REPORT #278 May 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

The smell hanging over the wipe out of the missing $3.75 million Social Security money against the elected PUP party members is pretty bad. It was an ill advised move.

What we have here is an issue of ETHICS and MORAL PRINCIPLE. Irregardless whether or not, the newly proposed increase in Social Security payments is a valid and wise one or not, any honest PUP elected representative when they vote in the legislature on the issue are going to have to show their principles.

The fact is, that to all appearances and utterances in court and the media, the money seems to have been stolen by a previous PUP administration and the same people in this new PUP administration, just re-stole it again. Those are the appearances! Couple the timing of a proposed increase in Social Security premiums, with this recent re-iteration of the missing money, which is unaccounted for, any honest PUP elected representative is going to have to admit, the timing of increasing social security premiums is a bad one.

The whole thing seems like a bad dream and a scheme that just stinks to high heaven. How can you let alleged rumored thievery by a group of alleged bandits, handle the same funds again and increase costs to the taxpayers, when they most likely will repeat the robbery further down the line? It just does not make any sense, whether the facts, or allegations are true or not. The whole scenario is really inappropriate.

Any honest PUP elected representatives and there are probably some, are going to have to struggle with a personal moral dilemma. Proper ethics and morality indicate they cannot support the perceived alleged bad guys in their party. Whether the situation is true or false. Appearances are everything. Honesty, ethics and justice must be seen to be done in PRINCIPLE! Here we have a murky situation that smells bad. Honest PUP elected representatives with ethics are just going to have to vote against the new raise in Social Security. It's a shame, the propoganda as to the goal of the increase is a worthwhile one. But the people pushing it, are just not appearing to be dealing honestly. In principle therefore, we look to seeing this proposed legislation come forward to the legislature and will count who among the PUP have any ethics, or are cowards and cowed by party bigwigs, or are bribeable for party block voting. Be interesting to see who have ethics and principles. The good guys are going to have to vote against increase social security payments, solely on principle. Only so can the honor of the PUP party be retrieved.

On the other side of the coin, the Belize Times of May 10th, said that Lindo got paid $6276,499.86 in legal fees, for fighting the previous political party government social security case through the various court appeals a few weeks before the last election. Obviously, Lindo made money off the government process. There was also an obvious conflict of interest. One would assume such legal representation by lawyers in the same ruling party would be against the law. Apparently not in Belize! There are more ways than one to rip off the government treasury in politics. Lindo apparently found another one. Look for more, from all PARTY members in the future who are lawyers. It doesn't change the rulings of the civil judgement one iota though.

On another note, while the lawyers in particular of the port town of Belize City look to politics and government service to get rich in schemes of plunder and exploitation, it has been suggested, that whatever number of elected representative seats the port of Belize City has in the next election, be re-assigned to Orange Walk for the next election. There should be a swap. Or rotation of political power by townies, so that each district town gets to exploit government service in turn. Next election, let Orange Walk have the 8 or whatever number of seats that the port of Belize City now has and the term after that, Corozal, the term after then, Punta Gorda and so on. Belize City next election should only have one elected repesentative. Let us equalize the way the country is ripped off by townies. All the district towns should get equal dibbs at the pot of honey, represented by the Treasury of Belize. Or give all communities of over 300 people, one elected representative each? Or give each District only two national elected representatives each; but find equality and fairness in this national governing process. This criminality has got to stop, if you are going to build a strong nation with social justice for all.

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