Our First Priest

ost people will immediately say it was Father Robert Raszkowski because he is the one most known and remembered for his long and dedicated service to San Pedro. But my parents always mentioned an early priest by the name of Father Franco. He seemed to have had Belizean and Mexican roots and his family lived in the X’calack area which is our closest Mexican neighboring village. The Franco family owned property in North Ambergris Caye and Father Franco visited San Pedro periodically but not constantly.

Then there was Father Fecundo Castillo of Belize City who used to visit us even before Father Raszkowski. Father Castillo later on was promoted as vicar general to the Catholic Church in Belize.

But if you insist that our good Father Raszkowski was our VERY FIRST PRIEST, I say “Yes he was” because he served us for close to 50 years from the 1950’s up until the time of his recent passing away in Belize City. He was responsible for the construction of the Catholic Church as we know it today. We miss you Father Raz.

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