New Era on Shopping

one are the days when one could say, "There is nothing in San Pedro." Gone are the days when you walked into a store and bought one item and you had to walk to another store to purchase a different article. Gone are the days when to eat chicken you had to go kill one in your back-yard, boil water to remove its feathers and proceed to cleaning it for the cooking pot. Gone are the days when we had to drink a soft drink without ice and at room temperature because there were no refrigerators in the stores. And the men drank Colt 45 beer at room temperature too.

Today when you walk into a store or supermarket you can get practically everything you need. And now look at this- shopping by electronic mail, Yes sir, Beverly's Closet is located right in the heart of San Pedro Town at the Island Plaza, but you can shop right in the comfort of your home or office. You simply reach them at www.beverlyscloset.8m.com and you can shop 24 hours a day. Unbelievable, but true! Beverly's Closet brings to San Pedro a new dimension in shopping- modern, convenient and with deals that you would not find in any ordinary store. It really brings us to the shopping style of the First World countries when Belize is thought of as a Third World country.

Sunglasses? These were only worn by people who were refined or had category and class, not by San Pedranos. Name brands like Calvin Klein clothing? Men wore shirts sewn from the flour bags at the score. The bag was ripped open and washed several times and bleached until the brand name logo and lettering was removed. What about fashion for the ladies? Was it by Victoria's Secret or Guess? Forget it! It was cotton, silk or satin sewn by the local seamstresses. What about special shampoo brands? No way. Any regular soap worked well, but water was softened by pouring it over ashes in a drum. This special water for washing the hair was called "Legfa" (pronounced layheeya). Now what about shopping for perfume 25 years ago? Not much of a choice as we see in our stores today. All the ladies either smelled of Kush Kush or Siete Machos (Seven studs or guys). These were the only two available and all the boys could recognize what the ladies were using as a perfume. Which was the preferred restaurant for a dinner date or to take your wife for her birthday? None at all. There weren't any. Where did one check for earrings, bracelets necklaces or wristwatches? You did not double click nor even shop in San Pedro. You had to make a special trip to the city and visit their stores or jewelers.

Shopping around San Pedro is fun nowadays. In fact, people from Belize City, Caye Caulker and Corozal come to San Pedro to do some shopping. We can get practically anything, and when it is not on the shelves, you click into Beverly's Closet website and do it from your computer. What a new era in shopping compared to 25 years ago.

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