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#493966 - 07/29/14 06:10 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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The highlights of weekend activities with Sportscaster James Adderley

Good evening I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.

We jump immediately into yesterday’s big match at Lords Bank Field where Survivors played host to Willows Bank United. We’re in the 2nd inning were the base are loaded when Stacey Smith crushes this pitch from Jacqueline Cassassola of Willows Bank to bring in 2 runs. Shereee Stephens then comes home off this strike out by Lynn Smith who has to be thrown out at 1st. Ormencia Pou increases the run count with this single that brings Stacey Smith home. In the meantime Ormencia decided to live dangerously by ploughing into Jenny Reynolds for the steal and 2nd and gets away with it. Another run scores when Kylee Joseph doubles down the middle for Omencia Pou to score from 2nd. The onslaught finally concludes when Cassassola gets Marsha Talbert for the easy out at first but not before she conceded eight runs in the 2nd. In the top of the 3rd Margaret Hendy strikes out Jenny Reynolds for the 3rd out to keep United scoreless. The Willows Bank team did not concede any runs in the bottom of the 3rd as Jacqueline Cassassola handles this come backer from Stacey Smith to end the inning. In the top of the 4th with 2 on and 2 out and 1 strike to go short stop Denise Cassassola powers this ball past 3rd base for the 1st United run. Stephanie Talbert then records 9 hit with this bunt that gets her to 1st base as Ellen Bodden scores the 2nd United run. 2nd baseman Lynn Smith on defense forgets the runner at 2nd and Denise Cassassola scores the 3rd run for her team.

Margaret Hendy gets out of the inning by getting Sheree Stephens to pop up. Meanwhile folks this decision by 2nd baseman Lynn Smith leaves her with a broken right foot and we sympathize greatly with her for this unfortunate accident. Sunrise goes on to post the 16 -3 big W.

Changing games Belize’s performance at the Commonwealth Games has been less than stellar. Kaina Martinez failed to advance in her first 100 meters heat with a time of 12:12 which saw her finish 6th out of 8. Mark Anderson on the male side clocked a time of 11:23 to finish 8th in a field of 8. Tomorrow both athletes will compete in the 200 meters and Brandon Jones in the long jump. In the man’s full bone shooting competition Andy Wigmore shot 18 out of 25 to open and 15 out of 25 in the 2nd round. He competes tomorrow in 3 sets. Meanwhile the National U-20 Football team has taken enough goals to go around having lost 6 – zip to El Salvador, 2 – nil to Panama, 6 – zip to Costa Rice, 5 – nothing to Honduras and 4 – 0 to Nicaragua. Tomorrow they conclude play against Guatemala. So far, Belize has taken 23 and scored none. In the meantime, the National A Team has begun preparing for the 2015 Gold Cup.

Turning to the cricket scene, Lemonal’s Easy Does It Cricket Club continues to impress by jolting 4 times national champion, Crooked Tree 153 to 85 on Saturday and Sunday at Lemonal. Man of the Match, Aaron Muslar crushes this ball for a 6 and would total 38 runs before he was caught out. Malcolm Reynolds added 31 runs to the Lemonal total as he strikes for 6 with this power swing. This match had to be called because of the 6 p.m. cutoff point; however, on Sunday, the defending champions a mere 85 runs with all out in that loss.

In cycling news, there is Kadin Pinelo winning Category A in the 15 laps presented by C-Ray Summer Series in unchallenged fashion Darien Anderson outsprints Stephen Cabral, Phillip Grajales and Joslyn Chavarria to take 2nd place. In the B Class, it was Darien Anderson taking the W over Kayden Pinelo in the 12 laps with Patrick Williams 3rd in the 12 laps. Meanwhile Derek Chavarria took the male 9 to 12 class with Gion Lovell 2nd and Chaucey Brooks 3rd. Abbie Leslies finished 1st in the female under 10 with Gabriel Gabourel 2nd. In the male over ten, Johann Muschamp 1st and Bonike Chan 2nd. James Lewis edged out Richard Hoare III in tiny mikes 6 to 8 and Kyron Staine took the W over Jayden Tillett in the 3 to 5 years category.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#494266 - 08/05/14 06:17 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sports Monday with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.


We jump immediately into this action in the Presidents Cup currently in session as we caught up with the monster clash at Ladyville where the Belize District took on Roaring Creek. It’s a rapid start for the Belize District this set piece launched forward is headed out to goal; the keeper punches it out to Brian Martinez whose leader opens the scoreboard at the 3rd minute for the 1 – zip lead. Roaring Creek comes roaring back when Kenny Williams outruns the Belize District defense to tie the game at 1 apiece. The District team retakes the leas when Delroy Thin Man Andrews unleashes this spot kick from outside the box with a wonderful grass head burner at the 14th minute. Sixteen minutes later Jason Young gets stylish on defense only to turn this ball over to Orin Reneau who makes him pay and we’ve got a 2 – 2 tie. Meanwhile we’re 3 minutes into the 2nd half action when Delroy Andrews lends this set piece over the wall and finds Albert Thurton who heads it in for the 3 – 2 lead. The Belize District looks for more when Brian Martinez powers this left foot at goal only to see it scream past the horizontal bar. It’s Martinez on the move again this time off a defensive miscue but it’s foiled by the goal keeper.

We must say Martinez is the go to man for goals but on this chance he does apply for a pilot license. Nevertheless we’re in the final minute of regulation play when Delroy Martinez mounts this individual effort to finish with a foot into the far corner for the 4 – 2 Belize District win. In other action around the league, Sagitun sunk Progresso 3 – 1 in the only other match completed on the 4 match schedule. Estrella defaulted to Benque who record a 3 – zip W while San Antonio travelled to Pomona to also pick a 3 – zip W. The league determined that the match could not be staged on the field because it hadn’t been cut. Looking ahead to the weekend on Saturday Benque Viejo will host Pomona while on Sunday Progresso takes on Estrellas at the Peoples Stadium. San Antonio will host Roaring Creek at the Ricalde Stadium while Sagitun will show up at Ladyville to take on the Belize District.

In other football news, the National U-20 Team returned home from the UNCAF tournament at El Salvador which they played in 6 outings in which they took 26 goals and scored none. It’s now the National U-15 Female Team’s turn to head to Cayman for the CONCACAF U-15 Championships. They open against Jamaica on the 7th August, face Guatemala on the 9th, and complete group play on the 11th against Antigua. We also must tell you that Senior Male National Team begins work-out this week at the F.F.B. field and anybody who thinks they can make the team is welcome. The UNCAF qualifiers sees Belize open against Honduras at the RFK Stadium in Washington on September 3rd, we take on Guatemala on the 7th at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, on the 10th it’s El Salvador at the BBVA Compass Stadium and the playoffs will be staged at the Memorial Coliseum in  Los Angeles.

In Softball news play in the Belize Rural Tournament yesterday saw Willows Bank wallop Bermudan Landing 17 – zip in Male lay while in the female match Orchid Girls skipped past Arrows Reloaded 16 to 14.two male matchup are slated for Sunday August 10th. Bermudian Landing battles Burrell Boom and Willows Bank take aim at Sandhill.

Turning to the basketball scene, here come the final moments of the clash between Courts and Heritage Bank Saturday night at Birds Isle in Firms Division Basketball. Down by 4 the bank goes to Ramclam Dijonne who misses the 3 point attempt. In the next possession Dijonne finds Steven Bonnel who can’t deliver the long distance bucket. Courts go on to post the 54- 50 big W.

In closing folks, Mexican Belizean boxer Sergio Yeyo Thompson weighing 130 lbs fought Adones “Yamagata” Arguello of the Philippines at Chetumal Mexico Saturday night in an exciting matchup. We pick up the action in the 6th round with Arguello scoring repeatedly with the jab and right and left combinations until “Yeyo” hurts him with the hard right punch, then follows up with jabs to the body to set up this straight right to the jaw that floors the Filipino. Arguello does get up off the canvas. In fact Arguello looks for the K.O. in the final round but Thompson displays his toughness and holds on for the unanimous big W. We have given this fighter an invitation to visit Belize.


Jah over all I’m James Adderley.

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#494489 - 08/12/14 06:08 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Softball, cycling and basketball stats on Sports Monday

Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.


We begin with the Belize City Senior Female Softball playoffs as B.T.L. faced Beacon in a must win situation Friday night after losing game 1 of the semi-final series in a 13 to 11 decision Wednesday night at the Rogers Stadium. We pick up the action in the top of the 4th with Beacon pitcher Kimani Smith facing Barbara Cadle who punches this single through the middle allowing Norecia Frazier to stroll home. With 2 out Smith tries the fast ball on Christine Jacobs only to see the batter smack it to right field as Cadle scores easily from 3rd base. Folks this game was called at the end of the 4th inning after Martha Rhys comes up and jumps on Smith for an in the park home run, using her speed to comfortably beat the throw to the plate for 2 RBI’s. Smith then faces Lydia Cacho with Kimani Williams on the 1st and poor fielding at leftfield off the hit from Cacho allows Williams to tag on another run. A frustrated Smith unleashes this high ball and should have been rescued by the catcher, unfortunately it was not to be and Lydia Cacho score the 5th run of the inning before the side is retired. In the bottom of the 4th, Martha Rhys pitching for B.T.L. has loaded the bases when she serves up this hit to Clarencia Jones that brings home the runner at 3rd base and Tamara Robinson scores all the way from 2nd. B.T.L. routes Beacon in a 23 to 5 score under the mercy rule. The series is now tied at 1 apiece and on Wednesday inside Rogers Stadium these 2 teams battle again to determine who faces the mighty Belize Bank waiting in the wings.

Turning to the basketball scene we caught up with Saturdays BDBA Firms competition as Complex battled B.T.L. in a hotly contested affair. We pick up the action in the 4th quarter with Complex sporting a 48 to 41 lead when Wilfred Richards hits this triple and would put up 15 points. When Linsworth Graham comes up with this rebound he finds Edward Thompson who lays it off the glass for 2 of his 11 points for B.T.L. Credit Chaka X for forcing this turnover, its Graham again with possession and this time he dishes to Devon Lozano who would post the game high of 23 points. Somehow Lozano retains possession of this ball and he deals to Chaka X who hits to complete the 9 – 1 run in money time to make it a 2 point game with 3 ½ minutes to go.

Now let’s check in on the Weekend Warriors race that travelled from La Democracia to the Sibun Bridge on the Hummingbird Highway swing back to finish at Armenia for A&B rider and it drew quite a crowd. It’s the first time this group of veteran cyclist would race without the presence of Ernest Meighan. The Category A race begins in earnest at Cheers. 2 hours 15 minutes and 30 seconds later the solitary figure of Robert Mariano riding for Digicell 4G take the top prize. Vallan Sims of Bennys rode in alone to claim 2nd place while James Frampton of Santino’s rounds out the top 3. Meanwhile the Category B also started at Cheers and covered the same distance. Matt Hughes easily beat out the pack to claim top honours in 2 hours 18 minutes 15 seconds and we say good show. While Ray Cattouse of Stationery House/Medina’s edged out Nehru Gilharry for 2nd place. Looking at C Class Manuel Esquiliano of Traders Posse beat Glen Sheppard and Dennis McKoy in that order to claim top honours.

Finally folks,  Sports Monday mourns the passing of Ernest Meighan, the most accomplished cyclist in recent Belizean Cycling history. JawMeighan was gunned down on Saturday and we send out our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. Ernest Meighan was the man to break the American grip on the Annual Cross Country Cycling Classic when in 1997 he bested Bobby Lee in a head on collision for the 1997 Garland, JawMeighan then excelled again in 2001 when 3 riders entered the National Stadium and in a 1 o 1 with one of the greatest cyclist never to win a Cross Country he out peddled Andrew Smiling to claim his 2nd Cross Country title while the Mexican import Jose Robles finished 3rd. He was the last Belizean to win multiple Cross Country titles. JawMeighan is probably the only rider to win every major race presented in this country. He rode for Santino’s team owned by Santi Castillo although his 1st Cross Country win came in a Bel-Chi uniform. The recent years the Santino’s team, has suffered the loss of 4 riders. Elbert Pope was shot in 2010, Ariel Rosado died in a motor vehicle accident in 2011. Four months ago Ernest “Dangalang” Thurton was shot when a sole gunman tried to rob him and on Saturday the Golden One was taken from us. More than his championships and wins was his zest for life and a competitive spirit unparalleled in recent cycling history. He was truly one of the greatest ones. Yes he was a class act. Sleep on JawMeighan.

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#494758 - 08/19/14 06:01 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sporting Highlights with James Adderley

Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

We caught up with Saturday night semi-final showdown in Firms Division Basketball as BWSL and the Belize Bank/Airport faced off in game II for the rights to move on to the championship round. On Friday night the Bank/Airport combination had ran over BWSL 60 to 46 for a 14-point big W. Thus BWSL got off to a fast start Saturday night as Brian Lewis dishes to Ashley Hemsley who knocks down the triple and would finish with 7 points tonight. Vince Lamb the postman keeps his team in the hunt by sinking this triple and would record the game high of 17 points while hitting 4 for 4 from the charity stripes. Nevertheless at the end of the 1st its BWSL with the 13- 5 lead. In the 2nd Chris McGann comes up big defensively handing Luis Barcelona this cruel rejection slip and he would chair the boards with 7 rebounds. However BWSL i8n control. Akeem Trapp works his way through traffic to land the left for 2 of his 6 game points. Barcelona then dishes to Lawrence Young who sinks the triple and would lead his team with 9 points and at the half BWSL has extended its lead to all of 20 points.

So the Bank/Airport goes to Charlie Dunk Armstrong and its Tarique Gabb who threads the needle to find him. Charlie would finish with the game high of 17 points. Still tonight BWSL is an unstoppable force. Lawrence Young misses the reverse lay but Luis Barcelona is there with the put back for 2 of his 5 game points. Off the throw in Kareem Thompson pulls the trigger and would put up 8 points. At the end of 3 BWSL is still up by 20 points. Belize Bank/Airport make a turn in the 4th. Tarrique Gabb comes up with the loose ball and provides the finish for his 8 points. Charlie Dush finds Vince the Postman and the triple lands. Can you believe it folks BWSL would be out-scored 21 to 4 in the 4th quarter wining 60 to 46. It’s important to note because the 2 game series is settled by the aggregate score from the 2 games The Belize Bank/Airport totaled 106 points while BWSL totaled 97 so it’s the Bank/Airport combination that moves on. They’ll face Complex who easily disposed of Central Health 68 to 56 and 75 to 69.

Turning to the Softball scene, B.T.L. routed Beacon 23 to 5 in game 2 to tie the semi-final 3 game at 1 apiece but Beacon came back to scorch the set 13-12 Wednesday night at Rogers to get into the Championship series against Belize Bank Blazers. So we go to game I and we’re in the bottom of the 2nd with 2 on base when Marsha Wills doubles off Verona Garbutt to bring in Ashley Lucas from 3rd and Keri Lizano from 2nd to make it a 3 – zip score. In the top of the 3rd  Ashley Lucas strikes out Hortense Thurton and would not concede a run. So we go to the bottom of the 3rd. With a runner on 3rd and 1out Lisa Jones comes up with this long fly to center field which is caught but it is enough to make it a 4 – zip score. In a pitcher against pitcher fuel Ashley Lucas powers this ball to the outfield as Fiona Peters scores from 2nd. Belize Bank Blazers would go on to post the 7 – zip big W in Game I and Game 2 is scheduled for Friday night at Rogers Stadium where Beacon faces a must win situation.

In Weekend Warriors Cycling news Warren Coye of Santino’s won the A Class 12 mile individual time trial in 28 minutes 33 seconds. Daniel Cano was clocked at 29 minutes 12 seconds for 2nd place. Stephen Bissett finished 3rd in a time of 29 minutes 25 seconds. At the B Class it was Ray Cattouse of Median’s/Stationery House first with a time of 29 minutes 4 seconds. Matthew Hughes of Big Blade finished 2nd in 29 minutes 35 seconds and Clarence Cassiam in 31 minutes 48 seconds. At the C Class Ingmar Perrera took top honours in 33 minutes 16 seconds with Glen Shepherd 2nd in 34 minutes 28 seconds and Manuel Esquiliano 3rd in 34 minutes 37 seconds.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

#495006 - 08/26/14 05:53 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]
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Sports Monday with Award Winning Sportscaster, James Adderley

Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

We begin with game 1 of the 3 game Championship series for the Firm’s Division title. We pick up the action in the 4th quarter with Belize Bank/Airport down 8 points to Complex. Cassian Flowers comes up with loose ball off this broken play and he strikes for 2 of his 16 game points. Meanwhile we’re not sure if the Bank/Airport Domingo Guzman called bank here but it is good for 3. Guzman would finish with 12 points. The Complex lead is down to 6. Bank/Airport needs a steal right here instead they give Raphael O’Brien this open look and he delivers. Complex goes on to post the 73 – 63 big W to take game 1. Stand out for Complex with the game high, Rhelton Belisle with 26 points. For Belize Bank/Airport Tarique Gabb put up 18 points and Chris McGawn was the only player with double digit rebounds as he chaired the board.

Turning to the football scene, we caught up with Game 2 of the CYDP football finals inside the MCC Grounds. First things first though – on Saturday Tut Bay doubled North Side 2 to 1 which put North Side in a must win situation when the whistle started the hostilities yesterday. Immediately Tut Bay looks to continue where they left off with this set piece launch from outside the box that forces a monster save from goalkeeper Jaheed Mia. However its North Side that opens the scoreboard when Kadeem Myers lead out Clinton Gill who slices the ball past goalkeeper Kevin Alvarez for the 1 – zip lead. Two minutes later Delroy “Thin man” Andrews gets the call for the penalty kick and he ties the ballgame at one a piece. Tut Bay forges ahead off this set piece that finds Brian Martinez whose header crashes into the net. North Side FC comes right back to tie the ballgame at 2 apiece when Darrel Myvette raises over the crowd to skull this ball into the net. And then Jerod Ottley unleashes this spot kick which gives North Side the 3 – 2 lead. Clinton Gill gets the chance to make it a 4 – 2 lead on this breakaway only to waste it on a high riser. Gill does make amends and while we don’t have the goal we caught the celebration as North Side makes it a 4 – 2 score and have a 1 goal mathematical going down the home stretch. As Chronix says here comes trouble here come the danger.

With about 2 minutes to go Brian Martinez dances inside the 18 and gets the chance to fire the left foot that makes it a 4 – 3 final score with both teams tied at 5 goals apiece from 2 outings. Dalton Cayetano gets the chance to win it for the Tut Bay but good defense from goalkeeper Jaheed Mia and full back Darrel Myvette denies him that goal. After a scoreless overtime we go to the penalty spot for the decision. Delroy “Thin man” Andrews is 1st up and he delivers. Jerod Ottley disappoints his fans by applying for a pilot license. Albert Thurton makes it look easy as he converts. Clinton Gill shows form but lacks the touch to get the ball past Brian Martinez now in goal for Tut Bay. Mark Grant comes up with the conversion. So it’s up to Kadeem Myers to keep the action going and he simply misses the target. Tut Bay is the CYDP Champion and we say congratulations.  In other football news play in the F.F.B. President’s Cup saw Sagitun FC blank Roaring Creek United 2 – zip and San Antonio FC and Progresso FC battled to a 2 – 2 draw. In the F.F.B. Women President’s Cup yesterday Toledo Girls downed Dangriga Pumas 4 – 3 while Sugar City Girls edge Antonio by the same score.

In Billiards news, the Belikin 8-Ball National Tournament kicks off on August 30th and 31st at Hodes’ Place San Ignacio game time on both days is 9 A.M. so get busy.

In closing folks we play catch up with the Weekend Warriors race #4 which ran for 40 miles from Rockville Junction to Busman Arnold and we find some 25 riders blasting off from the starting point. They all might have started together but on the stretch to the finish line it’s all Mark Gentle of FT Williams who has brought no prisoners. He skins in jubilation with a teammate and then crosses the finish line in a time of 1 hour 54 minutes 15 seconds to claim top honors in unchallenged fashion. Stephen Bisset of BNE rolls in uncontested for 2nd place. Eric Burns of Scotia Bank takes 3rd place while Robert Mariano pedals into 4th place and Colin Mahia rounds out the top 5. Ray Cattouse of Stationery House/Medina’s outlasted Matthew Hughes of Big Blade to win the B Class, Kaya Cattouse tolls ion for 3rd place, Clarence Tesecum is 4th and Isaiah Williams rounds out the top 5. Dennis McKoy of Truckers Posse took top honours in the C Class with Manuel Esquiliano 2nd and Glen Shepherd 3rd. Meanwhile folks we applaud the Joslin Chavarria Cycling Club for making the sport more accessible to the youth of the day. In yesterdays back to school 8 mile race Joel Vanegas win the 13 to 17 category with Shane Codd 2nds and Fred Parden 3rd.  Derrick Chavarria takes the 10 to 12 category unchallenged. Gian Lovell settles for 2nd place and Taylen Gentle finishes in 3rd place.

Just before we go we’d just like to tell you that from over 200 entries the Caribbean Broadcasting Union determined that our 1 hour recap of the 85th Annual Cross Country Cycling Classic was best Sports Documentary for the year 2013. We thank our 2013 Champion Darnell Barrow for giving us the motivation and you the fans for supporting Sports Monday.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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