Are You Living in San Pedro?

ack in the 1950's 45 years, ago- there must have been about 400 people living in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The village extended from Ruby's Hotel to the cemetery. Actually, the cemetery was considered to be "out of town".

Back then we knew everyone by name; we celebrated each and every birth we mourned each death. Every man's joy was joy to all; each man's grief was own. When we had our first election in 1984 there were just tinder 450 voters. 1987 there were 800, and in 1990 on the third election there were over one thousand voters. This last election was the 6th one since township and the voters was 2,400 plus. The population of San Pedro is Unknown.

Oh, how has our town grown! This is good, although it has some negative repercussions, for 25 years ago we did not hear about drugs, rape, child molestation, robberies and the use of guns and weapons. It is not possible to know everyone by name anymore. At times I feel embarrassed that persons are calling me my name, and I do not know them all by name.

The founding families of San Pedro are: Acosta, Ancona-, Azueta, Alamilla, Aguilar Arceo, Ayuso, Badillo, Bradley, Blake, Cardenez, Castillo, Cocom Escalante, Forman, Flota, Gomez, Gonzalez, Graniel, Guerrero, Heredia, Kunul Henkis, Lara, Marin, Munoz, Mora, Nunez, Parham, Paz, Perez, Reina, Rivero, Rosado, Salazar, Sabido, Sansorez, Staines, Squires,Tolosa, Trejo,Tzul, Valdez Valencia, Varela, Vasquez, Villanueva, and Verde.

Then came several families early in our growing days like Leslie, Eiley, Rey Bardalez, Borges, Brown, Calderon, Dawson, Elliot, Flores, Creif, Guemez Hancock, Halliday, Casarez, McDermott, and Rivero.

And now we are honored to have other distinguished families like Alcoser Alfaro, Alnatt, Arana, Alvarez, Astle, Alejos, Amaya, Arnatt, Arthurs, Avila. Ashworth, Barnett, Barrow. Belamy. Berlin, Belisle, Bennett, Bernadez, Blanco, Bremekamp, Briceno, Bryant.Burgos, Carter, Chi, Campos, Craft, Canaday, Cassimiro, Castaneda, Castillo. Contreras. Castleberry, Chan, Chavannes, Cloud, Coleman, Cooper, Delgado, Duarte, Delvalle, Dixon, Diego, Devine, Djerf, Doan,, Duncan, Dunlop, Dunn Duppstadt, Duran, Edwards, Elmer, Eisner, Ely. Evans, Fawcett. Fay. Fine. Fiore, Flaherty, Fontenot, Fox, Francois, Gallagher, Galvez, Garcia, Gardiner. Gibson. Gill, Godoy, Greene, Grewal, Guillen, Gutierrez, Guzman. Habbal, Hajjar, Hanna, Harmouch, Hartley, Haskew. Hayden, Henry, Hernandez, Herrera, Hicks, Hoare, Hoffman, Howard-, Huber, Hymas, Ickes,Igbo Iglesias. Janmohammed, Jambel, Jeffen, Johnson, Jones, Jurado, Kean, Kay, Kelly, Kie, Kirpatrick, Kjorlien, Koerner, Koster, Krause, Krohn, Kuka, Langdon, Lavin, Lazo, Lanza, Lee, Leiva, Lemus, Lisbey, Lopez, Luepke, Madala, Madil, Madrid, Magafta, Manzano, Martinez, Matayoshl, Moreno, Muschamp, Miron, Moralez, Molina, Meyer, McCord, McGlaun, McLoud, McCorkle, Metzgar, Meza, Miller, Mitchell, Montejo, Newton, Nelder, Nguyen, Nicholson, O'Connor, Ochaeta, Qrillano, Osterman, Palen, Perez, Patterson, Pech, Penland, Perrera, Phillips, Portillo, Pinelo, Polono, Powell, Pruitt, Province, Quincy, Raja, Ramclam, Ramirez, Requena, Ramos, Reynolds, Richards, Ritchie, Roches, Rodriguez, Rogers, Rollan, Romero, Roth, Rubio, Ruiz, Solorzano, Sharp, Smith, Sedassey, Spain, Saldana, Sealey, Sheedy, Sherman, Sherwin, Shields, Showler, Siesgrist, Sosa, Smith, Sanker, Steven, Stewart, Strickling, Stumpf, Sunderman, Syme, Tabony, Taylor, Thomas, Thorpe, Toonen, Tun, Turcios, Tzib, Ujibe, Urriania, Uribio, Utsman, Valladarez, Ventura, Verna, Villanueva, Wade, Waight, Walker, Wallace, Warren, Weathers, Weinberger, Westmoreland, Westerhold, Whiteburst, Wilkinson, Wiebe, Williams, Wiltshire, Wine, Witte, Wong, Woods, Woolam, Worthington, Wiensch, Years, Young, Zaiden, Zaldiver, and Zelaya.

San Pedro is a great family of families. We are here by choice, not by chance. Let us all care for one another as our founding fathers, did. Long live San Pedro with 42 founding families, 15 early families and some 390 new families. Have the original founding families been outnumbered?

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