REPORT #290 May 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Delivery of mail has it's ups and downs. In the best of times mail to and fro from the USA and Belize is roughly 3 days by airmail. These good periods rarely last. Over the last 8 months, the mail service between Belize and Miami has dropped from one week to about three weeks delivery time. Actually, instead of sending an airmail letter, either to or from the Miami US Postal Service by jet airplane, it would be considerably faster to send the mail by a slow sailboat, even against the Gulf Stream current flowing northward through the Yucatan Channel. Light winds and unpredictable weather notwithstanding.

The complaint was made in Belizean media about the horrible slowness of airmail between Belize and the USA. The common assumption was the problem must be in Belize. It could not possibly be the super efficient USA? In response and somewhat tired of all the complaints and responses falling on public deaf ears, the Belizean Post Office had the Universal Postal Union run some tests.

Guess what? The USA is a third world country in postal delivery times! Particularly from, or to Miami. This situation had not changed by June 1st, 2000. Recent weekly airmail deliveries from Belize to Miami are still running an average of 16 days. The bottleneck we now know from the Universal Postal Union tests, are in Miami. This is the southernmost area of the USA and widely known as the Banana Republic of the USA. It certainly is, when you consider the lousy airmail postal service goings on in Miami. It is very common to get three weeks mail all in one batch.

And Uncle Sam of the USA wants to tell Caribbean countries how to run their affairs? They can't even supply a decent mail service to US citizens between Belize and Miami! Reminds me of that hypocrit writer of the Miami Herald, Oppenheimer something or other.

Strangely enough, you can mail from Scandinavia faster to Belize, than you can get it from the USA, or send it back the other way. This has been true for 30 years. Wonder what the problem is in the USA? Maybe they should be sending USA postal workers for lessons to Caribbean countries? Perhaps the Caribbean countries can help the third world postal system of the USA? The Belize government should be offering training grants for USA postal workers in Belize City! Contact the US Embassador, Prime Minister and make an offer to train USA postal workers!

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