REPORT #294 June 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

At least in this scenario of reducing Belize the nation to a slave state, the old Esquivel tried to maintain a certain level of fiscal responsibility. He had no vision of the future and was unable to do more than gratify his ego for some kind of public notoriety, but he did do his best to retain fiscal sovereignty. Not so the new PUP leaders Fonseca and Musa. They are irresponsible dupes of an international conspiracy and by their own lust for power, greed for money, are rapidly making Belize the country, a slave state in economic globalization.

Strong words, but let us examine the happenings since Musa and Fonseca have taken control of the government of Belize.

There is a world wide economic war going on. Under various disguises a number of economic strategic battles are being waged in different countries. Belize is not directly yet a target country, but any country with mineral resources, food supplies and other natural wealth is a big target. In the SECRET wars being created to allocate and hold supplies for industrial countries for the next 100 years, a number of tactical strategies are unfolding. The struggle is about CONTROL of the world resources. The major players are the United Kingdom and the USA. But other industrial nations who need resources are in the game, albeit as partners, or subsidiary players. One has to consider the FACT that world oil supplies will peak in 2008 to 2012. After that it is all downhill for industrialized countries. Oh sure, they have oil shale supplies and other things for the hundred years, but oil prices and their economies can only get more expensive. This shifting battleground is heating up local skirmishes for control of local resources, such as the Balkanization of Colombia, the Japanese taking over of Peru and the USA economic interventions in Argentina and Ecuador. The proxy weapon is not a B 29 bomber, or F 16 fighter planes, but the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and other controlled international lending bankers.

The goal is economic slavery, or serfdom for so called third world countries. In any new international organizations the controls will be in the hands of the major economic players, like the U.K., and the USA. The USA is a much more economic wise player in this type of war than the British and is beating the Europeans hands down at this game. Both overt and covert actions are being taken to create situations to favor establishing the framework they need for CONTROL. You don't need to own things, you only need to control them to have the usage, or advantage.

For the Caribbean countries, that are TAX HAVENS, the latest move is a bill in Congress for blacklisting Caribbean TAX HAVEN countries that do not toe the line. The artillery shell is going to be a denial of correspondent banking services in the USA. In different countries, different weapons, bombs and things are being used in this globalization war of control of world resources. Most simple, greedy, power hungry politicians are playthings in this war. Provincial small townie politicians from Belize City that control the country like a plantation are the easiest to fool! Did you know that the major governments have teams of pyschiatrists that have created pyschological profiles of Belize formers of policy? They have indeed! Musa and Fonseca may think they are wise men and independent, but their actions like in any chess game are anticipated months and years ahead and they are played like a Stradivarius violin, by catering to their weakness, beliefs and desires. The proxy warriors in this shadow game are the IMF and the World Bank in Belize.

The goal of course is economic security for the major players in any future global rule. They need a continued CHEAP supply of minerals, crops and other resources. The major weapon for most of the battles behind the smaller localized skirmishes is to create a pseudo sovreignty, but actual sovreignty will lie through LOAN power. The IMF is currently the major battle group for economic subjugation of smaller countries.

Belizeans and the PUP politicians from the old port capital, think they are smart because they are academically educated; but in this game the foreign psychiarists have their potential economic chess moves figured out years ahead. Pulling the strings, but still giving the small bit players like Musa and Fonseca a sense of control is all part of the strategic game. A game in which Musa and Fonseca are not even aware they are pawns being manipulated. A swollen ego is a wonderful thing. Stroke it a bit, give a few Pavlovian rewards and you get what you want.

There is some credible argument now that the Ecuadorian situation was artificially created by the IMF. True or not, it does seem strange that any small problem with the BRADY BONDS default could not have been re-scheduled for such a mineral rich country, instead of forcing default. Other countries in worse condition, like Mexico and Brazil were so rescued by re-structuring.

The PUP of course, run by townies of the old capital are blissfully unaware how they are being manipulated. They are being encouraged to bring Belize to assisted suicide. The weapon of choice, is LOANS. In the next hundred years, a global plantation is being created and Belize will be just a field. Like the townies under the population representation system control the nation of six districts for their own benefit, jobs, sweetheart deals and some personal gain. So they in turn are going to become the village in a wider world economy, controlled by loans. The country of Belize will in turn be treated like a plantation to be reaped, as the townie politicians reap the nation of Belize today.

The answer of course is to switch rapidly to a federal model of six district geographic representation. It is much more difficult for outsiders to manipulate a federated model. The current hiearcheal model is easily manipulated and controlled. The more voices in policies decisions and the more multiple layers of government, the more real democracy occurs and the more opinions and choices. It is difficult then for foreign interventionists to manipulate such a diverse policy layered process.

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