This is a column written by Angel Nuñez, and added to each week. It is truly a treasure trove of San Pedro History.

The Very First Ones- of many things on this island!
157 Years Ago??
Who was King - Man or Animal? Pets in San Pedro
“Serenata”...How Romantic
Funny Side of “Serenatas”
The Filming Of The Mosquito Coast Movie In San Pedro
Garifunas in San Pedro
Oil on Ambergris Caye Since 1950’s
Inventions of Yesteryear
Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Baking Corn Tortillas
The San Pedro Police Station
Our Beloved R.C. Primary School
Fun with August Cricket
Door To Door Selling
“Crayfish to Stone Dogs”
Making Toys vs. Buying Toys
Hardships of the Present
El Comisariato (The Commissary)
The First Typewriter
Shopping 25 Years Ago
Village Life, Simple & Easy
More on Village Life
Things of the Past Made of Good Stuff!
Let’s Enjoy More Sailing
Remembering Easter in the 1950’s
Cloth Diapers vs. Pampers
Our Good Friend “Spanish” Jose Pacifico
Soccer Team Los Atleticos
Reading the Clouds
Boxing Matches
Children Eating Sand
No Politics, No Campaigns
Where are our Beaches?
How Yours Truly Got Into Politics
Beachcombing That Struck Perfume
Apples on the Beach
Vamos a Playar (*Beachcombing*)
More on Beachcombing
Toughest Time in Fisherman’s Life
Children Growing Up in Fishing Village
A Few Big “NO’s” ... In Brief
All Saints Month (Las Animas)
A Lovely Small Population
A Pier Full Of Memories
As Good As Professionals
Beloved Policemen of the Past
Big or Small
Boarding up the Glass Windows for Hurricanes
Celebrating Birthday Parties
Dancing - A Very Special Event
Dancing in the City
Different Birthday Parties
Dirt Floors & Wallpaper
Easter in the 1950’s
Forget the Tablita!
Grand Fiesta
Good Old Home Remedies
Great Names in Carnaval
Handy Tools...Skilled Carpenters
Hardships of the Past
Hunting for Manatees
Hurricane Shelters of the Past
Innocent Coral Reef Damage
Is It A Turkey Or A Girl?
Largest Gatherings of San Pedro
Late Comers to San Pedro
Let’s Have Fun With A Tarralla
Let’s Talk Only About Hams
Life with a Small Population
Living with Today’s Salary but with Yesterday’s Prices
New Year’s Eve Dance
No Costa Maya, only the Great Mestizadas
No Television, Only Radio
No Telephones ... SO WHAT?
Once a Very Small Town
Our First Priest
One Police Officer for San Pedro
Only 1 Vehicle in San Pedro - WOW!
Our Pupil Teachers
Our World Famous Skindivers
Play Ball and Strike Out!
Preparing for Hurricanes
Punishment at School
Remembering Policeman Smith
San Pedro Coffee in the 50’s
Some Dying Arts for Ladies
School Days of Early San Pedro
Delicious Coco Plum with Security Guards
Customs & Traditions Change
"Lobster Licking Good"
Lobster Like Sand
Mangoes - 3 for 5 Cents
The Microwave Oven of Yesteryear
Our Island's "National Tree"
No Electricity in San Pedro
Pretty Brides
Socializing & Visiting A Girl
The Egg I Want but Can’t Have
Those Darn Mosquitoes
The Village's Biggest Event
First Families
Prostitution Ninety Years Ago
Why Names Have Changed?
Unprescribed Drugs Cure It All
A Typical Evening in the Village
"Tanquero" is Not a War Tank
Remember the Old Cinemas!
Raiding the Fruit Trees
Playboys or Just Style?
Naughty Boys & Their Things
Let's Build a "Fogon"
Raising Pigs in San Pedro
Lent And Easter
Large Flocks of Pigeons
"God Save The Queen"
Fish All Over The Roofs
Those Famous Siestas
Famous Markers, Funny Markers
Beach Combing
All Day Smoke in the Air
Brand Names of the Past
Dancing 25 Years Ago
"Paloma" (Pigeon) at a Dance
New Year 25 Years Ago
The Very First Foreigners
What If You Got Tired of Fish?
Fish Menus of the Past
The Very First Dive Shop
Celebrating the 10th of September
Wild Birds as Pets
The Hobby of Keeping Pigeons
No Television in San Pedro
HAM - A Reminder of Christmas!
Swimming in Icy Waters
Welcome Little Yellow Birds
What are Fajinas?
Festivals of the Past
No Breeze, No Problem, We'll get Breeze!
Studying the Clouds
Visiting One's Girlfriend
Ice... When it was Scarce, first ice factory in Belize
More Corn Than Rice
Swimsuits and Bikinis
The Better Discipline? To Punish or Not!
The Famous Embarcaderos
Ah, Those Windy Days!
Oh, Those Miserable Calm Days
San Juan and Boca del Rio Area
The First Banking Services
Christmas 25 Years Ago
It's Christmas Day 25 Years Ago!
Celebrating New Year's Day
Candies Of The Past
Roasting Peppers
Cooking Tools
Roasting Peppers II
Cooking with a "Fogon"
Buried Treasures of Ambergris Caye
Let's Go Check The Lobster Traps
Exposing Some Skin - The Bikini!
Let's Kill the Big Bad Shark
What It Felt Like To Live in British Honduras
When Lobsters and Conch Were in Abundance
Reminiscing the British Soldiers
Lovely yet Dreadful "Aguamalas"
Are the Beaches Eroding?
Crazy things that Work
The Magic of "Ajo" or Garlic
No More Starch On Our Clothing
The Great Matadores (Killers)
Dedicated to the Church
The Child on the Moon
A Typical Evening in San Pedro Village
The Famous Curfew Of 25 Years Ago
More Things That Were Different For Christmas
"El Duende"- San Pedro Folklore
"El Tata Balan"- San Pedro Folklore
"El Sisimito"- San Pedro Folklore
"La X'tabai"- San Pedro Folklore
First Retired Couple in San Pedro
A Salute to Louis “Cuz” Sylvestre
Early Fish Sales
The Very First San Pablo Residents
The Early Alcades and First Mayor
La Llorona
Las Animas (Souls)
The Curfew Bell
The Great Accordionists
The First All Electric Band
Living Through Storms
Living Through Storms Part II
The Early Gift Shops
San Pedro's First Pilot
The First Commercial Lobster Buyers
First Residents of San Juan Area
"Paloma" at Dance
The Dark Nights of San Pedro
Advertisers Check This Out!
The Very First Tour Guides
The First, First Bars
The Very, Very First Telephones
The Real, Real First Doctor
First Speedboats and First Vehicles
Boat Building
Repairing Of The Fishing Boats
The First Airstrip
Are You Living in San Pedro?
The Past of Politics In San Pedro & Belize
New Years Day
No Town Board
San Pedro Village Life
People Who Saw Las Animas
No Drugs in San Pedro
El Gigante De San Pedro
No Post Office, Electricity or Ice, or...
No Newspapers in San Pedro
Windy Days
Calm Day
Mexican Influences In San Pedro
New Era on Shopping
Stricter Discipline in Days Gone By
Those Lovely Windy Days
Sailing Boats
Religion 65 Years Ago
Letters to Visit a Girl's Home
Rejection Letter
Acceptance Letter to Visit
Visiting the Girl. Finally!
Outhouses on the Lagoon- "Embarcaderos"
A Silver Anniversary
The Very First Ones - of more things!
Tenth of September Celebrations in the 60’s
Thank God Chicken is Still Cheap!
The Best Workout 25 Years Ago
The Big Dances of The 60’s
The Center of Activity
The Cleanest Days of San Pedro
The Cold Fronts
The Early Days of Tourism
The Good Friday Procession
The Great Sail Makers
The Lions Clinic Silver Anniversary
“The Lord Be With You”
The Mass of the Past
“The Mother of Invention...”
The Power of the Moon
The Record Players
The Useful “Kis Kis”
The Value of a Penny, Nickle, Dime & Quarter
Things I Miss About Christmas
Those Fancy Houses
Those Special Christmas Toys
Thoughts of a Fisherman
Turn On The Lights Please
Unpredictable Hurricanes
Very Windy Days, Horrible or Beautiful?
Were There Any Graduations?
Were Things Made of Better Material?
What! Boys & Girls Naked on Streets?
When Easter Was Over...
When Ice was Scarce
When Teachers Used to Lash
Whitening That Special Laundry
Wise Old Sayings... Proverbs of San Pedro
Zero Water Rates 25 Years Ago
The Pride of Being the Teacher's Favorite
Wise Old Men
Our Lord of Mercy
Brides, Brides, and more Brides
Long before High School days, Boy's
Long before High School days, Girl's
Grassy Streets
The visit of the Governor
History of Piers
Little Politics of the Past
Miss Flor for Hall of Fame
Sardines or Sprat
No ice in San Pedro
Dancing Twenty Five Years Ago
No Coke - only Lemonade
Is Your Underwear Fruit of the Loom or Nike
Hall of Fame- Victoria Collins
Chauvinism or Machismo
No Need for Shampoo!
Making Hot Corn Tortillas
All The Work to Eat One Chicken
Saturday Clean Up!
The Bone Healer, Victor Lara
Raising Babies
Lime and Mud Walls
Zac Bajo
El Playador
History of Immigration Part 1
History of Immigration Part 2
History of Immigration Part 3
San Pedro to San Juan
Back Street & Lagoon Development Since the 50's
You Dance...You Pay!!
Fighting Fires In The Past
Talk About Hardships
Loyalty, Patriotism and Self-Respect
A Healthier Past?
The Very First Gift Shops
Was Easter Different 25 Years Ago?
5 Dances in 1 Year, Now 5 on a Weekend
More on Buried Treasures in San Pedro
No Ice 25 Years Ago
The Moon and San Pedro's Horoscope
Recycling Twenty Five Years Ago
"A Saint After a Good Lashing"
Sanpedrano in Jail
Tastey Cocoplum Jelly
Why Whip the Animals?
What's All In A Sea Turtle?
Stories About Loggerhead Turtles
Nails In The Kitchen
The Nail Near The Entrance Door
Photography- Big is Better
Protection For Your Feet
Let's Make a Vivero
Curing Those Ugly Warts
How to Know if Your Wife's Baby is Yours?
Carnaval 25 Years Ago
Respecting the Police Officer’s Wife
Bacalar Chico: Separating The North End of Ambergris Caye from Mexico
No Crime 25 Years Ago
The Art of Making Sails
The Very First Electricity Plant
Life Without Toilet Paper!!
The Very First Water System
The Garbage Dumps
No Complainers Twenty Five Years Ago
The Real, Real First Hotel
A Living Economical Dredge
Sleeping on Salted Fish
The Real, Real First Cinema
Corned Fish Like Sand

A Hurricane Does Unbelievable Things, Hattie, 1961- Don Severo
Hijacked to Cuba- Mr. John Greif Sr.
Anatomy of Societal Change-John Parham J.P.

Christmas Twenty Five Years Ago
The Ritual of Having a Baby
Our First Gift Shops
Older Folks Speak Out
San Pedro R.C. School
Beginning of Lobster Season
No Electricity in San Pedro
No Planes
Hurricanes and their Twins
Wilfrido Nuñez aka Fido, The Famous Fido's of Ambergris Caye
I'll See You At Fido’s
Our Peace Corps Teachers
Las Animas- Souls of the Deceased
The Blake Family
How Far is Your Dancing Partner
Beloved Pupil Teachers
Three Midwives 'Parteras' to HALL OF FAME
Playboys or Just a Style?
Oh, the Beaches!
When you got tired of fish!!
From Quaint Village to Visitors' Paradise
Brand Names
Divorces on the Rise
Mushalá and Atole de Maiz
Raised In A Box
What if?
Dancing- Hall of Fame
Hall of Famer- Efrain Guerrero
San Pedro Micro Wave
Hall of Famer- Ramon Nuñez
The San Pedro Jacuzzi
Healing in the Home
Don Espiridion, The Surgeon
The Shoreline of Ambergris Caye
Festival..Festival...Festival...Now What?
Hurricane Hattie
Where Did Your Land Come From? #1
Where Did Your Land Come From? #2
Where Did Your Land Come From? #3
Music Fever
Home Remedies of the Past
Build Your Fish Trap
Hardships of Living
Dia Del Las Animas
Fishermen's Lives
Full House at R.C. Church
Quality Transportation for San Pedro and Belize
The First Bars
Income and the Cost of Living
No Fancy Homes
Making Your Own Homemade Palmetto Broom
Children And Early Village Life In San Pedro
Early Village Life Of Our Founding Fathers
Close Encounters At Sea (Survival Stories)
Close Encounters At Sea (Survival Stories) Pt.2
Close Encounters At Sea (Survival Stories) Pt.3
Then The Fishing Cooperative Thrived In San Pedro
The Roman Catholic Church Of Ambergris Caye
Meet The Early Settlers of San Pedro - "The Little World of Danny Vasquez"
The 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic In San Pedro

Central square of San Pedro as seen from the verandah of Blake House

Photos from the book
"Ambergris Caye, Paradise with a Past"
by Glenn Godfrey
Cubola Productions, Belize

Click here -[email protected]-
for more information about this excellent book.

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