REPORT #243 April 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

We have to acknowledge that Prime Minister Said Musa is certainly tapping a source of very highly skilled medical professionals with the new importation from the slave island of Cuba, of a bunch of nurses, who will work along with Belizean nurses to lighten the load in high impact health problem areas. A few slave Cuban doctors are also coming. More are expected to come.

Ethically, it is difficult to equate the idea of living in Belize with our reasonable democratic freedoms, versus the Totalitarian Government of Cuba, which is a country, where a persons body, work, soul, speech and thoughts are controlled. These assigned slaves to Belize in this exchange program for work in needed areas of medical health, leave a Belizean with a vague source of disquiet. An unease of being party to slave labor.

But the needs of Belize are great, we can't pay what it is worth, or seem to do it ourselves and the training and technology of the Cuban populaton of slaves in the medical fields are superior to even the USA. Only France is better.

I suppose, we can mitigate the experiences of these medical slaves of Cuba in Belize. Try to welcome them into our communities, do our best to see they have good living conditions better than they have in Cuba and a freedom they are unaccustomed to. Hopefully, the medical department, or one of the NGO's will write GRANTS and see that they get the things and equipment to maximize their training and talent. Let's make their assignments in Belize favorable, unforgettable and hopefully, something they will treasure all their lives. Let's welcome them into our homes and treat them as friends and neighbors.

Congratulations to Prime Minister Musa again!

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