The Very First San Pablo Residents

ertainly San Pablo is not 25 years ago, but it seems it has been there for so long that it's about time we look at it in that flavor. The very first residents of San Pablo were Lincoln Eiley and Bruce Collins and their respective families. Lincoln was the Town Clerk and in charge of the sales and land transactions of San Pablo. At the same time he Was building his, he was supervising the construction of the home of Bruce and Victoria Collins who were about to start their lives and career in journalism in San Pedro.

With no street lights, no water lines. no cable television. no telephone. and a few other amenities, it was tough living there as San Pablo had not entered into people's building plans. In fact, political opponents to the men who developed San Pablo used to call it - Swamp Pablo" in their efforts to discredit the project and discourage people from buying their lots there.

One day while shopping for building materials for my home in San Pablo. Bruce Collins found out my plans and offered to trade his home in San Pablo with my house in San Pedro on Angel Coral Street. Bruce wanted to leave a dull and tough life in San Pablo. But then he added: "If You Will move over there to be my neighbor, and you have faith in San Pablo, I'll stay." And he did and pretty soon he was building his second house to be the offices of his newspaper, the San Pedro Sup. It was then in 1992 that the column "Twenty Five Years Ago" was born.

Today San Pablo is a brand spanking new area in San Pedro Town. It counts with 70 family homes, 3 churches, cabinet factory, brick factory, auto repair shops, a stadium, 2 parks, a hotel and one general merchandise store, and a large store, the Belican Supply Depot.

It's brightly lit, has telephone service, water, cable TV and lots of traffic (too much). It is still, however, a peaceful and quiet neighborhood with many lovely residences under construction. DFC is spearheading a housing scheme in the area and it might soon become a major housing area for our growing town.

San Pablo was a PUP project first run by the town board. Later it was administered by a company still under the town board known as Sunset Coves. About half of the land was developed and utilized. The other one half was absorbed and taken over by a new company called Western Caribbean, which is now in charge of developing and selling what remains of San Pablo. Lots were at first sold as low as 300 and 500. Yes, 300 dollars. The idea was not to make a profit, but to enable locals to get land. Some locals have sold their lots, others have bought for 8, 10, 15 or even 20 thousand dollars per lot. No longer a town board project, it is now a business and hopefully it will grow and develop into an orderly, peaceful and lovely suburb of San PEdro. From all the looks of it, it will. Except for one noisy spot In the neighborhood. Indeed. San Pablo is only about ten years old, but it does seem like a project of 25 years ago.

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