few days ago, Omar Guerrero of the San Pedro Town Board gave me one of the most wonderful news I have heard in a long time. I saw him measuring the beach, and he informed that there are plans for the Town Board and the Government of Belize to widen the beach by as much as one hundred feet. If and when this happens, it will be one of the best things to happen to San Pedro. This will mean that they will be reclaiming or gaining back what we have lost some 30 to 40 years through water and wind erosion at the beach.

I could not help recollect how our beaches looked 25, or perhaps 40 years ago. I close my eyes and I can see that lovely beach extending out there, where it used to be. To give you a few examples, I want to take you through a few beach areas for you to get an idea. At the site of the primary school, you crossed the same street and then there was the government clinic on a lot measuring some 100 feet. Beyond the fence there was still another 50 feet of beach area. At the site of Holiday Hotel, there was still another property on the beach belonging to one Maurice Bladen, a Creole fellow who used to build boats. Then beyond his property, there was another 100 feet of beautiful sandy beach where he used to pull up all the fishermen's boats for repairs.

The police station has always been there. Now in front of the station there was a space of some 30 feet and then a large wooden building which was the primary school. It was at least 50 feet wide. And after the school there was a wide sandy area that must have been' about 150 feet wide. It used to be the area where we played softball and baseball and those who occasionally hit the ball into the sea were considered good.

At Fido's Courtyard, that property only had access to the front street-not the beach. In front of Fido's, Seferino Paz Sr., had his lot which was another 75 to 100 feet wide. And beyond Seferino's fence there was a sandy beach where boats were hauled up for repairs and repainting. That beach area by Fido's and the Catholic Church was one of the loveliest spots in the village.

I can go on and refer you to some really wide sandy beaches. We kids 25 years ago were very fortunate, and so will all of us today if this gigantic project is undertaken. If this town board accomplishes this, it will indeed be a wonderful project for San Pedro. I only hope that they do not meet too many pitfalls or opposition from persons or bodies. I hope we don't start talking about dredging is bad or silt for the reef, etc. etc. etc. If it means sacrificing something for something I say all of San Pedro should support it. Twenty Five years ago congratulates this town board for the vision and the courage of such a gigantic and worthy project. They say leaders are giants. Well, our mayor and councilors are colossal.

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