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What is the duty on bottles of wine over and above the duty free limit?

From a traveller...

We just got back from Belize and here is what happened at the international airport in Belize City:

1. I had four bottles of wine in my suitcase and just passed through customs with no problem. They did not open the suitcases and did not know about the wine.

2. One of my travel companions had a box with six bottles - customs asked him to open where they saw the wine and passed him through with no duty charged.

3. Another of my travel companions had a box with six bottles - customs also asked him to open the box. They originally told him the duty would be $70us+ (don't remember exactly) and then lowered that down to an even $50us which he went to another window and paid the fee.

So it appears that inconsistency rules the customs department at the international airport in Belize City (Ladyville). So, there is no telling what the official duty is on wine. All of the customs declarations indicate you can bring one liter per person. The bottles we carried were .750 ltr. Of course they did not know about the four in my suitcase so no duty and then they do not charge one guy with six bottles declared and $50us for another with six bottles declared.

Bottom line is we had a great time and loved Ambergris Caye. The last time I was there was 1981 and it was completely different.

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