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What is the crime rate?
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In general, whenever you're traveling in an unfamiliar country, stay alert. The residents of San Pedro realize that the island's livelihood depends on the goodwill of its tourist (the mainstay of its economy), so crimes against visitors are rare. In ... Read More
Are drugs illegal?
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Belize has strict laws on the use of illegal drugs, with prison terms and fines for offenders. Most visitors to San Pedro won't be approached by anyone selling drugs. Read More
Are piers public?
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I am looking for information regarding dock / pier law... I am hoping your long time experience might point me in the correct direction. Additionally, I do not want to spend money on an attorney unnecessarily... Specifically, I have a man who is park... Read More
What is it like visiting folks held in Hattieville Central Prison?
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From a friend.... I just left the Belize Central Prison. I escorted a lady friend to visit her daughter. The young lady’s case was not in the news so I am not going to mention names or the circumstances of her imprisonment. When you get t... Read More
Practically free ways to travel more safely than ever
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Practically free ways to travel more safely than ever...and the tired advice most people still don't follow, but we know we should :) Over the last 2 years of having friends and guests (and ourselves) in Belize and elsewhere, we have watched as new a... Read More
Legal Issues and Belize Law
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The Belize Legal Information Network has many Belizean laws online, at To search for a particular subject, here's the link to their search function: Read More