REPORT #191 Feb 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

The recent attack on the economy of Belize which was brought to light by particular attacks on, reveals an interesting story.

My daughter Wendy was bragging how her Web Page on mounted and developed by Marty Casado of FREE OF CHARGE, as an information service to people hitting on his Ambergris Caye pages and many other web pages covering different facets of Belize, is getting lots of hits. Just for being a page on Caye Caulker, which she wrote simply describing a visit home for a homesick girl. ( She's moving back permanently around summer to the Corozal area, to start anew.- She says metropolitan life in the USA for a single mother with 3 young kids, -SUCKS! ) Anyway, she brought up the point that her simple little page, that Marty volunteered to do, has got around 2000 hits and continues to be a big draw. It is running around 800 hits per month.

This brought up the point that the site with hundreds if not thousands of web pages on Belize, is getting hits now mounting in the 6 million hit area. Or about 2 million hits for information on and about Belize per year. It would take you a week of 8 hour days to explore it all.

Our Belize Electronic Resource and Development Library is also mounted on by Marty. Voluntarily by Marty and at his own expense. We have about 12,000 hits. So are dozens, if not hundreds of small business sites. The larger businesses have to pay for web page making and mounting, but the larger portion of this collection of web pages are done voluntarily, at his own expense. Marty Casado and family are friends of Belize. They have done the Homesteading bit in the Oregon mountains, live in a city now doing the conventional life, raising children and holding down jobs. They are also Quakers and pacifists. Their love of Belize is expressed in the out-of-pocket costs it takes to make, and maintain and mount these hundreds of web pages for and about Belize. That is the background of this American Quaker family that have adopted Belize.

What one has to consider, is that the site with 6 MILLION HITS, or an average of 2 MILLION HITS per year, is doing more for the economy of Belize, than the budgets of the Belize National Tourist Board, the National Library Service, the Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau and other expenditures done by the Government COMBINED. With this many hits, on information web sites about Belize, the impact of this service by a private individual, a lover and friend of Belize, cannot be underestimated for the economy of Belize. The advertising for Belize is priceless and far beyond any budget, or expense that the Government of Belize could afford to do on it's own.

My hat is off to the Casado family, in Eugene, Oregon. Let me express a 'Thankyou' for all Belizeans.

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