The Past of Politics In San Pedro & Belize

ith all the banners and flags, all the campaign materials, all the advertisements now over. one cannot help think for a moment at least about politics. Politics is good because someone must assume the leadership and command of the affairs of the town. I was in politics for some 20 years and I enjoyed it much, but retired because- I wanted to give more time-to San Pedro I High and I also hated the negative and hate campaigns chat went on in the 1980's.

But politics is good. and I encourage people to become involved. I listened to a gentleman criticizing or rather scandalizing another person about being a communist.That is low and not appreciated. I'd rather see the gentleman offer his services instead of talking so emotionally and with hatred of his own district folk.

Anyway, the topic is 25 year's ago or the past of politics in San Pedro and Belize. Let us look at a few parties.

*P.U.P- the People's United Party- the oldest political party in Belize.The leader has always been George Price. It fought for self-government, independence and sovereignty of Belize,The PUP has always been in San Pedro.

*N.I.P- the National Independent Party- led by Philip Goldson and was the main opposition to George Price. Its role was to oppose.

*U.B.A.D.-The United Black Association for Development. It was a black movement that fought for power to the blacks and, of course, hatred to the whites, but there were no whites in Belize except the Mestizos.That party never reached San Pedro. It encouraged a lot of violence.

*C.U.F- Corozal United Front- it was a party that wanted something different from the P.U.P. and the N.I.R It was only for Corozal in the days of the rich caneros or cane farmers. It never did assume power anywhere.

U.D.P-The United Democratic Party- this party was formed when there were internal problems with the N. I. P. and there was a struggle for power and leadership, which has gone from Goldson to Dean Lindo to Manuel Esquivel Dean Barrow.

N.A. B.R.-National Alliance for Belizean Rights- this was the result of another internal fight of the U.D.R and two leaders- Goldson and Esquivel- broke up. Goldson became the leader of the N.A.B. R. This party never reached San Pedro. The U.D.P became national.

S.P.U.M.-San Pedro United Movement- these were men and women who fought for township for San Pedro and wanted to keep dirty politics Out of San Pedro. S.P.U.M. ran an election against the U.D.P and won. The U.D.P central government gave S.P.U.M. no assistance and indeed a lot of victimization so that S.P.U.M. ran as P.U.P. at the second round.The first S.P.U.M. leader was Gilberto "Chico" Gomez. the first Mayor of San Pedro. This party was solely for San Pedro and never even attempted going national.

Now a short look at the political history of San Pedro. Since 1950. when George Price gave us "Adult Suffrage" (the power to vote). the P.U.P. has been the ruling village council in San Pedro. In 1981, Independence came under the PUP In 1984. PUP brought township to San Pedro. In 1985, PUP leaders ran under the name S.P.U.M. and won. In 1988 and 1991 P.U.P. won again. In 1994, the U.D.P. won its first election. In 1997 P.U.P. regained its leadership and, In 2000, well the P.U.P. has just won it one more time and claims to be moving ahead.

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