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Contacting Post Office: Hi, I recently sent a REGISTERED Letter and NEED to know if it was picked up. Does S.P. PO have an EMAIL???

No computer, no e-mail at the post office.  The phone number I have
for the PO is as follows - 206-2260.

Just in case you don't know what to expect time-wise - 2
weeks from US or Canada to Belize, then recipient needs to call for
the mail, then the receipt is sent back.  I'd give it at least 5 weeks
for this process.

You might want to send again but this time via Fed Ex.  They
track and verify.  Costs more, but worth it.  They will need a
physical address and a phone number to do so.   If you don't know
recipients physical address, they can make one up since there is no
delivery anyhow.  You will need a phone number though, so that Fed Ex
can alert the recipient that the package has arrived.

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