Belize and San Pedro have an amazing variety of beautiful vistas.
Click below for videos from Belize and Ambergris Caye.
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Here are a couple links to videos by videographers on the island:
Island Films
Discover Belize Now
Also you can search the message board by "video."

Belize - Discover How To Be from Nicolas Will on Vimeo.

Belize - Discover How To Be
Discover an escape from everyday life. A place not defined by the expected, but by the unimagined. Here, schedules are optional. And constraints are hard to come by. This is a place where the land and sea are as unique and authentic as the culture. A place where destinations can be located by map, but only found with the soul. The true Belize experience is discovered when you leave all notions behind, and begin to simply be. Belize. Discover how to be.

Be One With Belize
A new travel presentation on the small Central American nation of Belize. Shot in stunning HD video, this short 15 min. film explores Belize's Coral Reefs, Jungles, Maya ruins and Cultures for the adventurous traveler or those seeking rest and relaxation.

Belize from the air

Ambergris Caye Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge
Video by SeaO'Farrell
Video of San Pedro Town
San Pedro Town
Courtesy Inner Space Video
Music courtesy of Peter John Ross

Video of local Ambergris Caye Diving
Local Ambergris Caye Diving
Courtesy Inner Space Video
Music courtesy of Peter John Ross

Video of  Lighthouse Reef Dive
Lighthouse Reef
Courtesy Inner Space Video
Music courtesy of Peter John Ross

Video of Hol Chan
Hol Chan
Courtesy Inner Space Video
Music courtesy of Peter John Ross

Old hand ferry on Ambergris Caye

Skydiving over San Pedro
Courtesy San Pedro Sun
Video of Botfly removal
Botfly removal

Dolphin playing

Giant Loggerhead Turtle in Belize
A giant Loggerhead turtle eats coral

Sea Turtle Eating a Sponge
Hawksbill turtle eating a giant sponge

Barracuda up close and cave dive
A Barracuda up close ending the dive with a nice cave dive through

Turneffe Island
The outer reef of turneffe Island, a wall dive with eagle ray and tarpon

Hitching a ride on a nurseshark
pulled by a a nurse shark and a sleeping parrot fish.

2 Months in Belize
A slide show of the last 2 months in Belize. It has been created in Belize at our field base by the volunteers and leaders. The group have completed 2 months in the rainforest including jungle training,a conservation project and an unforgettable trek.

Whale Sharks 2
Whale Sharks off Belize

Belize Zip Line and Aerial Jungle Trek
Zip Line and Aerial Trek through the Jungle Canopy of Belize

Dolphins from Visions of the Sea

1999 Belize, Belize City
Pete and Rebecca's Scuba diving vacation in Belize.

BTB has a killer killer video at

they have DISABLED embedding in other folks' websites. might as well SEVERLY LIMIT its use, and thus the number of folks who can see it

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Traveling Through Belize

Belize 2008

Turneffe Flats
Located on Belize's Turneffe Atoll, the largest, most biologically diverse atoll in the Caribbean.

Actun Tunichil Muknal
Climb, wade, and swim through a cave in Belize that the Maya used for human sacrifices. It's called Actun Tunichil Muknal, and journeying to its interior is like traveling back in time.

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Click here for Marty O'Farrell's underwater videos of San Pedro and Belize. Highly recommended.
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