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Price Sampler: What Things Costs in Belize
Viewed 14724 times since Mon, Feb 22, 2010
Here's a sampler of costs for common items in Belize. All prices areshown here in U.S. dollars. As in other countries, prices for manyitems vary depending on where and when you buy them.TransportationGallon of regular unleaded gas: $2.75 (price fluct... Read More
How much do items cost in the stores? How much are utility services?
Viewed 13270 times since Fri, Feb 23, 2007
WHAT THINGS COST IN BELIZEBelize doesn't have a cost of living. It has several costs of living.The traditional view is that Belize is the most expensive countryin Central America, yet one of the least expensive in theCaribbean. While there's truth to... Read More
What is the Cost of Belikin Beer and how do I shop at the distributor?
Viewed 12337 times since Sat, Jan 11, 2014
There are two separate distributor buildings and there has been some back and forth between the two over the years leaving some people wondering exactly how pick up and returns work. While you can still drop empties off at the old Belikin Beer distri... Read More
I am looking for a florist in San Pedro Town. Ambergris Caye, Belize
Viewed 11155 times since Sun, Dec 14, 2014
There are two places you can try... The Candle Garden, and Sweet Decorations. Sweet Decorations has a website here: For The Candle Garden, if you are at the end of front street and make a left by Belize Bank... Read More
Where can i go shopping?
Viewed 10039 times since Wed, Dec 6, 2006
Everybody goes home with something from Belize. Shopping is as diverse as the country but don't expect glitz and glitter. Do expect an incredible array of hand-carved slate, woodcarvings, baskets, world-class hot sauces and jungle healing potions. Ma... Read More
How do you make tamales?
Viewed 9764 times since Thu, Dec 21, 2006
 When it comes to gastronomy in Belize, there isn't much debate about which Belizean dish ranks the highest on the popularity chart. Renowned as Belize's Sunday twelve o'clock meal, "rice-and-beans-chicken-and-salad" is the unofficial national B... Read More
Where can I find books on Belize and San Pedro?
Viewed 5806 times since Tue, Jun 5, 2007
For an online bookstore, click here: Read More
I am planning my 60th b-day celebration in AC. I am an avid Bud Light drinker and have been told that Bud is illegal on the island. Is this true?
Viewed 5081 times since Wed, Oct 12, 2011
From a friend.... At this time it looks so. I was in the customs office today and they were logging a part that I was shipping to the US, the whole page was listed with beer seized as contraband, mainly from tourists. Every time I sa... Read More
Are debit cards accepted the same as credit cards? I have a visa card, but it is not a credit card. Just debit.
Viewed 3907 times since Sat, Aug 15, 2015
Yes they work the same..... Read More
I want to buy good compost and black dirt. I live on Ambergris Caye. Please advice how I can get some shipped in.
Viewed 3105 times since Tue, Jun 2, 2015
It can be shipped via a barge from the Port Authority on the south side of town. I have beautiful black dirt, but you'd need to come here, check it out then conduct the transfer! Lady Bug used to have compost that was dug on the north end of the isla... Read More
Where is the best place to buy exterior painting supplies that are of decent quality and affordable?
Viewed 1725 times since Sun, Jan 4, 2015
You should go to the hardware stores and to Comex  to see what they carry then choose the paint that fits your idea of decent and affordable.  Those are very subjective terms.Castillos carries the highest quality ( Sherwin and Williams, bra... Read More
Does any one know where someone could get a live young Lamb which they could harvest for its meat?
Viewed 1163 times since Fri, Dec 30, 2016
Running W sometimes  or Peter Margesson, owner of Han-nah's Meat Shop, Burns avenue, San Ignacio most of time.  Peter  raises barbados black-bellies, and sells lamb, always in stock, ground and roasts etc. He also h... Read More
How much is a pound of conch bought from a fisherman these days?
Viewed 905 times since Tue, Apr 25, 2017
You can get it for between $8-10 at the co-op when the guys come in. You still have to clean it and remove the skin. Read More