REPORT #253 May 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Sex is an interesting topic. We like to think we have FREE WILL, are not animals, when in reality, our character is inherited and given by our genes, supplemented by hormones and other chemicals that drive behavior. There is FREE WILL within a small environmental envelope, but survival seems to be the dominant instinct and reproduction! Our behavior can be altered within narrow parameters according to the social and cultural customs of where we live and how we are raised. But much of our life cycle is pre-ordained. In all major essentials, we are a reproductive skin covered bag of water, subject to instinctive controls of an organic machine, run by genes, hormones, enzymes, acids, salts, proteins and small electrical currents.

A recent survey completed last week in three districts of the six districts of Belize, came up with a startling number. The unofficial survey was casually done, and attempted to define the sexual behavior of fifteen year old females. A snapshot of a certain age and level of the development of females in Belize. It was found that 95% of fifteen year old females in Belize are no longer virgins!

If you think about those numbers and the age of girls in Belize for a bit, you will realize that despite the threat of an early lingering death by AIDS, or the possibility of getting various sexually transmitted diseases, something else is occuring here. It has profound implications on education, religion, schooling, legislation and other social mores. If you want to argue with the numbers, then by all means, conduct your own survey.

Some things become clear right away with those numbers. Legislation that is punishing males for statutory rape are useless and should be discarded. We are not talking about legally underage girls that are being forced. The numbers indicate something else. Experimentation, curiousity, an indefinable yearning that is difficult to deny. In Education, we are talking about the need for Junior High Schools having compulsory child care rooms and social child care arrangements as common as toilets, as part of the educational norm. Of condoms freely distributed. Of early sex education, regarding sexually transmitted diseases. The list can go on. Legislated legal ages for girls are meaningless.

The religionists can go on about morals, but obviously GOD in the form of NATURE has made other arrangements. There is nothing worse than man made religious rules. Religion is the perfect justification for tyranny, because while useful to many in groups of society, it does not require an ounce of reason, or a shred of proof! It is simply a power game. Those who control the sexual rules and punishments, control you. Even Vestal Virgins of ancient times were put to death by the tens of thousands for having sex against the requirements of celibacy involved with their religious duties. In many Moslem societies, family HONOR and religion dictate that an unmarried girl found to have sex, be killed by her father, or brothers to preserve the family honor. But still it happens! In other societies they are stoned to death, slowly and cruelly for having sex. In Egypt and North Africa, millions of girls to this day are mutilated by ancient customs and have their clitorus and vaginal lips cut off at puberty, as part of rituals to deny the pleasure sensations of sexual stimulation.

What we know nowadays from many hundreds of clinical studies, is that some girls start finding pleasurable sensations from rubbing their clitoris between the age of six and eleven years of age. We also know from these studies that many girls are not so much interested in sex in pre-puberty years, but have a yearning for affection, kissing, touching, embracing and body closeness. Shortly after puberty, the growth of breasts, hair under the armpits and in the pelvic area, girls like to press themselves against the ground, or the bed, or a pillow. They also learn that they are in their prime and have a certain power over all males. Sex before the age of 14 years of age in many societies is the magnet, that allows a female to secure a male for herself for the years of reproduction and child raising. I will not try to explore what happens to young females, as a male, I do not know for sure and clinical studies and surveys are dry stuff to read and assimiliate.

But males are something I do know about, not only from my own life, but from my many friends and also clinical studies. Males get pleasurable feeling from rubbing the penis by around 8 or 9 years of age. While girls are into kissing and embracing, males are into genital contact. Males generally have their first production of semen and ejaculation between 12 and 15 years of age. For me, it was at age 14. A bunch of us boys were sitting in the branches of a tree over a stream in Canada, fishing. The older boys showed us how to produce the white stuff. I tried it and it felt nice. Boys, and I refer not only to my compatriots and childhood playmates, but also my platoon army years, are usually masturbating by 15 years of age. From my own knowledge, I would say the body of the male starts to produce sperm and the hormonal urges to ejaculate that sperm about six to eight times a day on average by the age of 16. By 18 years of age, the production of sperm and need to ejaculate through masturbation occurs on average, 8 times to 12 times a day. Indeed, many were my army buddies whose bodies produced sperm and ejaculated about 12 to 15 times a day. That is why young boys are always going to the toilet for privacy and a quick relief from an erection by masturbation.

Any trigger, be it fantasy, the sight of a mini-skirt, perfume, smile, or touch of a hand can produce sperm in a young teenage male. Indeed, it was a huge source of embarrasment to myself to be walking around with an erection in mixed groups. Tight jockey shorts, or a hand in the pocket to hold the embarrassing erection against the abdomen were the norm.

By age 32, male sperm production becomes more reduced. Perhaps to 3 times a day. By 55 years of age, it may only be once or twice a day. Around this age, the production of sperm is still something that goes on, but the separate mechanism of blood control starts to be lost and we get erectile dysfunction. Not the loss of sperm production and ejaculation, but simply the ability to keep blood in an erect penis. Viagra a new drug, has found the cause, it is some sort of nitric acid trigger that closes the vessels of the blood vessels coming out of the penis. Viagra supplies the trigger and holds the blood in the penis, turning a flacid member into a stiff member once again. But even without Viagra, old males still produce sperm automatically, need stimulating and can masturbate a soft flacid penis and ejaculate.

Which brings us now, to the subject of the second family culture of the port Belize City. Or the mistress syndrome. There is a difference between a wife and a mistress, or second family. Many females do not realize that the production of sperm is automatic and that various means of stimulation outside of the control of the male make it so. When sperm lies in the testes, it effects the brain, the way we think and the actions that follow. The pressure is enormous to ejaculate that sperm. Look at USA President Clinton, as an example of a male unable to control behavior that he knew intellectually was extremely stupid. Females, or many of them in my acquaintance, seem to have an intellectual control of their sexual behavior. The survey belies that conclusion, if 95% of Belizean 15 year old girls are no longer virgins though. Still, I always assumed that females were more able to control sexual urges and thought about what was happening in a more intellectual manner. Not so the male. The urges, the pressure of chemicals can overcome intellectual thought. Threats of AIDS, jail sentences, loss of the Presidency of the USA and divorce, all go out the window. Sperm, depending on the age of the male will accumulate in the testes from outside stimulus and all means of the reproductive natural urges will do everything to see that the male ejaculates that sperm. The longer the wait from intellectual power, the more the pressure until the dam bursts and ejaculation occurs. The chemicals twist the thinking of a male to make sure reproduction is carried out.

What studies show, is that this production of sperm occurs in the average male and above, in every day. Depending on health, work conditions and other factors, it happens several times, each and every day. The production of sperm drives the male, whether he wants it or not. There are of course various abilities and variations in male behavior to argue any number of type of variations. But in my experience, females simply do not know, or do not care, that males are constantly in a state of arousal. Or can be made so quickly. Females in my experience think males can intellectually control this behavior. Some few can, but most cannot. Masturbation and a quick trip to the bathroom for a bit of privacy is the norm, each day and in youth several times a day.

Which brings us to wives, home and family. A wife, is secure. She attributes her drives and intellectual ability to control the sex drive once married, to the male. It is not so! The male must ejaculate accumulated sperm. The sperm in the testes, will turn his thoughts to doing this and find some way to do this. Wives thus, tending to have headaches, they have cistitus, urinary infections, are not feeling well, are tired. Whatever the reason for postponement of sexual intercourse, the wives fail to realize, the male is suffering from a biological requirement to ejaculate accumulated sperm every single day, if all other factors are normal. Thus we developed in Belize City the mistress. The mistress usually turns into the outside family. For the mistress, unlike a wife, knows full well, that her role with the male is sexual satisfaction. She is there for him, in his immediate need, no matter what might be happening in her personal life. Whether the relationship started out on romantic ideas, lust, or economic circumstances, the mistress satisfies the biological need of the male to ejaculate sperm that is pressuring him. The wife feels intellectually she has choices, when in reality she has none. For what the male cannot satisfy at home, he will of biological necessity be driven to find elsewhere.

And so we have in the port of Belize City, the second outside family culture!

In Latin America, a legal red light district is normal in every village and town, as a means to satisfy this male reproductive ejaculation urge. It makes a whole lot more sense than the customs and laws of North America in the USA and Canada. Their religious based laws are absolutely nonsense.

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