REPORT #12 1998

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

In particular for those in Belize that cannot afford the internet access and only have E-Mail, plus those that will be leaving school and find themselves in the same situation of not being able to afford the telecommunications charges for internet access to help them with development. We have on the library sites, how to make your own webpage for your business, solely by E-Mail also. it won't be fancy with graphics and photo's but you will be on the internet with your little business solely by E-Mail.

How to use E Mail to access http:// sites on the internet?

You send an ordinary E-Mail message to this address in the to:
to: [email protected]

You leave empty, or blank the Subject: and the Copy to: sections of your E-Mail format.

In the empty body space of your E-Mail you simply type:

GET ( then a space from your space bar, after the word GET, then type in any URL or http:// addresses you desire to bring back to you via E Mail, for browsing off-line.) This all takes a few seconds of your cost of the E-Mail account. What you get, will be text only, no graphics, or photos.

This will bring you up the Belize Development Trust Electronic Resource and Library web site that has much more information on accessing the internet by E-Mail. You can list any http:// address after you type GET and give it a space in the BODY of your E-Mail message. You can also list a dozen http:// addresses one after the other, if you wish and get them all sent to you at once. Getweb Robot is a Canadian Governmet Project service that automatically searchs the web for the URL's that you want. URL is another name for http://address. This is obsolete technology, a dozen years old, but in many rural parts and in some countries with telecommunications monopolies, modern internet access to the information age is prohibitively expensive and only for Embassies and other well funded foreign operations in many third world countries. Good Luck from the Trustee of the Belize Development Trust!

How to access GetWeb

Please note access to this server is logged; we cannot guarantee that your requests will remain private.

To request a document from the World Wide Web, send a message to [email protected] with the body containing one or more requests like: GET url Where url is the URL of the document you request. If the message contains more than one request, separate each request with a blank line. Here is a message which would fetch the IDRC home page: GET After receiving the above message, the GetWeb server would format the IDRC home page as human-readable plain-text and send it to you. Each hypertext link is represented by a number in brackets.

Suppose you get a message like this from a GetWeb server:

International Development Research Centre [IDRC Logo]\ Centre de recherches\ pour le d\e'veloppement international\ The International Development Research Centre is a public corporation created by the Canadian government to help communities in the developing world find solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems through research.n English[1]
The Institution[2]
Research Programs[3]
[IMAGE]\ CRDI en fran\c,ais[5]
Programme de recherche[7]
\ \ [IMAGE] \ Copyright \co 1997

references *** [orig]

To get more information about IDRC resources in English, you would look up link 4 at the bottom of the message to find out the URL is You would then send a message to the GetWeb server: GET If your mailer program insists puts extra, unwanted text at the beginning or end of your message, then you can enclose your commands in a begin/end block. You can also comment out lines with '#', so that in the following message only the 'GET' line will be processed: Hello [email protected]! This preamble will not be processed by the MailBot... begin GET # ...neither will this comment end ...and neither will this signature: -- B. Russell, ontological consultant, phone: (617) 555-1652

"The worse the logic, the more interesting the conclusions" Follow the links below for more help.

How can I:
* fill out HTML Forms?[1]
* search the Web?[2]
* break a long command between multiple lines?[3]
* follow chains of linked documents with a single command?[4]
* request raw HTML source rather than formatted text?[5]
* configure how documents are delivered?[6]
* use Agora (w3mail) commands?[7]
* send username and password to the Web server?[8]
* decode binary files?[9]
How quotas limit server load[10]
How can I view accents properly?[11]
Other GetWeb-type servers[12]
About the GetWeb MailBot server software[13]
Also see the GetWeb home page.[14]

Send bugs or suggestions for improvement to [email protected]

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