REPORT #208 March 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

The other day we covered the State Department official who artificially expanded 'diplomatic immunity' so that the USA Justice Department could not prosecute a Peruvian military man as a torturer. This was one of Peru's despotic dictator Fuijimoro death squad military leaders. The USA state department bureaucrat defended his actions on the basis of National Security and advice from legal people ( who the heck are the Justice Department then, who wanted to prosecute the known death squad torturer leader, if not legal people? ) He also said the OAS wanted it. Nobody in Belize on the OAS voted for such a thing, quite the contrary I'm sure. I haven't heard that the USA State Department official, an apparent friend of torturers and death squads in Peru has been fired yet. If I was President Clinton, I sure would fire him. The buck after all, stops with Clinton. Nor can I see what National Security issue in Peru for heavens sake, could warrant USA official government support for a death squad leader and torturer. If you trace the responsibility trail back, it lands on President Clinton's desk. Do you mean, some sadistic son of a b**** is protected by USA policy? It would seem so. What a message to send to Latin America and the world.

Then another scandal of USA Clinton policy is in the Miami Herald again. This one is even worse. If the following CIA operative ( taken from the Miami Herald news ) is not a War Criminal on the size and scale of any in the Balkans, then I must not know what a War Criminal is!

The newspaper says, that CIA covert operator Terry Ward was neck deep during the Reagan era, with the military in Guatemala, when they ran a scam game on the US government and Congress. This campaign of terror and genoicide was aided and abetted and financed by the USA. Clinton I believe, offered public apologies to the people of Guatemala over it. Over 250,000 innocent indigenous Maya were killed in the polluted name of communism, in Guatemala with the aid of the CIA and USA State Department. Terry Ward was a USA CIA operative helping the Guatemalan military carry out the Guatemalan genocide. He was fired by the CIA in 1995 for mismanagement of the Guatemalan military in Guatemala. And also for lying to Congress.

Now if this guy was not a USA citizen, but was a Serb, or Bosnian, or somebody else in the Balkans, he would be at the Hague in court. The least he should have is a 6' X 8' cell for the rest of his life, but hanging would be more appropriate. I mean the guy was a CIA agent acting on behalf of the President of the USA of the time, and representing the policy of the USA in this Guatemalan genocide. Now, one would think in the normal run of things, he knew the truth of what was going on. He was involved and orchestrating it. Like any Guatemalan colonel. If this is so, then he is obviously a USA WAR CRIMINAL. But, let us say he was hoodwinked. That would make him stupid. Do you think he knew what he was doing, or he was a CIA agent that was stupid?

Why is this pertinent now? Well the current Director of the CIA, George Tenet, has approved bestowing high honors on Mr. Ward. (So says, the Miami Herald.) The Herald says the CIA should not be an organization that aids and abets genocide. What do you think?

We live next to Guatemala and many of those responsible for killing a couple of hundred thousand people in Guatemala, to make money off the USA paranoia of that time, know that many of them are still in power in Guatemala. They have played musical chairs with the titles they hold, but they still run the game over there. That means CIA operative Terry Ward still has friends in Guatemala, maybe? But like Peru, the buck in the chain of command must stop at the top with President Clinton. Can he approve the awarding of high honors for a USA unprosecuted WAR CRIMINAL, or a stupid hoodwinked CIA covert operative? Doesn't sound right. Nobody of that era should come out clean. Me, I think they should go to the International Court of the Hague. Those people killed were not communists, just fodder for a criminal military scheme to make money off the USA government paranoia at the tme. That is genocide. What do you call a person who aids and abets genocide? No matter the nationality. What will Clinton do, with CIA Director George Tenet's approval for the bestowing of high honors on Terry Ward?

There is a lesson here for Belize! Don't believe anybody from the USA State Department, the CIA, the DEA, or anybody else. Use your own common sense. I hope the Miami Herald follows up on this one. For Development purposes in Belize, it is wise to know how the USA acts and views Guatemalan killers.

One comes away from this, under the impression that the CIA is out of control and also the State Department. That there is in fact, a government within a government in the USA. That Clinton and Congress, do not have any control over what the minions are doing. But Harry Truman took responsibility in his day, and Clinton should now. That is the fact of life.

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