Brand Names

here used to be a creole radio advertisement that ran like this: "Gargle, cungo da Walman pan Albert Street. Walman get di bess shoes fi di entaya family."

Whenever Belizeans were looking for long lasting shoes it was from a shoe store and manufacturer named "Walman's." Whenever they wanted category or high class they bought at Bata which mostly dealt with the brand name "Canada."

Now in San Pedro there were no shoes then, but let us look at some products and services.

Home Products
Body Soap - Palmolive
Toothpaste - Colgate only
Soft Drinks - Bradley's Lemonade/ Chavannes Lemonade
Milk - Milkmaid and Betty
Cheese - Dutch cheese
Laundry soap - Jabon Azul
Washing soap - Sunlight
Margarine - Blue Band
Butter - Holland's Creamery Butter
Beer - Charger Beer
Rum - White Rurn
Wine - Ginger Wine
Deodorant - Mum & Yodora
Shampoo - same Palmolive

Shoes - Walman's or Bata
Watches -no brand,but from Wishenka
Perfumes - Maja/Taboo/Kuss Kuss/7 Macho
Facial Powder-Ponds
Lipsticks - no brands, only colors
Body powder - Maja/Cuticura/3 Caras

Bicycles- Raleigh/Rudge
Paints - Hubbucks
Batteries- Bereck
Radios - R.C./Pye
Motors - Johnson
Refrigerator- Frigadier
Kerosene stove - Coleman
Kerosene iron- Coleman

Services of:
Doctors - Dr. Dingual/ Dr. Clark/ Dr. Hueshner/ Dr. Perez
Dentist- Dr. Awe
Lawyer- Mr. Courtney
Watch repair - Medina
Jewelry - Castaneda
Musical bands - Los Belicenos/ Los Caneros
Boat (passenger & cargo) - Elsa P.
Airline - Maya
Photographer - Tito
Bank - Nova Scotia
Credit Union - Holy Redeemer Credit L'nion
Artist - Beto Pincel
Florist - Miss Jane Rivero
Boat Builder - Andres Manrique/ Maurice Bladen
Coffin Maker - Andres Manrique
Home Builder - Albino Gomez
Tortillas - Dona Chica

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