REPORT #164 Jan 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

No Development Issues or Ideas to offer Belizeans?

Essentially, in Barrow's New Year speech, there was no political position. Other than the inference that the UDP crowd want the jobs that the PUP crowd now have.

In reviewing the speech of the UDP party leader, he talks in generalities, typical politicians bombast, rhetoric and that sort of thing. Lots of sweet words, phrases without committment and bashing the other party of course.

I searched hard for some idea of what the UDP party stood for, or what changes they had to offer to the current methods of government. There were none! Shame, the speech was upbeat generally speaking, it sort of led one to think they had some common sense, but never actually got around to showing any. Lots of listings of things wrong with governing Belize, but no offered, or suggested solutions that one could hang their hat and hopes on.

It's too bad! The UDP are going to contest the March 2000 Town Board Elections, but without any beef in the bun, this hamburger is not only not half cooked, one has to ask "what happened to the beef?".

The only policy I can see the UDP have, is the same as always. They are simply there in case the PUP stumble, or corruption gets too bad and the PUP start leaving a bad taste in the public's mouth. If that happens, then like always, the UDP hope to get elected on the rebound, in a vote for anyone else as a public reflexive action. Wonder what Barrow really stands for? Wonder what the PUP stand for, if anything?

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