REPORT #306 June 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

( for debating purposes!)
Ethnic discrimination in Belize has predominantly been a Creole orchestrated affair. The Port Town Creoles, who run the country of Belize, have always looked down on Caribs, East Indians, Chinese, Mestizos and the true Maya who seem to be at the bottom of the heap. The only ones who don't get discriminated against by port town Creoles, are the very few white skinned, relatively pure Spanish and North American immigrants.

You can find the discrimination everywhere. While the Creoles of the Port town of Belize City happily squander more national tax revenues, on a Museum that will be destroyed by a hurricane tidal surge at some point, for their relatively exclusive Creole town for their own benefit, you still cannot get pure water in many Mayan villages for drinking purposes. Let alone a local museum, library, government office to get married in, or purchase a drivers license, or file your income tax, etc. Services the Creoles take for granted paid for out of national tax revenues, simply do not exist in 75% of the rest of the country. That is discrimination. Why? Because they are not Creoles, thats why! Nobody else in the nation counts.

You see discrimination every day, in schools. Take a look at any port town Creole School, any of them, from the richest to the poorest and see the material gadgets they have to do the job of teaching students to read. Then go in any remote rural Mayan community and see the difference. There is nothing, sometimes not even chalk, or a broom. When it comes time to apportion school supplies, the Creole schools get everything, a few others in easy to reach places, like the Mestizos of Orange Walk and Corozal Town also get better school supplies. But you go to the majority of the rural schools across the nation serving other ethnic groups and look at the lack of school supplies. You can surely see the difference in discrimination of dispersement of school supplies.

Take a look at the laws of Belize. The Creoles of the port town and they run Belmopan the capital also, make all kinds of laws to govern the way Creoles live their lives in that city; but you look at any other rural district villages where East Indians live, or Maya, or Mestizos and try to make sense of the Creole laws made for their town of Belize City cultural ethnic customs and cultural way of life and see how mismatched these Creole laws are to the ethnic cultures of other groups in the nation. The laws of Belize are Creole laws, biased for city dwellers in Belize City. They might work in that city, but often have little relevance to other cultures in other rural villages. There is no provision for other ethnic cultures to veto the making of laws that go counter to their cultures. Not even a smidging of debate! Laws should be national in scope, not for one Creole group deciding for every other cultural ethnic group.

Look at the discrimination in social services. When did you ever see medical treatment in a rural Mayan village equal to the massive amounts of money spent on medical treatment for the Belize City Creole town. Why not import 200 doctors from Colombia since they are fleeing the anarchy and seeking asylum in other countries, with the proviso they must live in a rural village for two years? You know why not? Because the Creoles of Belize City already have maxed out the medical services that the nation can financially support for their own Creole town. So, why bother with anyplace else?

Creole " LEADERSHIP" in national government is humbug! It is not worth a dime! Can you list other discrimination against other ethnic groups in Belize that live in other communities in the other districts? I bet you can make a long list of discrepancies.

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