REPORT #15 1998

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

In a quiet little village in northern Belize, Peter Singfield instigates the work of 12 world wide computer scientists in creating a new robot software that will revolutionize E-Mail access to the internet for Belizeans and other third world nations, unable to afford internet access by traditional methods.

Peter is on the Board of Advisors of the Belize Development Trust, headquartered in Dangriga, Belize. Recently the Belize Development Trust completed an overhaul of it's special niche, Belize Electronic Resource and Development Library, instigated by Peter Singfield of Xaibe village; to make the Belizean library internet resources, E-Mail accessible friendly for Belizeans unable to afford internet access by ordinary means. There is a whole section on this library catering to the needs of internet usage by using only an E-Mail message system. You can even make your own web page, solely by E-Mail from Belize, on the worldwide internet.

Peter Singfield from Xaibe, Belize, using only E-Mail for internet access, is currently leading a team of software programmers, of which two young Germans in Europe are doing the experimental pilot project work, to create a Webcrawler robot that can be downloaded and installed on your computer hard drive. Any time you use E-Mail, and you had listed any URL's on the internet that you desired. This webcrawler robot would find them for you, bring them back to your hard drive and store them until you had time to read the information off-line. One drawback so far encountered, is that you would need internet WWW access. The difference is in cost. Currently the cost is around $2400 a month, which represents more than a year's income for most Belizeans. The new robot is expected to cut on-line time from $2400 a month to $100 a month. Still a considerable financial obstacle for most ordinary people.

The technical human resources and cutting edge development of Belizeans, are meeting the challenges posed by an outdated colonial governing system and the special politically created problems arising therefrom.

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