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Has anyone traversed the Old Belize River with 4 ft draft craft from the sea entrance by Haulover Bridge to the Boom Bridge? What would be the narrowest and widest point in feet?

The width of the river is pretty much standard between 100 and 200 feet. The widest part is that area between Haulover Bridge and Manatee Lookout. In terms of depth except for some submerged piles just past Manatee Lookout ( behind the old BEC Sawmill) on the right hand side ascending there are no  other major hazards below the water to worry about until you reach Double Run beyond which some wicked rocks lie in waiting - the worst ones are behind Bakers Ranch continuing up to Budd Bank and then again between Jones Bank and Rosado Bank - the worst set being at the lower end of Rosado Bank. Some 8 years ago the 25 foot Bradley Skiff was sent airborne in that area. The section between Grace Bank and Lee Falls is treacherous to the uninitiated.
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