Hall of Famer- Efrain Guerrero

his Hall of Famer for San Pedro has just celebrated his 70th year. He was born in the village of San Pedro on December 1 7th, in 1927. His father was don Pouciano Guerrero and his mother doña Josefa Paz. His parents lived the regular life of San Pedranos picking coconuts and subsidizing their families with some fishing. Efrain Guerrero Sr. helped his parents with the collection of coconuts in his own "cocal" as well as in fishing. He attended the primary school with many renown teachers.

Efrain's marriage with Cleotilda Marin produced ten children all of whom are respectable men and - women in our community, and they are Ilda, Ceni, Daly, Efrain Jr., Gasper (Gach), Horacio, Roberto, Nano, Daniel and Alvaro. After a few years in fishing, Mr. Guerrero entered the business world. He used to buy lobsters from the local fishermen and resold to an American buyer in Belize City. Everyday fishermen would line up by the Adventist Church area and deliver bag after bag of whole lobsters at ten cents a pound. Mr. Guerrero would load the lobster tails into a huge ice box and sail to Belize City with his boat, La Ilda. He was one of the first to put a 15 horsepower outboard motor to his boat, and pretty soon, this became the fisherman's most reliable companion. Guerrero did this for many years in the 50's and into the sixties until Caribeña Fishing Cooperative was established.

In 1955 Mr. Efrain Guerrero served as village council chairman. The chairman's main function then was to see that yards were kept clean, streets were chopped and raked by the neighborhood residents, the cemetery was cleared and to call on the government to come and do their spraying of homes against roaches or the dog poisoning campaigns.

Also in the 1950's, Mr. Guerrero was in charge of the Holy Redeemer's Credit Union Branch in San Pedro. The Union's property was located in the empty lot across from the San Pedrano Hotel. There the villagers could go on a daily basis to make their saving deposits or to request for their loans.

Mr. Guerrero was an ardent supporter of San Pedro High in its early days and most of his children graduated from that institution in which he served as board member for many years. Mr. Guerrero lobbied for government support of S.P.H.S. and was part of the board that drafted the rules and policies, some of which are still in effect today. Among other occupations Mr. Efrain Guerrero was also a barber and for 25 cents San Pedranos could get a haircut. For ten cents more they got a haircut and a shave. Guerrero also was an experienced sail maker and sewed scores of sails for the fishermen's fishing vessels.

Due to his always willingness to participate in community affairs, Mr. Guerrero was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1985. For many years too he operated his own saloon, Daly's Saloon and for a few years a bar in the same place where Amigo Travel is now operating. When San Pedro High was located at the Community Center, Mr. Guerrero's snacks were the choice of the student body.

Efrain Guerrero has been a man of many skills and aptitudes. He has been a good father and family man,-a coconut harvester, a fisherman, an entrepreneur, a businessman and a civic minded citizen. It is with pride and respect that Twenty Five Years Ago welcomes him to San Pedro's HALL OF FAME.

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