Advertisers Check This Out!

heck out the many advertisements on newspapers, how brilliant, how varied, and what a wide circulation of publicity one gets with one ad. It costs a few dollars but your message goes to hundreds, if not thousands.

Have you wondered how advertisements were done 25 years ago?Certainly not by newspaper. Not by radio. Not by television. Not by flyers. Not by banners. Well, exactly how were advertisements done?

To advertise a school fair or a dance to be held for a special event, the message was written with chalk on a school's blackboard. Two little boys were paid 25 cents each to carry the board around the main streets of the village. A third boy was employed to walk alongside, ringing a school bell or blowing a whistle. The bell would attract people out to their front doors where the children would stop for everybody to read the message. The three kids went from house to house politely displaying the message and receiving the thanks from the village folks. Any tips for the kids? Yes, during the season of plums or oranges, some folks would generously offer a fruit to the kids.

This medium of advertisements was used also for dances at Daddy's Club, Christmas, Ano Viejo (New Year's Eve) or a baseball match between San Pedro and X'calak. The village processions, village council meetings or an invitation to a "faena" (workaton or volunteer labor) were all advertised in this manner.

Was it effective? You bet! The dances were full; the fair grounds were overflowing. It was inexpensive but a bit time consuming.

On more serious occasions like a formal Easter dance or a funeral, an invitation note was written and sent from door to door, only that this time by an adult, not by children.

In 1959 a small circus - one man, his wife, a few snakes and some daring acts came to San Pedro. To advertise, he dressed as a clown, and went At every street corner to shout into a funnel shaped gadget, which was his microphone and amplifier. It seemed unique and effective but no one else dared to try that technique. Sacatrapos was his name.

Then in the late 1960's the first real advertisements came to San Pedro when Mr. Fido Nunez (deceased) advertised movies with colorful large posters. A few still word ads were shown on screen and a few cartoon type commercials were also flashed on screen. This was the beginning of modern day advertisements. In the 1980's an American women, Linda Cornielson, published a few pages almost strictly with ads and it was called the " San Pedro Telegraph." It was the beginning of the printed advertisements circulated newspaper style for the thousands. Ads 25 years ago for some 100 houses or 500 inhabitants.

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