REPORT #277 May 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

In an article on the front page of the Reporter newspaper of May 14th, 2000, it discusses the government in Belmopan rumors, that they are going to hike Social Security Rates. The article goes on to show that the official party line is that they are going to increase payouts to certain classes of people. Sounds good right? Yeah! So does every con game in the book, with the smoothest set of talkers taking your money with a smile, right left and center. Pigs and conmen keep coming back to the same feeding trough though, as long as it works.

One has to look at this proposal with cynicism and try to find the motives and stuff behind this making you pay more money in Social Security rates.

In this regard, you got to remember, the last time the PUP party, with this same group of nice fella's from the port of Belize City were in Belmopan, they skimmed off $3.75 million from Social Security funds. Far as I have read in the media, no one in this same bunch of scalliwags from the port town, running government in Belmopan have explained, one iota of where that money went. To who and in what proportions? Oh yes! It went to an ICB, but nobody said who owned the ICB. Could it be the same bunch of scalliwags? Who the devil knows? But without transparency and accounting, it looks to this poor old fisherman as plain old theft. Until explained how the money was actually dispersed and receipts shown, that's the way I'm going to think of it.

So, as a cynic I'm going to assume that the PUP stole $3.75 million when they were last in office and just a couple of weeks ago, after a long battle with Courtenay with criminal and civil trials, his intimate buddy, the Prime Minister apparently condoned the theft by wiping the money off the books, through informing the judge that the government was no longer interested in collecting it back as per civil trial court judgement. Those are the public appearances, from which we have to draw conclusions, lacking transparency and documentation. That said then, we have to consider what this same bunch of port town PUP scalliwags are doing in Belmopan? Are they going to add injustice to alleged theft? They going to raise YOUR social security rates to make up the shortfall in the heisted millions that went astray of your previous retirement money? Or are they so pleased with how the scam went, they all want to get rich big time this go around and do it again, but for more money? First maybe, they are going to raise your rates, so there is a whole lot more money for them to skim and then before the term is over, do it again?

Cynic that I am, I would trust this bunch with Social Security money about as far as I would some Swing Bridge hustler with a gas can, willing to take me FREE to Caye Caulker if I could only lend him $10 to fill his outboard tank with gasoline.

You know there is an old saying. The first time a con-man rips you off, it is shame on him! The second time it happens with the same racket, it is "Shame on me!"

All told, the reputation for honesty with Courtenay and Musa leaves much to be desired in this Social Security affair of the $3.75 million missing funds. My recommendation is that any tinkering with Social Security better be left to the next incoming political party, not this one! I wouldn't trust them with a nickel, no matter how good a line of baloney they peddle!

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