REPORT #115 Oct. 1999

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

I'm holding in my hand a small box weighting 1 lb. 2 oz., or 510 grams of hard blocks of guava paste. Not really hard, but stiff. We like it with hard cheese. Real good stuff. There are numerous brands in Winn Dixie here in Miami area.

The ingredients are sugar, guava pulp, pectin, citric acid. Silvia tells me her maids and cook in Bogota, Colombia used to make this stuff in a copper pot with a wooden spoon in the kitchen. They stirred it for hours and you had to be careful it didn't splatter on you, as it burned worse than hot oil.

But the stuff is delicious. This particular brand is distributed out of New Jersey by Goya Foods and is actually made in the Dominican Republic. The Guava Paste is pressed in blocks about six inches long and an inch wide and an inch thick. It is soft, but stiff and cuts with a knife. The paste blocks are wrapped in clear plastic and placed in a decorative cardboard box with pictures and advertising on it. It only takes a thin slice as the flavor is very strong and good. No doubt it is Guava at all.

A new niche export for Belize anyone?

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