REPORT #296 June 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

The Costa Rican President just beat Belize hands down on new development in technology! The President of Costa Rica just announced to his 3.5 million people, that the telecommunications department will supply FREE OF CHARGE, e-mail accounts to everybody in Costa Rica.

Secondly, there will also be a six months free internet surfing connection, unlimited time.

Public terminals will be placed in all town and public institutions. We are going technology for this century, he said.

In Belize, there has been a war going on, over control of the internet. The onetime BTL monopoly hijacked and stole the internet development revolution from Corozal Community College, lo these many years ago. With telecommunications sovereignty, many lawyers on payroll and a stupid government run by shortsighted port townie politicians, they were encouraged to steal the internet, as part of telecommunications in general. Despite in other countries, court cases ruled the internet was not part of international and local telephone service for other national monopolies. The government of the day back then, wanted secured dividends, instead of development. They got it! Now Belize rues the day these short sighted policies were implemented by the political gangs of the port Belize City, under an anti-democratic ruler/leader/authoritarian system.

Things are not changing much either. Under a new system, connected lawyers and investors can now create an independent ISP internet service in controlled EPZones, which in turn are financially designed to price out Belizean competition, or similar developments on the local scene. A monopoly by another name. The townie politicians are continuing to try and harness e-commerce and internet productivity for individual and personal political benefits under pseudo monopoly systems.

Citizens of Belize have never been able to challenge the right of the telecommunications monopoly, or the government about controlling the internet in Belize. For they have the big bucks to hire lawyers against anyone willing to fight in court. Couple this with telecommunications sovereignty, in which the telephone provider has the right under the law, to disconnect your telephones, with no reason, explanation or recourse and you have dictatorship and a slave state. Intimidation, exploitation are the rule in Belize when it comes to the internet, or telephones. A very sad state of affairs. Not like more democratic nearby Costa Rica.

Costa Rica says they will extend the FREE system to all of Central America and maybe some Caribbean island countries if they want it.

However, Belize excels at friendly people, lots of land and recreational facilities and because of it's stupid authoritarian politics by greedy self interested townie political gangs will probably stay as a very backward, laid back place to vacation for the tourist visitor. Mediocricity are the rule in Belize, which makes it a visit to "yesteryear" and a great place to visit as a tourist. You want peace and quiet, a hammock and a nice place to relax, Belize will probably beat Costa Rica this way, for many years to come.

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