REPORT #264 May 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

1) There be a flat regulated rate of $50 Bz. unlimited internet service nationwide in Belize.

2) That a new Educational Internet Development TRUST be set up. That the trust be funded by a flat tax of $12 million a year TAX, from BTL income flow, for the next four years.

Intent: To see that the 300 odd educational institutions in Belize get whatever is required to acquire internet capability for all schools. Wherever they may be. Not limited to telphone lines and poles, or telephones, or monthly bills, or internet fees, or computers. To see they get whatever is required by the judgement of the TRUSTEES.

The Belize Development Trust would be happy to supply some local district Project Managers to such a development. Since there are no district school boards, and town school boards.

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