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Young flamboyant trees losing leaves

I have 2 young flamboyant trees that are constantly losing leaves, as if they were being attacked by wee wee ants. But I see no evidence of these pests in the area. Also many of the remaining leaves are yellow. Any suggestions to help?

The trees are deciduous. Just check the branches and stems if they flex then you're good. Check the trunk flares on the two. Are they planted to deep? If so raise or lower the soil level. Are the trees getting equal water amounts? Soil compaction may be an issue. The trunk colar should not be burried. It depends on the plant when it was grown in a pot sometimes the seed roots on the bottom of the pot and struggles to grow up. You should dig until you find roots and only bury them a couple inches below ground. The trunk actual breathes and exchanges air through the trunk base. You can easily drown a plant this way. Soil compaction creates a hard egg shell cover around the roots and tree base not letting moisture or nutrients to the plant. Fluff the soil around the base but don't break any roots.

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