REPORT #310 June 2000

Produced by the Belize Development Trust

Some time ago, we wrote a "tongue in cheek" report on how WASA was not providing water to the Toledo Hills Communities of roughly 15,000 Mayan hill farmer families.

Sometimes our reports are meant to be provocative, to elicit an action, some thinking, a debate, or point out disrepancies and discrimination. They are not to be taken factually.

In that report, we tackled WASA, full well knowing that they only serve one town, out of a dozen towns and 300 villages. It was hoped that if anyone had a conscience in this "infamous one town political party that controls the nation" they would think about the misconception represented by the report and they themselves might wonder how a town of 60,000 people gets over a $100 million dollars spent on water supplies and sewage treatment, while 15,000 people in the Toledo Hills, because they are Maya subsistance farmers, but still voting citizens of this nation get very little.

If one figures the ratio of investment in this one town that has a water system, which has had about $100 million spent on this public service, then the Toledo Hill Communities should probably have had $2 million spent on clean water filtration and sanitation septic tanks, to be fair. This of course is not the case! The villages are riddled by CHOLERA epidemics seasonally every year. A basic water sanitation problem.

Now it may be just coincidence, but the government has just announced that Water Boards will be appointed in all districts! The first one to be formed in Corozal. It's a start in the right direction. But rather than appointees, lets see elected individuals, or do you not understand democracy in that port town too?

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