15 at the half. But here comes Central Health—Travis Bernardez penetrates for 2 and would finish with 11 pts. Mr. Nicholson remains solid as he works to bring his team back. At the end of 3, we’ve got a ballgame with the Bulldogs lead down to 4. With 3:07 remaining in the ballgame, Neil Nicholson makes it a 1 pt game with this triple.

With 13 seconds to the finals, Rupert Brown sinks 2 cruicial free throws for the Bank. Down by 3, Nicholson on look to the tie with the triple—it rims out Belize Bank Bulldogs is off to the 3-game final with a 71 to 68 big win. Also making the playoffs, Central Bank who crushed Heritage Bank 82 to 68 after getting a monster 32 pts from Leslie Jacobs, 21 from Dave Apolonio and 15 pts, 8 rebounds from Farron Louriano. High man for Heritage was Marvin Shute with 19 while Winston Pratt struck for 14 but it’s bye-bye. Meanwhile, game I of the finals got off on Saturday with the Bulldogs shutting down Central Bank 60 to 42 on 16 pts from Rupert Brown and 11 apiece from Brian White and Roscoe Reese. Game II is set for Friday and Game III if necessary comes up on Saturday.

In cycling news, we go to the finish of the Weekend Warriors Cat C 4 laps 30 mile race on the Bermudian Landing Circuit and its Enrique Morales of Caribbean Tyres edging out teammate Alejandro Morales for top honors while Eustace Ireland of Lampaz held on to 3rd place. In the A/B 40 miler, Robert Mariano of Digicell 4G made it look easy as he cruises in for the big win. Kareem Flowers of Santino’s secures 2nd place edging out Kent Gabourel of Megabytes, Jack Suther of Digicell 4G and mark Gentle in that order. In the B class, Santi Castillo took top honors, Ryan Willoughby of Smart finished 2nd and Warren Coye of Santino’s rounds out the top 3.

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#507075 - Yesterday at 06:29 AM Re: James Adderley's weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sporting Highlights with Veteran Sportscaster James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

On Friday night, Central Bank forced a decisive 3rd game for the Interoffice Firms Division Basketball title with a 70 to 67 win over the Belize Bank Bulldogs. 24 hours later, the matter got settled at Bird’s Isle and there was no room for error. Roscoe Rhys got Belize Bank started with the big triple and would put up 11 pts and more importantly led his team with a game high 5 assists. Here’s one of them as he threads the needle to Tarique Gabb who was on fire leading his team with 23 pts. Gab who hits the 3-pointer here would set the pace for Belize Bank to show a 21-8 lead at the end of the 1st quarter.

Central bank turns to their go to man to get back into the ballgame. He trails this missed shot and goes lefty off the glass for 2. This turnaround jumper by Louriano is a thing of beauty and he would have a spectacular outing of 28 pts 19 rebounds—both game highs. Leslie Jacob also got going as he hits the long deuce for 2 of his 17 game points. And indeed Central bank is right back in the ballgame at half time only 6 points down. However, in the 3rd quarter, the bank breaks out big time; Mister Brian White powers his way through traffic and use the glass for 2. White then displays his versatility travelling base line to finish with the left hand. White would make heads turn with 22 pts 11 boards and the Bulldogs boast an 18 pts lead at the end of 3.

Brian White continues his torrid pace in the 4th, grabbing the rebound and sinking the put back. Congratulations to Mr. White who was voted MVP. Farron Louriano played his heart out for Central Bank and would tie. Brian White’s 38 efficiency rating in game 3 but the 71 to 57 final score gives Belize Bank the 2015 Interoffice title and we say congratulations. Meanwhile folks, it was a sweet weekend for the Belize Bank as we head into the national softball tournament which got off at Roger’s Stadium Friday evening. The Belize Bank got into Sunday’s finals after falling to B.T.L. in the opening round, while B.T.L. arrived with an unblemished record in 3 ballgames. Folk’s there is an intense rivalry between these 2 teams with Belize Bank beating B.T.L. in the 3-game finals for the Belize District title.

In the national competition, a 2-game loss automatically eliminated the teams so it was absolutely necessary for Belize Bank to survive game 1 of the finals and they did in a 14-13 squeaker in overtime. So we’re into the final showdown on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Kenreen Gillette, pitching for the bank, faces Barbara Cadle with Lydia Cacho at 3rd. Cadle gets the double—Cacho easily scores and it’s a 1-nil lead for the telephone company. In the meantime, Kenisha Sutherland on the mound for B.T.L. was cruising along until she ran into Ashley Lucas on the 3rd with 2 on. This single up the middle brings home Greta Davis to tie the score. Lisa Jones then hits this roller to 3rd base; Beverly Hyde does not hold Cindy Joseph on base and the out at first allows Joseph to make it a 2-1 lead for the bank. Meanwhile, Marsha Willis ball to shortstop should have been handled by Noricia Frazier whose fumble allows Ashley Lucas to tack on another. In the top of the 4th, Ashley Lucas sends this pitch to left field to bring in Greta Davis from 3rd for the 4-1 lead. In the bottom of the 5th Noricia Frazier wallops Kenreen Gillette with this only homerun of the ballgame to make it a 4-2 deficit for B.T.L.  We’re in the bottom of the 7th and the score is 5 to 2. Noricia Frazier with power to the outfield brings in Lydia Cacho all the way from 1st base. Ruth Lamb then comes up with this fly ball to bring home Noricia Frazier from 3rd and we’ve got a 5-4 ballgame with 1 out to go. The pressure is on Kenreen Gillette when she faces Martha Rhys. The roller to Lisa Torres at 3rd is handled in routine fashion by Lisa Jones and the throw to 1st records the 3rd out. Big respect to the Belize Bank who hold on to the 5-4 lead to take the 2015 national title.

We now take you out to yesterday’s Lionman Triathlon event here in Belize City and here is Brandon Santos with the best time of 23 minutes 2 seconds in the 1500 meteres swim. Eric Donis and Jordan Santos would pull up for 2nd and 3rd, 2 minutes 5 seconds later. The only female in the hunt, Kiara Eiley, pulled up 3rd from out the water. Kent Gabourel might have finished 8th in the swim, 7 minutes behind the stage winner but on the bicycle, he sure made up time winning in 1 hr. 3 mins; the 40K ride. In fact, the defending champion was well prepared because in the run, his time of 35 minutes in the 10 kilometers run was truly impressive and Kent Gabourel retains his Lionman title in 2015 in an overall time of 2 hrs 15 minutes. Amen Figueroa was his closest finisher 1 minute off the pace for 2nd place. and Eric Donis holds on to 3rd place overall in the male class with his total time of 2hours 19 minutes. Former champion, Kenroy Gladden had to settle for 4th place 8 mins 23 seconds off the pace. And Jody Williams rounds out the top 5. Of course Kiara Eiley was unchallenged with her time of 3 hours 5 minutes as she takes the ladies individual title. Jordan Santos won the Junior title; Ramon Figueroa prevailed in the masters class and the mixed Riley Team category was taken by Alicia Thompson, Anshon Leslie and Derick Conorquie.

In the weekend warriors A & B class which ran 48 miles, Preston Martinez of Kulture Tours took top honors, edging out his teammate, Wilbert Jones, who settles for 2nd and Mark Reid of Santino’s rounds out the top 3. In the C Class 36 mile ride, Valentine Sosa of Truckers grabbed the W; Marlon Richie of Kulture Tours and Enrique Morales of Caribbean finished 3rd.

In Billiards news, we say congratulations to Miramar team of Corozal featuring Audibaldo Monima, Alex Cho and Rodolfo Alvarez who crushed Elements of Belize City to win the 18th annual Belikin 8 Ball tournament staged at the Corozal Center over the weekend. Meanwhile folks, the 9th annual Kulture Tours 68 mile Cycling Race travelled from Leslie’s Imports through the Boom Road to the Crooked Tree junction and turn around to finish at mile 24 on the Northern Highway. Here’s the start. We are fortunate to have pictures of the finish of the elite race and it’s Brandon Cattouse of C-Ray grabbing the win in the field sprint, forcing Nissan Arana into 2nd, Ron Vasquez into 3rd and Oscar Quiroz fourth—All of Western Spirit. Meanwhile, Jasmar Guerra of Team Alliance rounds out the top 5.

Finally in football news, in PLB play, Wagiya FC and Police battled to a 2-all stalemate Saturday night at Independence, while on Sunday, B.D.F. and Placencia settled for a 1-1 tie and Verdes really punished the Belmopan Bandits in a 6-1 blast. However, this game is under protest because allegedly, Verdes FC used 5 international players in the blow-out. Stay tuned.

Looking ahead, plat in the PLB resumes on September 12th because of the departure of the national team. Wagiya will host Verdews FC and Placencia Assassins travel to Belmopan. On the 13th September, Police will battle the B.D.F. inside the Norman Broaster Stadium.

In closing, folks out national male football team wade into unchartered waters as they leave tomorrow for its September 4th date with the Canadian national team. The return match is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th at the F.F.B. Stadium. Win, lose or draw, I’m a Belizean and you are too. Goh deh Jaguars.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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