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Do you have a guestimate of what it would cost to ship a small pickup or vehicle to Belize?

It usually costs about $800.00 to ship a vehicle from Miami to most of Central America.  Some companies will actually pick it up at your door and containerize it for shipment while others require that you drop it off at a port.

Shipping costs are based on weight/measure and not on the year of the vehicle.  A small 4 cyl truck that takes up less space on board a ship will cost less to ship, even if it is a late model vehicle, versus an 8 cyl double cab truck that will take up much space, even if it is an older model.
The rates also differ if the vehicle is or is not containerized.
I would budget at least $1000 U.S. for shipping costs.  Additional import duties are a different story entirely.

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Comment By ed rock - Sun, Mar 11th, 2012 7:59 PM
I have done a bit of research on the import dutys for vehicles and boats. If you are going to balize to live and get a residecy document you can bring in 1 vehicle,1 boat and 1 golf cart or atv type vehicle duty free.If you bring more than one vehicle than normal duty rates apply.
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