REPORT #115 Oct. 1999

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Britain takes a second step toward democracy. First it was the House of Lords and aristocratic privilege inheritence. Now they are talking about giving citizens the right to go to court for their "human rights". In the past all cases of HUMAN RIGHTS has had to go to the Human Rights European Court in Strasbourg, France. Britain is quietly preparing for a constitutional revolution that will profoundly alter it's citizens relationship to the state and the psuedo democratic excuse for democracy called "Common Law". When Britain incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights into domestic law, ordinary British Citizens will have fundamental human rights that can be enforced in a British Court similar to the USA Bill of Rights. In Britain, citizens are possessions of the state. The State is not a possession of it's citizens. This process has been slowly creeping forward since 1951. In 1966 Britain agreed to let citizens's seek redress from Strasourg.

Ex-colonies like Belize still are having problems with native political party elites passing off pseudo democracy as real democracy. Partly from ignorance and inexperience and partly because the existing system caters to class divisions, and personal greed. Politics has often been called government by greed. Controlling that greed is the problem of democratic reform through re-organizing political structure.

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