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#498810 - 12/09/14 04:18 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Highlight of Weekend Sporting Activities with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday

The struggle for the lead in the PBL football season intensified in week 8 as 5 ball clubs went in positioned to grab a place in the top 4 of the standings.

Placencia Texmar Assassins rolled into the Norman Broaster yesterday with high expectation to come away with their share of the lead against the host team San Ignacio United who had notched only 1 season win in 7 tries going in. The Assassins look for 1st blood when Ashley Torres deals to Louis Torres who unleashes a wonderful left foot strike that beats the keeper but not the far upright. We’re 14 minutes in when Erik Guzman fires at goal, the bouncer is deflected to the big man, Torben Bhrens and left  foot guides it into the far corner and yes, San Ignacio takes a 1-zip lead would they hang on to the lead.

Norman Pipersburgh tries to find the appropriate response with this on the run left foot effort that finds Dudley Smith almost assisting the Placencia team with the   auto goal—with almost being the operative word. Ashley Torres then deals perfectly to Dellon Torres and in a one on one confrontation fails to get the right foot splice past Elmer Calderon who does enough to allow his defensives make the necessary clearance.  And guess what? At the half, San Ignacio United still 1-zip lead. In 2nd half, a desperate Texmar ratchets up the pressure.  Norman Pipersburgh fires to Louis Torres in front of the goal and he disappoints with a high riser. A few minutes later, Pipersburgh launches this header only to be fouled by a well-timed effort from goal keeper, Elmer Calderon. Next Assassin to attack the San Ignacio is head bandaged Dellon Torres who fires at the far corner and again Calderon comes up big.

Norman Pipersburgh reappears behind the set piece and bends it over the wall. It’s technically sound but backs power and Calderon remains unfazed. At the other end, this set piece launch targets Cyril Simmons and is hampered enough to deny him the attempt to double the San Ignacio lead. Against the run of play, Joel Guzman comes up with the steal and goes all the way up field to unleash this right foot that could have secured the 3 points, but its right at Jesus Urbina. Folks we’re into the last minute of extra time play, Zerrick Torres gets this floater to Gilbert Rivas who heads to Ashley Torres and he is forced to come back to Mister Rivas who breaks San Ignacio United’s heart for the 1-1 tie. Just goes to show it’s never over till it’s over.

We head over to Bird’s Isle to grab a look at the lead in the 2 game championship series for the Central Secondary Schools female title. On Friday night, we pick up the action with Tyra Morreira tying the ballgame in the 4th quarter at 11 pts a piece. Briana Jex answers with this undivided effort going glass for the go ahead bucket. On the next SCA possession, Indie Dixon misfires for 3 but Tricia Jefferies picks up the rebound for the uncontested put back. And SCA wins the national female Central Division title and we say congratulations. We also say kudos to Tricia Jefferies who emerged with MVP honors.

On the male side, SJC had its way with Sadie Vernon Tech in game one of the championship series Wednesday night in an 80 to 55 blowout. So we go to the opening quarter Friday night and it’s Darnel Galvez with the put back off the Clancy Lopez miss to give Sadie Vernon a 1 pt lead. Galvez would put up a double digit 13 pts. The leader scorer for Sadie Vernon and here he beats everybody down court for 2 of his game high 33 pts. Defensively he ain’t no slouch either as he times his moves perfectly to deny Dudley Erskine what should have been an easy deuce. In the meantime, this nice finish by Darnel Galvez gives Sadie Vernon a 24-16 lead at the end of the 1st quarter. In the 2nd quarter, Galvez gives Sadie Vernon a 13 pt lead with this penetration and left hand finish. But here comes St. John’s College Sydney Bradley streaks down court and gives left for 2 of his 16 game pts. Bradley comes right back and this time uses the right hand for 2 off the glass to earn 3 the hard way. Stephen Cabral then slices through heavy traffic to keep the SJC momentum going with a big bucket. And then Dudley Erskine with the nice move banks it for 2; Erskine would lad SJC with 21 pts. Stephen Cabral then hits 2 triple in a row both from the same side. This bucket by Dudley Erskine gives SJC 1st lead at 42-40 after the big comeback. At the half, SJC leads 46-40 outscoring Sadie Vernon 30 to 16 pts in the 2nd quarter. All pumped up Dudley Erskine gets real busy. Everybody on SJC gets into the action…Johnson Phillips off the glass for 2 off the steal by Sydney Bradley, Erskine benefits for an uncontested 2. Llewellyn Gentle grabs the rebound off this missed triple from Stephen Cabral beats his man and sinks the put back. at the end of 3, SJC is up by 24 pts. Folks, this is the moment the long whistle peaks to declare…St. John’s College the Male Central Division Champions in 2014 and that’s big with a big win in an 86-65 final score. Big congrats to Dudley Erskine who emerged with MVP honors.

Finally in cycling news, Dean Belisle had to turn on the after burners to outsprint Warren Coye of Santino’s and unattached Collet Maheia to win yesterday’s 50 mile weekend warriors race in a highly contested finish. Coye and Maheia finished 2nd and 3rd respectively with Big Mike Lewis 4th while Mike Phillips rounds out the top 5.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#499057 - 12/16/14 04:10 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Basketball and Football with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The final schedule of the PLB Football Competition found Verdes FC locked in a bitter struggle with the Belize Defense Force inside the Norman Broaster Stadium yesterday; bidding to remain the leader going into the post season. Indeed it could have been a perfect start for the host team when Rodney Pacheco looks for the near post off this set piece on top the 18 only to see the ball curve outside the target. 2 minutes later, Verdes gets this good look at goal and this time Victor Moralez sends the keeper over the crossbar. The B.D.F. finally gets some offense going when Vallan Symms uses this spot kick to pick out Stephen Martinez who powers the header over the horizontal unit of the goal.

Jarret Davis then looks to increase his lead in the goal scoring column with this left foot attempt easily corralled by Tevin Gamboa. Meanwhile Marlon Molina could have, should have but failed to apply the power on this launch to beat the B.D.F. keeper. For the B.D.F. fans, hearts pounded when Vallan Symms punches this set piece that gets a deflection off the wall that could have opened the scoreboard. So we’re scoreless at intermission. Folks the B.D.F. fans scream foul when Victor Moralez applies necessary force to wrest this dangerous possession from Shane Flores, but universally a referee will rule this is a shoulder to shoulder clash.

Jarret Davis then looks to take his team on his shoulders and does everything right until he offers a splice too far from the intended target. At the other end, the fortuitous bounce finds Carlton Thomas and the vote is unanimous—he should have done better. Talk about doing better this beautiful offensive move by Gilroy Thomas is only sullied by power instead of accuracy. Certainly was an exciting ballgame but neither team deserved the Win so they settled for a point apiece.

This suited Police United who leapt to the top of the standings with a 6- clubbing of San Ignacio United while Placencia saved face on its way out of the playoffs with a 6-2 bashing of Wagiya FC. We’re not going to say anything about hapless FC Belize except that they assisted Belmopan Bandits into the playoffs by not showing up. Thus the standings that count looks like this: Police finishes with 18 pts, Verdes FC 17, bandits 16 and the B.D.F. 15. The playoffs which features a double round robin format finds Police facing the Belmopan bandits Saturday night at 7:30 at the Isidoro Beaton while Sunday inside the Norman Broaster.

We say congratulations to Harrison “Kafu” Roches who emerged goleador with 8 goals edging out Jarret Davis who stalled at 7.

Turning to the basketball scene. The National Secondary Schools Tournament took center stage at Bird’s Isle over the weekend. We’re in the finals with Muffles College giving St. Catherine Academy a run for its money when Julia Puerto, who scored 9pts, comes up with a crucial steal and finds Yazel Sutherland who deals to Zelita Catzim who strikes for 2 of her 7 pts. At the other end, Andreinae Samuels picks up the rebound off the miss by Indie Dixon to score 2 of her 6 pts for SCA. But Miss Dixon comes right back to seal the win for St. Catherine with this free throw. The 26-23 big win gives St. Catherine Academy the national Secondary Schools Female title and we say good show to the Central Division Champion. Of note, Brianna Jex of SCA was voted Most Valuable Player and we say kudos.

Meanwhile the Central Division Male Champion, St. John’s College looked to follow the SCA lead after arriving at the finals against San Pedro High School. SJC set the tone in the opening quarter behind the hot hand of Sydney Bradley who would put 11 points up in this one. Dudley Erskine comes up with the steal here and he strikes for 2 of his 11 game pts as SJC takes a 16-12 lead. In the 2nd, Zimmer Perez banks it off the glass for 2 of his 6 pts trying to get his team back in the ball but at the half SJC leads 33 to 18. However, in the 3rd, SJC really opened the gap—Raheem Flowers sinks the triple for SJC. Victor Diego sinks this base line jumper off the glass for San Pedro. Diego comeback to pick up the loose ball and strike for 2 more—would finish with a team high 9 pts. At the end of the 3rd, SJC has extended the lead to 19 points. San Pedro makes a run in the 4th ….Zimmer finds Alfic Black and he gets 2 pts. Aain Zimmer provides—this time to Edwin Caballero who would tally 5 pts. Hey guys, here’s a tip when you see the ladies leaving…it’s all over except for the noise. SJC goes on to post the 53-42 big Win and are National Champion 2014 and the Central Division Champion simply looked awesome. We congratulate Kyle Pitts of SJC who emerged with MVP honors.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#499272 - 12/23/14 04:04 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Highlights in Sports with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The PLB playoffs was a bang this weekend as the 4 teams making the scene brought out even the kitchen sink in an effort to get off on the good foot. We kick off the action with Saturday night clash between the #1 team going into the post season as Police United took aim at the Belmopan Bandits inside the Isidoro Beaton Stadium to kick off the fireworks. The Bandits look to pounce early off this defensive header from Kishane Pech that reaches Jordi Polanco whose right foot volley deflects dangerously over the Police goal. Folks, Amin August Junior might not have intended to find Franz Vernon, but it’s perfect for the strike to dismiss Tyron Pandy and crushes this left foot past Woodrow West to give the lawmen a 1-zip lead 29 minutes in.

The Bandits look to respond when Evan Mariano centers into the box to find an unattended Elroy Kuylen who should have come up with the equalizer. We’re into 2nd half play with the Bandits in search of a goal. Tyrone Pandy triggers this set piece and what should have been a routine save by Keith Allen almost becomes a nightmare for the Police keeper who is rescued by a determined defensive unit. The Police then tries to double the lead as Franz Vernon Jr. becomes provider for Lennox Castillo who squanders the opportunity with a high riser from pointblank range. Meanwhile, Denmark Casey Jr. uses this set piece to pick out Elroy Kuylen but in the struggle for possession, the loose ball finds Jeremy James all alone in front of goal and he punches it home for the 1-1 tie at the 65th minute.

Now it’s late and we’re looking for a game winner. This splice might have been intended for Marlon Mesa, but it was made perfect off the error by Dalton Eiley and Mesa becomes the hero at the 81st minute as Police United handcuffs the Belmopan Bandits in a 2-1 affair. Now let’s head further west to the Norman Broaster Stadium where Verdes FC hosted the B.D.F. yesterday evening and this innocent deal into the danger zone by Verdes’ Everal Trapp is immensely complicated by this failed defensive header from Vallan Symms that gives Gilroy Thurton an opportunity to score, but Victor Nunez saves the military. At the 29th minute, Vallan Symms raises this set piece to Leon Cadle who heads to Stephen Martinez and the B.D.F. takes the 1-zip lead on Martinez’s vicious header.  Richard Jimenez almost ties the score with this trick shot from off the right wing and we must give Tevin Gamboa props for a might save.  Verdes continues to press the issue when Rodney Pacheco deals to Jarret Davis who fails to control the ball, bounces to Orlando Jimenez whose pointblank attempt is swatted out by Gamboa. Some 6 minutes after intermission, Colin Thurton looks for Jarret Davis who sneaks in behind the Verdes defensive line to beat Gamboa with a left foot touch, trying the score at 1 apiece. In the meantime, the B.D.F. should have gained the lead when Carlton Thomas beats Benito Morreira the Verdes keeper only fail in his bid to score in an empty goal.

10 minutes later, Thomas tries to make amends by setting table perfectly for Paul Nunez misses the target badly just on top the penalty area. And so we settle for a 1-1 stalemate. Looking ahead finds the B.D.F. and Police United mixing it up at the People’s Stadium Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. while at 7:30 p.m. it’s the clash between Verdes FC and Belmopan bandits inside the Isidoro.  The action resumes on Saturday 7:30 p.m.; the Belmopan Bandits will host the B.D.F. and on Sunday at 3:30 p.m., we return to the Isidoro Beaton Stadium at Belmopan where the Police will face Verdes FC.

In cycling news, here’s the start to yesterday’s 40 mile open Christmas race presented by the weekend warriors that would run from Leslie’s Imports and journey on to the Boom junction and swing back to finish where it started. We catch up with the race near Cisco Construction and a 4-man lead is firmly established that includes Ken Gladden, Nehru Gilharry, Michael Lewis and Isaac Willacy. And it’s a 4-man sprint for the money at tape time. Ken Gladden of Scotia Bank turns up the revolutions and is rewarded with the big Win. Nehru Gilharry of Santino’s has to settle for 2nd, Big Mike Lewis riding for Smart pulls up 3rd and Isaac Willacy of Digicell 4G is forced into the 4th position.
Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#499576 - 01/06/15 04:12 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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PLB Playoffs Wind Down…in Sports Monday

Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

We kick off the action with Saturday night’s crunch time affair between Police United and the Belize Defence Force. The Police was looking to rebound and state its claim for leadership in the standings while the B.D.F. marched into the Isidoro Beaton Stadium looking to regain a measure of respect. However it’s the ambition of the Police that reaps rich reward when Andres Makin Jr. off the left wing picks out Clifton West whose diving header crashes against the crossbar, the loose ball reaches Armin August Jr. and his left foot punch pierces through the Military’s defence line including goalkeeper Tevin Gamboa 17 minutes in the long arm of the law establishes a 1 – zip lead.

The Police remain the protagonist and Harison Kafu Roaches gets two bites at the apple but comes away unfulfilled. The pressure on the military increases when Roaches sets table for Devon Makin who is denied by a commendable left from goalkeeper Gamboa. In the meantime this left foot launch from point-blank range by Lennox Castillo leaves a lot to be desired. So we go to 2nd half and the Belize defence force looks to strike back. It’s Andrew Allen who comes up with a deft touch to deny the equalizer. The BDF then looks to get on to the scoreboard off this set piece on top the 18 and no doubt, the Police draw the lucky card when this curved specimen is pushed to the safety of the far upright by a magnificent action from Keith Allen.

Again Allen displays good reflex action when he fumbles this left foot offering from Carlton Aromas and then dives into the muddy pitch to recover same. New you need good vision to penetrate this downpour but this defensive swat by goalkeeper Allen is direct to Shane Flores who makes him pay the maximum price and at the 83rd minute we have a 1 – 1 score. Keep your glasses on people because this right foot push by Clifton West off the left side finds the fore corner and the Police claim the 2 – 1 big w at the 85th minute. Not only that they know that they’re so much closer to the Championship series with 9 pints from 4 outings on a 5 match playoff.

In yesterday’s matchup between Verdes FC and the Belmopan Bandits, the Capital City team hurt after they lost in a 1 – zip blast that propels team to the top of the standings after week 4 with a double digit 10 points. Verdes with 8 points now find itself in a must win situation going in the final fixture of the 5 match post season. The top 2 teams make it to the 2nd game championship series. Thus stay tuned to Wednesdays schedule when game two gets off at 7:30 PM. Verdes FC and the B.D.F. at the Peoples Stadium and the Police will battle the Belmopan Bandits at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. The only thing certain going in is that B.D.F. with only 1 point to show will not make it to the title round.

Turning to the cycling scene, the Mexican rider Hector Hugo Rangel rode in uncontested to take the 2014 Krem New Year Day Cycle Classic. You will recall he finished 5th in the 20th Annual Cross Country Cycle Classic. Darius Santos the American riding for Bel Cal took 2nd place, the gallant effort by Ron Vasquez of Western Spirit was forced into 3rd place, Angel Tzib riding for Smart took 4th while Giovanni Lovell of Team Digicell was impressive enough to round out the top 5. Alicia Thompson took the ladies category, Yan Cattouse the junior class, Hector Rangel was also awarded the Master win with John Delong and while Kenroy Smoke Gladden emerged victorious in the Masters 45 classification we say congratulations to all.

In other cycling news we focus on the Weekend Warriors 2014 Annual New Year Cycle race as it roars from Carmelita Orange Walk and its approach to the Haulover Bridge and it’s a 4 man breakage led by Shelton Graham, Ray Cattouse, George Abraham and Juan Manuel Cuellar. By the time the race reaches the finish line it’s a 4 man rumble. Ray Cattouse of C-Ray steps out of the pack to grab the A Class in 2 hours, 28 minutes, 48 seconds, the Mexican Juan Manuel Cuellar riding for C-Ray took 2nd, Shelton Graham of Bel Cal pulls up 3rd while George Abraham fades into 4th place. Dwight Lopez of Bel Cal rounds out the top 5. In the B Class the big man is Jim Scott of Santino’s who wins convincingly in a time of 2 hours, 27 minutes, 32 seconds. He beat out Isiah Willacy of Digicell 4G, while Clarence Tesecum of FT Williams rounds out the top 3. At the C Class level Enrique Morales of C-Ray finished the 40 mile ride in 2 hours, 22 minutes and 5 seconds beating out Valentine Sosa and Howard Humes of Digicell who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#499863 - 01/13/15 03:59 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sporting highlights with James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

As the mighty La Ruta Maya approaches its 2015 edition, the pre-season is rife with the expected vigorous preparation and the silent but necessary assessment of the competition. Looking relaxed and confident, the defending champion, Belize Bank, featuring Amin Lopez, Amado Cruz and Daniel Cruz, ready themselves for the take from Burrell Boom to Manatee Lookout. NICH, who finished 2nd, came with the intent to maintain its permanency among the elite of the sport. The Cruz boys—Alex, Feliz and Efrain—are quite determined to grab the title this year. Jerry Rhaburn, after a disappointing 2014 finish, returns teaming up with Chris and Wilberto daniels and they’ll definitely be the team to watch paddling the OCB Wavemaker. “Nuff respect to Cobb’s Arm who remain undeterred from their quest for the coveted #1 position. Clayton Cobb, Eric Cano and Roy Cano del Norte are deadly serious about La Ruta Maya. The Westrac Stingers have retooled and rearmed and rearing to go. Jerry Canto, Erwin Cruz and Hener Cruz should not be taken lightly. As we pan the field, we give maximum respect to Western Home Supplies/Natius, Turdz, Hydroplaners, Print Belize, Watt A Ting, Lady Black Jaguars and perennial players, Grumpy Old Men.

And so we’re off as manmade energy powers these special crafts in a sport that has quickly become mainstream heading into its 9th year. Of course spills are expected at every start with many sacrificing control for speed, so we say enjoy the early morning swim in the Belize Old River. Hey UB Lady Black Jaguars, you’re back in the hunt and we salute your determination. At Lord’s Bank, OCB Wavemaker is the lead vessel, followed closely by Westrac Stingers, NICH controls the 3rd position, Cobb Arms hangs in at 4th. And if you’re looking for the Belize Bank craft, they/’re trying to make a mark at this point. We now join the sprint to the finish at Manatee Lodge and it’s the OCB Wavemakers with the splash to win the race in 1hour 17 minutes 48 seconds. NICH is next one second behind. Westrac Stingers paddle in 3rd, B.T.L. Cobb’s Arm finishes 4th and Belize bank Bulldogs rounds out the tops.

Turning to the football scene, the Belize Defense Force earned its respect the hard way because bombing Verdes FC with a crucial 1-zip blast Wednesday night that forced Verdes FC to join them on the sidelines of the PLB Championship series. Moving on was Police United who pounced on the Belmopan Bandits in a 1-zip clubbing but both teams make it to the championship series. Police with 12 pts and bandits with 10 pts begin the title hunt Wednesday night at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. This action should have kicked off yesterday, but as you can see the pitch fell victim to a boisterous downpour by Raymond Waters that rendered the pitch unusable. Here’s the Bandits perspective on the soggy circumstances.

Thomas Rivas, Bandits’ trainer gave us this perspective in an interview conducted by William Ysaguirre.

Thomas Rivas

Thomas Rivas, Trainer, Bandits

“We are leaving that up to the league. Today we had a meeting, both team came together with the match commissioner and we decided to call off the game. Everybody sees the weather and the condition of the field. I mean when we went there this morning, the water was like almost up to your ankle. So it as just a good decision made by both teams. Myself as part of the medical team for the Bandits, I also gave the recommendation that it could lead up to a lot of injuries for players and we are putting our players at risk. In a time like this, you can’t afford to lose a player…you want everybody up in top shape. And also we are looking at we want the fans to come out and enjoy the game also.”

Game time Wednesday night is 7:30.

In other football news, the semifinal round of the K & N Print Spot Competition at Orange Walk saw Elite Promos and Yo Creek settle for a 1-1 draw while Real Madrid and Belize battled to a 3-all stalemate. The final game in this round is scheduled for Saturday, January 17th so stay tuned.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#500366 - 01/27/15 04:01 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sports Update with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The Belmopan Football Championship series got off to a fast start yesterday at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium where Alliance United and San Martin FC sought to grab the inside lane in the 2 game title race. Alliance United gets the 1st real chance at opening the scoreboard when this defensive miscue allows #14 Pernell Flowers to launch this right foot that is right at goalkeeper, Marco Hernandez. San Martin responds off this corner kick that might have been complicated by the Alliance keeper, Collin Moody, but the moment passes. Moody is again tested when he is challenged by Isaias Donis in a physical one on one confrontation and this time he passes with flying colors.

So we go to 2nd half and Jonathan Sibrian foray into the penalty box is spoiled by the failure to finish. In the meantime, this reach for possession by Alliance’s Clinton Moody earns him a 2nd yellow card and it appears the call by the referee is questionable. Moody will be out for game II. To add insult to injury, Victor Caliz steps up to trigger the set piece with impressive power and precision from long distance. Collin Moody gets a touch, but falls short of the save. It’s the only goal of the match and San Martin FC takes the 1-zip big Win in the opening match. Game II comes up this Sunday at 3 p.m. inside the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. Cotton Tree will battle UB Black Jaguars for 3rd place in the opener.

Turning to canoe racing, the preseason to the mighty La Ruta Maya continues unabated. 17 teams lined up to produce this scenic picture inside the Belize or Old River at the Haulover Bridge. Unfortunately the start for the Coastguard Red M vessel is less than picture perfect. However they do right by themselves eventually and here they are getting back into the hunt, despite losing much valuate minutes they wouldn’t finish last and we say good show. At Manatee Lookout, OCB Wavemakers surge to grab the only premie en route to Henderson Bank in Boom edging out a game NICH. And it seems jerry Rhaburn, Wilberto Daniels and Chris Guydis are determined to factoring big in the 2015 La Ruta Maya, nevertheless, NICH exacts sweet revenge by winning the outing in 2:20:16. Efrain Cruz, Feliz Cruz and Alex Cruz made the victory look easy. Westrac featuring Erwin Cruz, Jerry Gentle and Hener Cruz pulled up in 2nd place forcing OCB Wavemakers into 3rd place. Belize bank Bulldogs paddled into 4th place and it seems Armin Lopez, Amado Cruz and Daniel Cruz continue to scout the competition while Cobb’s Arm powered by Clayton Cabb, Eric Cano and Ry Cano rounds out the top 5.

In track and field news, the national Championships was presented at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex by the Belize Athletic Association over the weekend and Gloria Serano continued her dominance in female disc throw with this throw measured at 32.63 meters. Lianelli Myers finished a distance 2nd after post posting 21.35 meters. On the male side of this discipline, Robert Hernandez emerged atop the podium with his throw of 31.97 meters. Raluni Bernandez’s challenge fell short of her posting 31.16. Yserri Palacio settled for 3rd with 29.86. In the long jump, Tricia Flores remains the state of the art with this jump measured at 5.30 meters. Shanicka Augustine 5.13 meters propelled her into 2nd place. And Ashanti Carr’s 4.75 meters relegated her to 3rd place.  In the male long jump, Kenneth Brackett took top honors with a showing of 6.58 meters. Estroy Cayetano’s 6.43 meters was good enough for 2nd place and Alex Terry finished 3rd with 6.28 meters. The other results from the 2 day affair remained elusive at press time.

Finally folks, the Weekend Warriors 50-mile race yesterday travelled from mile 10 on the George Price Highway to Armenia on the Hummingbird Highway and here is the start. In the hills, Ray Cattouse, Warren Coye and Robert Mariano pulled out of the pelathon and would maintain that lead to the finish. Give the big win to Robert Mariano of Digicell 4G, Warren Cote of Santino’s settled for 2nd while Ray Cattouse of C-Ray simply rolled in for 3rd place. Steven Bisset pulled up 4th and Big Mike Lewis rounds out the top 5 in the A Class. at the B Class level, meet Isaiah Willacey of FT Williams who crossed the finish line unchallenged for the top honor. His teammate Dean Boyce was also uncontested for 2nd place. While Francis Cassasola placed 3rd. Thurton of Truckers took the C Class. Enrique Morales of C-Ray finished 2nd and Carlo Marin of FT Williams was 3rd.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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