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When is the Mosquito Season in Belize?

The mosquito season starts about the start of rainy season, say June 1 or so. When the rainy season is upon us,  along with it comes showers of mosquitoes too! These annoying tiny blood suckers do not discriminate anyone as they bite anyone and everyone! Mosquitoes are everywhere! So how’s the situation here on the island? Well we contacted the Health Inspector Ms. Lisa Tillett who explained to use the situation here on the island is and what measures are being taken.

“There have been complaints of mosquitoes on the island and we are doing our very best to address the situation,” commented Lisa Tillett. “We started spraying since last month before the rainy season actually started so that we can have some control on these nuisance mosquitoes.”

Ms. Tillett explained that during the dry season the mosquito lay eggs on the sand and when the first rains of the season fall the soil absorbs the water and the eggs hatch; that is when we have an outburst of nuisance mosquitoes. She also stated that the normal schedule is to spray three times a day every seven days but they are currently conducting sprays every five days.

The San Pedro Town Council is in charge of conducting these scheduled sprays and currently counts with two mosquito foggers, one which is used on the north part of the island and the other is for the south side. Island residents are reminded to check their patios and make sure that there is no stagnant water so as to prevent immature mosquitoes from turning into adults.
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