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Where can I refill my prescription?
Viewed 20788 times since Sun, Apr 5, 2009
Where can I refill my prescription? Travellers to Belize are often anxious to know if they can get a prescription refill and what types of medications are available at Belize pharmacies. Belize for many years has been a net importer of manufactured p... Read More
Are there Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in San Pedro?
Viewed 13805 times since Wed, Dec 27, 2006
Currently there are three AA groups in San Pedro. * The Bilingual group meets every night at #5 Boca del Rio Drive at 6:00 PM. * A Spanish speaking group (Ultramar) meets Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 7:30 PM at the San Pablo Catholic Church and ... Read More
When is the Mosquito Season in Belize?
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The mosquito season starts about the start of rainy season, say June 1 or so. When the rainy season is upon us,  along with it comes showers of mosquitoes too! These annoying tiny blood suckers do not discriminate anyone as they bite anyone and ... Read More
Is kidney dialysis available in Belize?
Viewed 13495 times since Tue, Jan 12, 2010
You can  contact RN Maria Ack at or 501-622-2991.  She is in charge of the dialysis unit in Belize & can provide you with all the necessary details on obtaining dialysis treatment. Read More
What health issues do i need to worry about?
Viewed 12561 times since Wed, Dec 6, 2006
The standards of health and hygiene on Ambergris Caye are high, similar to that of popular resort islands in the Caribbean. Not many visitors become ill from traveler's diseases or from drinking the water. While malaria, dengue fever and other tropic... Read More
Has anyone else been stung by jellyfish larva while swimming? I have bumps that are extremely itchy. Is it Pica Pica?
Viewed 10731 times since Sat, Dec 30, 2006
Pica Pica. Too late to do anything now, right when you get it spraying with anything containing ammonia helps (windex, pee (have a friend help or you may hurt yourself), etc.).There's been plenty of debate over what Pica Pica is but Green Reef report... Read More
What can you tell me about the Belize health system for travelers?
Viewed 10523 times since Tue, Oct 1, 2013
Unexpected things can happen when traveling, so it’s a good idea to know a bit about how the local Belize healthcare system works. Belize is definitely not a country that first comes to mind when thinking about medical tourism; many areas are n... Read More
What immunization shots do i need to come to Belize?
Viewed 10271 times since Wed, Dec 6, 2006
There are no required immunizations for entry to Belize. Read More
Personal security in Belize
Viewed 9571 times since Fri, Aug 30, 2013
Belize is a small English-speaking nation in Central America that is sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala. Once known as British Honduras, Belize gained independence from the UK in 1981, but retains strong commercial and diplomatic ties with both ... Read More
Can we grow potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, lettuces, peas, beans, dry beans, grains? I read that the Mennonites have been growing corn. But is their seed open pollinated, or hybrid only? Is there a corn we can grow in Belize for eating that
Viewed 8920 times since Sat, Oct 18, 2014
Yes the Mennonites do grow quite a lot of corn in the country, both for local consumption and export. Corn in the summer, and beans in the fall and winter is the norm, with some sorghum in either (more in winter though during bean cycle). The larger ... Read More
Are cremation services being offered in Belize today and by who(m)?
Viewed 8202 times since Sun, Mar 15, 2009
There's a funeral parlor on Freetown Road that does cremating. Also Homeland Memorial Park -- Read More
Is there a hospital on the island?
Viewed 8197 times since Wed, Dec 6, 2006
A new hospital has been built by the San Pedro Lions Club. Dentists and private medical clinics are available in Belize City. More-serious problems can be treated at Karl Heusner Hospital in Belize City, a modern hospital. Read More
Can you comment on the sand flea situation in Belize? When & where & how to avoid them. Thank you.
Viewed 6996 times since Sun, Oct 28, 2012
Here’s a thread on the subject, basically they tend to be in the more undeveloped areas, baby oil before they bite, and banana peel rubbed on after they bite... Read More
What medical and hyperbaric facilities are available in Belize?
Viewed 6125 times since Tue, Mar 17, 2009
As a small and developing country, Belize has limited medical facilities when compared to large countries such as the U.S. Still, major advances have been accomplished over the years – there are now two private hospitals and the national govern... Read More
Are there Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in San Ignacio?
Viewed 6091 times since Fri, Dec 4, 2009
AA meetings in San Ignacio, Cayo Belize. Saturdays at 11am at the Sacred Heart Catholic church. In the meeting room. Tourists should take a taxi, easy to get lost. Phone: Dana at 501 665 0405 Here’s a link for Belize Alcoholics Anonymous meetin... Read More
What medical and hyperbaric facilities are available in Belize?
Viewed 4865 times since Tue, Mar 17, 2009
As a small and developing country, Belize has limited medical facilities when compared to large countries such as the U.S. Still, major advances have been accomplished over the years – there are now two private hospitals and the national govern... Read More
Healthcare in Belize and Ambergris Caye
Viewed 4621 times since Fri, Aug 29, 2014
If you’ve ever dreamed about packing up and moving to a new country, Belize may very well have topped your list of potential destinations. The island of Ambergris Caye in Belize, for example, boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beac... Read More
Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous 12-Step World Service Offices
Viewed 3758 times since Thu, Mar 6, 2014
The following are World Service Offices. Every 12-step group is supposed to be in contact with WSO and send money for literature, etc. You will be able to find free literature on each website. 12-Step World Service Offices Communication ... Read More
What is the best way to avoid No-See-Ums or stop the itching later?
Viewed 3607 times since Tue, May 7, 2013
For no see ums, use baby oil to keep them from biting. Once they have bitten you and they itch, use the peel of a banana to relieve the itching Read More
Are there Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on the Placencia Peninsula? How about Narcotics Anonymous?
Viewed 3223 times since Wed, Mar 5, 2014
AA/NA   Seign Bight Classic AA: Wednesday, 12:30 pm, under a mango tree with $10.00 lunch at Sharon’s, contact Steve C. 610-1399   Placencia Village Friday, 5:30 pm, Health Clinic,  Sunday, 9:30 am, Health Clinic Contact: Jackie ... Read More
What are the laws in Belize regarding disposal of scrap metal?
Viewed 3198 times since Tue, Apr 17, 2012
Effective April 16, 2011, Belize’s Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, through the Department of the Environment, passed the Scrap Metal Recyclers Regulations. “The main purpose of these regulations, storage, transportation... Read More
What medical services are provided by the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic II?
Viewed 2525 times since Tue, Sep 8, 2015
The Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II is equipped with a great array of services for the general public. Currently, the medical facility offers over a dozen services and is open 12 hours a day with 24/7 emergency service as well. The medical... Read More
Garbage Collection Schedule
Viewed 1949 times since Fri, Feb 14, 2014
The San Pedro Town council hereby advises the general public that garbage collection days are as follows: Read More
Belize Age of Consent
Viewed 949 times since Thu, Nov 3, 2016
The Age of Consent in Belize is 16 years old. The age of consent is the minimum age at which an individual is considered legally old enough to consent to participation in sexual activity. Individuals aged 15 or younger in Belize are not legally able ... Read More
Do you have the number for the private doctor on Caye Caulker?
Viewed 633 times since Wed, Oct 12, 2016
Dr. Sansorez 620 2369, He lives here and works out of his home. Read More
Requirements for International Transfer of Human Ashes
Viewed 442 times since Mon, Dec 12, 2016
As this is being asked more frequently, notes on the importation of human ashes into Belize. Note also that the importation of cadavers must follow a due process and the relevant paperwork must be completed before either the body or ashes arrives at ... Read More
Video: Overview of Belize Healthcare, Health Insurance, Hospitals in Belize, and Belize Physicians
Viewed 432 times since Wed, Jan 4, 2017
Courtesy of Will Mitchell from RE/MAX Island Real Estate on Ambergris Caye, Belize, this video is designed to help you understand all your options for healthcare in the country of Belize. Topics covered in this video include the Belize Healthcare s... Read More
Gender Based Violence (GBV) Resources in the Orange Walk District
Viewed 361 times since Fri, Dec 2, 2016
Northern Regional Hospital Holy Trinity Street, 322-2072 Counselling Unit, Northern Regional Hospital Holy Trinity StreetNurse Becky Tillett, 302-1560 & 302-1561 Domestic Unit, Police DepartmentHospital Crescent, Orange Walk TownWPC. Melanie And... Read More
Gender Based Violence (GBV) Resources in the Cayo District
Viewed 313 times since Thu, Dec 8, 2016
Belmopan Police Department822-2222 Western Regional HospitalNorth Ring Road822-2263 San Ignacio Hosptial Bullett Tree Road824-2761 Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)822-0472 La Loma Luz Hospital67 Western Highway824-2087 Ministry of Hum... Read More
Burning of garbage
Viewed 156 times since Thu, Apr 6, 2017
It's illegal to burn yard garbage - Many residents have been complaining of daily hindrance of smoke. Report yard fires to the Fire department to assists neighborhoods to remain smoke free. The San Pedro Town Council kindly advises the general p... Read More